Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gone camp

Rested, bruised and finally sitting down!

I'll give you the quickie on it - the experience was more about the internal than the external, and would be too hard to really put into words, but it might be nice to give people some idea of this aspect of my life.

{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}

Thurs we flew up to Brissy and stopped for a few hours at the DFO - two lessons were learnt: I need to sort out my money sitch VERY SOON as I'm getting more and more PO'd with being the way I am with money; and you should always call your instructor straight away and save the 'other' stuff for after (or arrive another day early and do that stuff after you've already stopped in).

Thurs we went into Maroochydore for dinner - a FANTASTIC Thai restaraunt - Som Tam, I think it was called. Highly recommended on the offchance you are in the area. There was a bit of a spat - only F2 and I had hired a car and it was Getz - specificaly small so we couldn't drive everyone around like they did last time - their solution was that F2 (she was the 'driver') do two trips instead. She was not happy.

Training starts at 5am - cleaning the area (we sleep, eat and do all in the hall) then going in for Chi Gung and Meditation. Breakfast follows, then it's basically 10 hours on the floor, with a few breaks for water, bathroom and lunch. F2 and I had planned a head a little and ensure that for all sessions our big toes and balls of feet were absolutley COVERED in Lucoplast of cloth tape - you would have some idea of the blisters that can come with training (here and here for the uninitiated) - so whilst the soles and balls of our feet were achey and sore, there was no actual 'liftage' or 'peelage'.

- Shopping (with the exception of the bling thing) - I got a bubushka (sp?!) singlet for $6!!
- Watching M3 attempt to iron his badge onto his new top of the range uniform by using the bottom of a saucepan that was heating up on the hotplate (granted, not so funny at the time, more in retrospect)
- Rushing out to ask one of the Masters if there was a fire extinguisher on the coil of the oven and it was totally flaming in the bottom of the oven after we used our girlish charms to get M5 to have a look at what it was that was making all the smoke, and finally conning M2 into wrapping him arm in a tea towel and removing it with tongs (again, better in retrospect);
- Watching M4 running into the bush at the afterparty holding an axe and then just dropping out of sight as the foliage was even but the ground descended sharply. He summed it up with 'well, I achieved my goal of making Enny laugh at least once this week!';
- My first acupuncture-ee session and feeling a big difference;
- M2 apologising for releasing his 'anal lock' a little toooo much in chi gung training;
- A demonstration on one-point training that also resulted in some botty-tooting (sorry, I can't help enjoying toilet humour if it's not me!);
- Watching M4's internal struggle after being challenged by our two most senior instructors to set the tree on fire;
- Guidance and confirmation from our instructor that we are doing a fanstastic job with the Canberra School;
- Getting to know the group a whole lot more and forging friendships that will last the rest of my training career; and
- Getting so totally immersed in training, but not just learning physical techniques and changes - Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally - the changes are immense. It is a fantastic experience, and given me confirmation of being in the right place, being part of something that is so important and guidance for my spiritual and religious path.

- Sore muscles and lack of sleep;
- Tension during a discussion on what gifts to buy when M2 and F2 WOULD NOT agree, both thinking they were right, with M1 just talking over the top for the sake of talking, M3 tersley exclaiming that they fully understand our position on not liking being the ones who will have to organise everything as they couldn't get anywhere as THEY DIDN'T HAVE A CAR;
- Getting into a heated discussion at the afterparty with M5 about his gf - my position of 'if you know you don't want to be with someone, don't waster their time' was not being listened to, and F2 was trying to be in the middle by mollycoddling me and saying it was ok. I'm about to email him to get my point accross clearly to try and resolve it a lil;
- The sense of being totally terrified and frustrated during the sparring session; and
- Crying. Like a Girl. My terrifiedness and frustratedness tends to come out a bit girly, as much of a hardarse that I like to think that I am. This particular incident was at the afterparty (at least I was out of uniform and out of the dojang) at about 2am - I'd been watching others do it, and had difficulty watching my seniorinstructor getting hit - the exercise was about defence and attack (sticky hands, for those in the know) and I couldn't get the hang as much as I tried (even though everyone else had gone and done really well), and was being told to hit my head instructor harder and I couldn't do it - whilst simultaneously being hit about the head, being watched by all present and crying harder when I realised I was crying like a baby in front of all of my peers. Leaving me quickly sobered up and in a very introspective mood for the next 24 hours.

So thar you go, maties! My parting words?

Martial Arts is one of the paths you can choose to follow - another building along the street of life. The majority of people will walk past it without giving it a second look. I've been in the foyer for the last 17 years, and this camp has helped me walk into the main hall - I can see so many different aspects in the giant room - so many opportunities.

It really is an exciting path to be on.


ChickyBabe said...

M1, F3... this sounds as confusing as my blogger dream!! Hehe...

Enny said...

I must've subconcsiously picked it up from there!!!

I coudln' think of any other way to quickly identify them =o)

Geoff said...

Damn it all made sense to me what you were saying, I obviously have taken to time to learn too much and nothing and everything. But the value is returned when I get to enjoy a post about something I don't do.

Enny said...

You're welcome! My pleasure =o)