Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Empress has many shoes

There's going to be a house inspection next week so I decided it was probably time to go through and clean my room. Again. *sigh* To make it 'fun', I decided that at the end of it all I was going to sort through either my shoes or my memory box FOR A REASON TO BE UNVEILED PERHAPS IN THE NEXT POST.

I put out a mini vote and Jey decided shoes were the winner - so I now present to you all of my shoes.


L - R, Back then Front: Converse with fluffy pink detail that I love; Super duper running shoes bought for running club (that recommenced this week!); My all time favourite Puma runners that were bought a size too small that now fit; Nondescript cheapies bought for festivals that have zero support and when seen by a brothers friends gf she commented: I have those same shoes but they have zero support!; Jay Jays skull flats worn only occasionally; Nondescript cheapies that haven't ever been worn!

L - R, Back then Front: Hand-me-downs from my Aunt; worn once to my Year 12 formal; worn maybe three times after being bought for a 21st; Target wedges never worn; Old faithfuls worn for many years I bought for like my year 10 formal; Myer shoes on sale bought to look worky.

L - R, Back then Front: Red flats worn twice (once whilst meeting Adam and Rosanna in Melbourne!); Paul Frank thongs (hooray!); Funny heely shoes that I'm still unsure on how to wear; The thongs I bought to try and look sporty - they take like a month of painful wearing before they are semi-comfortable; The $23 shoes I bought in Brisbane before the last meetup that I wore for about 45 minutes total because they totally give me a foot wedgie; Old faithful bought at Sydney DFO at mumsy's insistence.

L - R, Back then Front: Imitation Humans bought on my first trip to Melbourne markets; Runners bought maybe ten years ago; Runners bought maybe five years ago (before the super duper running shoes); Mens Vans bought in Kyoto because they didn't have any ladies in my size; Shoes bought for my Pa's wake that were ruined on my most miserable day overseas when my feet were soaked and my shoes were ruined (binned after the photo was taken); Converse slides that I wear to hang out the washing.

L - R, Back then Front: Pink Haviana's never worn; Worlds comfiest brown and pink Roxy thongs worn out until the plug falls out (binned after the photo was taken); Paul Frank (thongs (hooray!); Carpeted thongs (a gift from The Hun's sister two years ago); Black Haviana's worn everywhere; Slides from the Dorm house we stayed at in Tsukuba - super comfy!

L - R, Back then Front: Old faithful Rocs worn a lot to work; $10 Myer flats that I love but am still wearing in (they give me bleeding blisters!); Black Myer wedges bought as a gift from Magf last birthday that I wore for two weeks before the base started peeling off and she couldn't find the receipt; Flats bought from Table Eight DFO that I haven't worn out of my room because they just don't stay on my feet; Lovely lady shoes bought from the cheap place near my work that I don't wear as much as I should because sometimes I fall out of them and feel foolish; Peeptoes bought on the shopping trip before Big Day Out this year that I've only just worn in.

L - R, Back then Front: Bronze point toes that I bought to go with my blue halter dress; Colorado wooden heels that I fell in love with and had to have that I am determined to wear more; $10 DFO shoes that I like but also sometimes fall out of; Shoes bought to go to the Hens Day at the races; Cheapies bought that were worn a lot at work until I slipped in the shopping centre and banged my knees right on the floor; Silver shoes bought for magf's wedding.

L - R, Back then Front: Ugg boots I got for the birthday before I became vegan; Ugly slides I bought on sale that a friend saw and asked me if I seriously bought them to wear (though they're comfy!); Ugly clogs I bought when I had money leftover on a voucher that I wore once to work but couldn't actually walk in them; Ugly high wedges bought for my 18th that I swapped with a friend once we hit the town because I couldn't walk in them; Singular Mary Jane croc that I love but can't find the buddy of (I think I left it at the Hydro Majestic!); Another pair of Japanese slides from the same dorm room!

L - R, Back then Front: Chunky ankle boots bought in year 12 to keep my feet warm; Cuter boots bought last year to keep my feet warm; Billabong thongs I forgot I had!

I guess I don't need to buy any new shoes after all...!


D'Jen said...

How lame is it that this might be my favourite blog post of this year (I'm shooting at moderately to extremely lame). I love shoes and love looking at other people's stuff, win win!!

I'd like to drag out all my shoes, but I am lazy and it wouldn't be as fun to look at my own shoes :)

P.S I had those same I heart Billy brown weird strappy shoes, they hurt me so bad I wanted to cry and walk around Melb casino barefoot than take another step in them (I didn't though, of course) However, I did make an absolute killing when I sold them on eBay, crazily enough.

I love all the shoes in the black shoes picture, esp the DFO ones next to your lady shoes that your foot falls out of, I love a flat peep toe!

....I might totally do this next time I have some spare time....

Amanda said...

You have so many shoes! Yet more proof that I make a pretty shitty girl.

I have some red flats that are pretty similar to your black DFO ones (the peep toes Jen is talking about), only mine are closed toes.

Seriously the following is a list of ALL my shoes: 1 pair trainers; red flats; white with red polka dots flats that so far make my feet bleed but I'm hoping will be worn in before England; awesome Mary Jane style black shoes for work- 2ish inch heel, but tooooootally comfortable (they're new and I adore them); red Target thongs; black Spendless flats that are falling apart and need to be chucked; pink uggs... I think that's it. I have a worn out pair of black court shoes that I've been wearing to work for the last 2 years, but they're falling apart.

I don't know what I'd do with so many shoes! Oh, and a pair of black pumps with "rock" and "roll" designs on the toes. I love them but they're REALLY high (for me) and walking in them is an issue. I should put more effort in.

Lara said...

yeah, i got you beat: all my shoes.

and that's excluding all my slippers, flip flops, and dance shoes. all of those would have amounted to about 20 more pairs. (no, i'm not exaggerating.)

Jac said...

Holy frick that's a lot of shoes! I kept scrolling down and getting amazed that there was ANOTHER picture!
With shoes I'm usually more like "well I already have a black pair, so I don't need another..." I have two pairs of thongs at the moment and I feel SO extravagant! I have choice when I go to uni!

The black shoes you wore to your year 10 formal are the same shoes I wore to my year 12 grad!! Target must have just kept reproducing the same style year after year haha

Cléa said...

Good god Enny! I've recently done a huge purge of shoes, and it feels great. Do it... if only to buy new ones!

Enny said...

d'jen - But WE would love to see your shoes! I can never work out with those shoes where the strap is meant to go?! Start taking those photos, snappy :o)

amanda - I might have them, but I don't wear them all that often!!

lara - Woah! I love those ones with the black lace over the colour!!! I ALMOST bought a similar pair from Target but have nowhere to wear them and nothing to wear them with.

jac - Heh heh, thanks! With shoes I'm like 'Oh! They're cute and cheap! Nom nom nom' :o) And they are the only shoes I can step right back into after a season.

clea - That path is fraught with danger!

Midori said...

I think that as a woman you ALWAYS need new shoes!! ;-) I have piles and piles as well but it never stops me buying new ones!!

Enny said...

midori - I definitely feel it today - I wore one of the pairs I rediscovered and my feets are all ripped up... surely new ones wouldn't do that to me? ;o)

Chantel said...

And I though I had a problem.


Enny said...

chantel - it seems to be a fairly common affliction ;o)