Monday, June 09, 2008

You're not the only one. Really, this time.

Some of you may remember this, a post advising you about a book that was being put together. The idea was to have bloggers from around the world contribute a story about something they have been through from any aspect of their life that they wished to share, then a number of these stories would be published in a book, with the proceeds going to War Child - a collection of organisations dedicated to helping children who have been affected by war.

Peach has kept us up to date with the progress of the book - while it has taken longer than initially expected, it is finally ready for sale.

There were over 400 contributions and 106 entries were selected for the book. When people sent in their contributions, they agreed to buy a copy of the book - whether or not they made the cut. If every contributer buys a copy, over 2000 pounds will be donated to the charity. If contributers can get more people to buy copies, then we can raise any more.

So, I urge you to consider buying this book - it's for a great cause, and may be the only time (or the first time!) that Jen, Sarah, Peach, Steph, Distracted Spunk, Alex and myself(!)(the contributors that I currently stalk) are ever published authors!

Go get yourself a copy and enjoy what I'm sure will be an amazing read.


Jen said...


Can you sign my copy when you come up?!

Enny said...

Jen - Wahoo! Of course daaaaaaaaahlink!

Desci said...


2. Get back to studying.

Enny said...

desci - Thanks! And yeeeeeees mooooooom.

Anonymous said...

Um. I'm kind of wondering what exactly got published! Crraaazzzyyyy.

Sarah said...

Congrats all around!

Enny said...

distracted spunk - what did you submit?!

sarah - hooray! And thanks for playing a bit part in getting it done (I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't read it over at yours!)