Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A lil early n a lil lighthearted

I hope to be participating in afterwork drinks, couchy takeaway n half-drunken lolling around tomorrow, so you get this a few hours before the fact (it works best to the tune of "Farmer takes a wife" btw).

Twenty six today, Twenty six today;
Haggard and age-d, she's tired and jaded;
Twenty six today.

Twenty six today, Twenty six today;
Childless and unwed, but obviously well fed;
Twenty six today.

Twenty six today, Twenty six today;
Just internets and folk, her life is a joke;
Twenty six today...

Hey now - at least I'm focussing on being entertained rather than depressed - Hope y'all have a great Thursday!


Jen said...

Dude, don't even start! You are awesome, your life is awesome and you've lived for 26 years. To a bunch of people, you've pretty much hit the jackpot.

Put the pity panties away, lady, it's your birthday and dammit, you're going to enjoy it!! :P

Enny said...

d'jen - but they're my favourite! Yeah, I should be very grateful for what I do have - I promise it was only a little bit serious :o) I'm doing much better this year than last year, I just get little waves of realisation...!

Amanda said...

I agree with Jen- pity panties away, damnit! Your life is pretty much awesome. You have a good bloke in the Hun, you have a job you like, you get to do cool martial arts and you're good at it, you're only 26 tomorrow... things could be so much worse!

Happy Birthday Dear Enny!

Anonymous said...

What they said.

You're awesome. Live it up!

Adam said...

May kill myself and others after reading this.

Cléa said...

Happy Bday Enny! Celebrate all the great things you've got!

Desci said...

26 rules. AND you're pretty and in love. It's all good, don' woooorry.

Ben said...

I've been wondering which forum I should use to wish your birthday all of its possible happiness, but I thought this poem could not go unmentioned. Sure, you're young, happy and in love, and you shouldn't focus on things you have plenty of time for in years to come.

But also, you should really consider writing dirty limericks. Or even dirty haikus - really mess with the genre. 'Pity panties' aside, that poem was brilliant Enny. Happy birthday!

Enny said...

amanda - thankyou :o)

a'bear - Thanks!

adam - c'mon know, you know it was written 25% in jest, 75% in I'm-gonna-make-adam-reply-ness!

clea- thankyou!

desci - awww - thanks :o)

ben - so many options! At least there's some options open to me for my future - dirty poetry on a dream seat, hooray!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Enny! 26 was a good year for me!

Adam said...

Man, I've been played by a poem, I'll get you next time poem/song thing, neeeeeeeeext tiiiimmmmmeeee.

Didja get my bday text, number still good?

Enny said...

sarah - thankyou! Hope it's super awesome for me :o)

adam - ROOKIE ERROR! And yes I did, thankyou so much!! :o)

M said...

oh my lord, happy birthday! You're a spring chicken, really!

Enny said...

m - heh heh, thankyou!! :o)