Monday, March 03, 2008

Going viral

The evening of Sunday before last was spent at a lovely house in Maleny, the only 'bush' type place I have been that has made me think that yes, these people who live in 'the country' are really on to something - something that makes the 40 minute drive to civilisation worthwhile.

The way the blocks are set out up there is that they're joined by an irrigation channel - your own little stream that you could totally rock a rowboat on (though 'irrigation' makes me think 'sewage', so I'm not entirely sure of that). And as the night set in the conversation got rowdier, the skittles were fewer and the mozzies settled in on my ankle.

At 5am the next morning I woke myself up with the itching. The itching that turned to bleeding that was surprising but OH MY GOD it felt good to scratch that itch - and I had plenty of opportunity to scratch it as it was quite often itchy.


Yesterday, I noticed more on my leg. And more on my toes - like I knew I had itchy toes, but didn't realise that it was all different toes and WHY they were itchy. And then one appeared in my palm while I was chasing The Hun around the bathroom, threatening to breathe on him. And at the same time another appeared on my rude finger (ah mah!) he thinks he spotted one on his own arm.

I had figured it was just mosquito bites, but I don't think they spread when you scratch them. Then I had figured it was bed bugs, but those newer ones appeared while I was on the couch.
Then I figured it was some other bug, but then the cream from the chemist made not one iota of difference (and The Hun has not actually got any).
Then I figured I had chickenpox, but I've already had them. That didn't stop me daydreaming of two weeks off work because I didn't feel any worse.

Or did I?

I didn't get to sleep until after 1am last night, the itching on my foot and the repetitive 'DO.NOT.ITCH. PLEASE.STAY.STILL. CONCENTRATE.ON.YOUR.BREATH' running through my head driving me crazy.

Then I was awake again at 4am for over an hour, the other foot itch driving me mental - my swishing my feet around on the sheets woke up The Hun who then asked in a small voice if I could please face the other way (I found out tonight he asked because I had night breath, not because he was afraid of getting sick!).

I popped into the doctor this morning who had a quick unconcerned look at only a few of the 26 spots I had found and told me it is probably just a viral thing, something that will get bad for three days but then be fine, come back if it's not better soonish, buy some antihistamines for the itch, please pay your fifty five dollars at the counter.

Antihistamines for this:Edit#1 - this is a VERY unflattering angle of my leg!

So, I went to the chemist bought some antishistimenes, rushed into work (close to 10am!), popped my pills, did my BAU work and left just after 12:30. Heed my call: two Phenergen WILL make you drowsy - when the chemist lady warned me that it might make me drowsy, so watch out with my driving, I gave her my knowing, itchy look - like all tablets have that warning, right?


I stumbled away from my desk, out the doors, concentrated on not giving into the drowsy heat inside my black car, walked from my front door to the bed losing pants and shirt on the way and practically passed out on my side for two hours (I'd set my alarm for uni in the afternoon).

I think the nap helped (drugs + 5 hours sleep does not equal productive) and I've had some more tonight and it DOES make the itch go away (at least until I accidentally rub a bump on something and realise how goooood tha feels!) - tomorrow I will beg The Hun for some pocket money to buy some anti-drowsy drugs until my pimple legs return to their sexy, pasty, dry state.

Do me a favour and scratch your legs for me?!

Edit#2 - Do you have any suggestions to stop the itch? I considered covering them in bandaids or putting them in icewater, but I don't have many bandaids and didn't want to wake up with frostbite (though d'jen has advised it just wouldn't happen).


flashman said...

I went to the doctor last year with a sore throat. He said it was probably nothing, so I showed him the spots on my chest.

"Oh," he said, "that's almost certainly scarlet fever." I know, how baroque! But penicillin clears it up nicely.

So not to make you hypochondriac or anything, but if you get a sore throat go back to the doctor, because scarlet fever can turn quite nasty.

Enny said...

f'man - Gah! I'm ALREADY a hypochondriac!!! I feel a lil under the weather, but it could be the drugs and the lack of sleep...? If I get a fever or nausea or dizzy then I would go straight to the hospital... at the moment the rash is only on legs, feet, hands and arms...!

Lulu said...

How strange! And uncomfortable!

Ice cubes in a plastic bag, just move it around as something itches....Or a cold bath might help, but then getting out and toweling dry will likely start the itching again.

Calamine lotion?

Bandaids are not a good idea, the itching means they are healing (The heat is releasing, that is how stuff gets better) but bandaids would stop the heat from getting out I think...and could irratate your skin more. What about wet towels that have been in the freezer. Then wrap your legs etc in them?!?

non-Blondie said...

Calamine lotion. It's good for what ails you.

Linda said...

I'm prone to heat rash which can get quite itchy. I use an after sun cooling gel which lives in the fridge to stop itching or tea tree oil helps a bit too. Good luck.

Teej Mahal said...

Pinetarsol. Trust me, it works. Go to the chemist, get pinetarsol. A million kids with chicken pox can't be wrong.

I get erythema, which is a total bitch. But pinetarsol (with sometimes an added dash of hydrocortizone steroid cream for that extra piquancy) sorts it right out.

Ben said...

I don't think you have anything to worry about - your sores look nothing at all like mine did. And mine weren't itchy. So I seriously wouldn't say it's chickenpox.

Pinetarsol is good, but annoying - other creaams often don't work.

Also, the doctor I saw in Munich also gave me a prescription zinc-based cream to try and soothe my irritated skin after I had recovered from the virus.

I still have marks on my arms and legs from last year. Perhaps it's time for me to see a dermatologist...

Enny said...

lulu - it's definitely both! I'm glad the itching means it should be clearing up :o)

non-blondie - that's high on the recommendation list!

linda - that sounds lovely - like those eye patches you can keep in the fridge - mmmmm.

tj - is Pinetarsol like bright yellow? I think we used to have it in the bath when we were kids?!

ben - yeah, from an illness perspective I'm jus a big ol' hypchondriac BUT it's totally itchy :o) Still scarred? I though pock scars ended up like indents? I hope these don't scar!!!

Anonymous said...

the only solution to any health concern (especially one that is making you anxious) is strong drugs and/or alcohol. i kept getting itchy rashes (turns out i'm alergic to frosty fruits!) and polaramine (?) antihestimines were good for knocking you out (and consequently stopping the itch). you can get them over the counter (there's regular and strong).

BEVIS said...

Use your fingernail to press an 'X' into each bite (press as deep as you can stand). This not only relieves the itch and allows them to heal unscratched, but it adds a dainty little criss-cross pattern to your lovely and unflattering legs!

No, seriously. if you've got fingernails, 'X'ing each itch is the lazy man's best solution. Saves you even getting up off the couch to fetch lotion or oils or ice. Not that I'm saying those remedies don't work -- I know they do -- but this way works, too, and you only need to lift a finger.


Enny said...

e'fants - I was thiiiiiiiiiis close to opening my bottle of moscato last night, but I left it to the side :o)

Bevis - Really!? Wow! I'm not itchy atm, but I'll definitely keep it mind...

Teej Mahal said...

Pinetarsol is indeed bright yellow and will turn you funny colours, albeit temporarily. It also smells like a dead rancid demon.

It does, however, stop the itching quite nicely.

Enny said...

tj - well there you go! I remember being young and mum showing someone the bathwater and I remember thinking they'd be thinking we'd jus filled it with pee. Thankfully the itch is quite long gone now!