Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Progress +1

Ladies! Fellas! Hullo! How's things?

Things are going well with me. Work is good. Martial arts is going quite okay, with a tournament looming in Queensland (eep!). Home is really good. Birdie boys are just lovely. The Hun says hi.

I've been watching my fair share of tv (yay MasterChef - who'd have picked that?!), twittering and facebooking, playing with the birds every day, and continuing to obsessively stalk your blogs. And of course, wedding planning.

Where are we at?
  • Dress is bought - lovely.
  • Veil is ordered - cathedral!!
  • Shoes are bough and propping up the tv antenna - I love them.
  • Bridesmaids dresses have been ordered - very pretty.
  • Photographer booked - friend at mates rates.
  • Celebrant booked in - extended family member, good good good.
  • Table deco's sorted - three cheers for IKEA!
  • Hairclip received - you guys HAVE to check out Lulusplendor, she is just fantastic.
  • Hair appointments booked - v exciting.
  • Meeting with florist on Friday - can't wait.
  • Paper flower folding is progressing - oh man.
That's where I'm at! Just wanted to check in and see if this thing was still on, and share the love a little.



Amanda said...

You're folding paper flowers? AWESOME! I'm doing that for my birthday party, although finding the right coffee filters is proving a bit of a mission. What sort are you making?

I knew everything seemed to be going smoothly from FB, but looking at that list- holy shit, you've accomplished a lot.

Anonymous said...

How good is Masterchef - the suspsense and tension...

Desci said...

Ak! So SO SO exciting. Can't wait to see the photos :D

Adam said...

Hey Hi!

Enny said...

Amanda - I'm using paper from the paper shop that was on sale... hope to see some pics of yours! I'm making these: http://foldingtrees.com/2008/11/kusudama-tutorial-part-2/

Lala - it's REALLY good, though I don't like the challenge/elimination - surely they should be getting rid of the worst cooks?!

Desci - you betcha!! :o)

Adam - Hullo!!!

Amanda said...

Oooo, they're cool!

Lulu said...

Bring back the blog!!!!!!!

Glad to hear the wedding plans are all coming along- photographers are so expensive so happy your friend could step up at mate`s rates! I am uploading wedding photos to facebook today, sometime! Hopefully!