Monday, August 25, 2008

There's new love through the door...

For something I have thought so much about, over so long, in so many different ways - I don't really know how to start.

Last Thursday was the mine and The Huns 4.5 year anniversary.

Last Thursday was the day he surprised me more than I had ever expected.

Last Thursday was the day he became my fiance.

I walked in the door, holding on to some anger from earlier in the day. He greeted me and I grunted a hello and headed straight for the shower. I flicked on the bathroom light and exhaust fan to get ready for my shower and I heard music coming from the other room - the song a few months ago I had suggested could be our wedding song one day. I flicked off the light and exhaust so I could listen.

"Did you look on the bed?" he asked, hopefully.
"No" was my gruff response.
I turned, and on my pillow was a single red rose and a gorgeous little stuffed bear.

"Thankyooou" I called as I turned around.
And he was in the doorway with a box. I look inquisitively and turned and opened it on the ironing bored.

A bottle of Brown Brothers Moscato.
Two wine glasses.
And a ring box, perfectly wrapped with a little bow.

He held me and he asked me.
And all I could respond with was tears, and 'did you wrap this yourself?' and 'can I open it?' and 'really?' and 'really?' and 'really?'.

And it wasn't until the song almost ended that I remembered I should tell him 'yes'.

It was so perfect.

And I am just so happy.


Anonymous said...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!

What a lovely, gorgeous way to propose... kudos to The Hun.

Yay! I don't know you outside of the internets but I'm happy for you :-)

Enny said...

Trish - thankyou! He did VERY well - I blubbered everywhere!!!

Amanda said...

Nawww, congratulations again :) That's wickedness and awesome and fantabulous, all rolled up in one :)


LaLa said...

A little birdie had mentioned the exciting news, but it's always nice to read the extended version ;)

Congrats! x

Jen said...

Awwww, he did such a good job!

I particularly love that Moscato was present at the proposal and that he chose a good song, full marks to The Hun :D

Congrats again xx

The Mutant said...

Oh. My. God.

Like sweet much? Congratulations to you both!

Epskee said...

That is SO fantastic! Congratulations. Millions of girls the world over are jeleous MUCH that he did it in such a fabulous way.

Enny said...

amanda - thankyou! It was pretty frickin spectacular :o)

lala - heh heh, I thought you might already know! Thankyou :o)

d'jen - he did! And he went down and bought it (even though there were already 5 bottles in the house!).

kezza - thankyou!!! It was!!! VERY!!!

epskee - everyone's coming out of the woodwork! It really is, it was so so SO so SO sweet and I am SOOOO lucky :o)

Cléa said...

Congrats to both of you!!! And such a lovely proposal that you'll never forget :).

Lulu said...

Lovely Enny! I was lucky enough to be able to congratulate you in person but please make sure that The Hun knows I think he did a good job! hehehe!

Also, you have been tagged!

Enny said...

clea - thankyou! I never ever never ever EVER will :o)

lulu - heh heh, I told him :o) Thanks! Will do on the weekend!

Sarah said...


And I think it's precious that you still celebrate 1/2 anniversaries!

Enny said...

sarah - thankyou! I always say 'Happy Anniversary' on the 21st of each month :o)

cristy said...

Oh I missed this! Sorry.


Enny said...

cristy - no worries! THANKYOU!!!