Sunday, April 01, 2007

Magf's Wedding

Done and done.


I tells ya, today is the first time I've stopped in a few days - Wed and Thurs were a flurry of trying to put together a report for uni based on the LOOSEST and UNCLEAREST guidelines in existence. And preparing for a job interview. And the actual interview. And writing the bridesmaids speech. And a migraine - wahoo!

Fri morning I was awoken by two phonecalls - Magf on the mobile to see what time I'd be at her place and eldest bro checking in on how the interview went (which was really thoughtful!). A bit of phone juggling later and I was off with Magf picking up a hoop (which was in transit in the shop owners car that the husband had borrowed (and that costs $140 to hire!!!)), placing an ad in the paper (did you know they're normally placed by one group of the parents?), getting my nails raped as acrylics were put on (they have an astounding customer turnaround in that place), having an oily noodle box for lunch, checking out the room she'd be staying in for two nights, checking out the reception area and speaking to the lovely planner man, watching her try on dresses for the other bridesmaids upcoming wedding, picking up the other bridesmaids dress (it had to be taken in), getting the shakes and searching for a vegan mueslie bar in the health food shop (I think I might be hypoglycemic?!), rehearsal at the church, dinner and drink at the hotel... before I knew it it was almost 12 hours later and I had to drop some wine at the grooms house and pick up The Huns birthday present from mumsy and dadsy:

Red robot cufflinks! So cutes (AND they move)!

I went straight to bed feeling squinty and achey and woke up at 2am thinking the right side of my head had caved in - typically something I'd try to sleep through, but being the start of the actual wedding day I hit the cupboard and doped myself up on Nurofen migraine that I dredged up from behind the potato bin - it was fading by the time my head hit the pillow.

I woke up just after 7 and was trying to be stealthy quiet... until my alarm went off and I could;t turn it off as quick as I should have... then I burnt my toast and set off the fire alarm... then I showered (which was apparantly noisier than I was aware of) and then I realised I needed The Hun to drop me off at the hairdresser anyways!

On the way to the hairdresser at 9am on Saturday morning and received a text from Magf indicating she'd be a bit late as she had to 'deal with something' - turns out there was a bit of an issue with an interstate rellie getting a bit too drunk and harassing people staying at Magf's mothers house until after 1:30 in the morning - so they were understandably shaken and puffy eyed when they arrived.

Some Brown Brothers champagne and orange juice (and a croissant and donut for Magf) calmed things down a bit as we got our hair done and ($70 later) shipped back to the hotel for the (another $70) makeup and then started to get ready.

Now let me tell you - I have no idea how Magf kept it all together! There were two flowergirls (aged 3 and 11), a pageboy (aged 5) and a ringbearer (aged 8) running around, nagging, causing havoc, messing around with the flowers and shoes and bags and dresses and Magfs mum - Magfs father passed away some time ago, and it seems Magf has long taken the role of the parent - so rather than being the one to look after the children and calm everything down, she was adding to mayhem...

From there, it all seemed to just rush past - before we knew it we were at the church and the music was playing before we were even set up at the doors, so the kids starting rushing down the aisle straight away - judging by the pics The Hun took, there's going to be a lot of photos with my ass in the background as I'm bending over in the doorway trying to set up the skirts! The ceremony was lovely and there was no crying (though the 3yo flowergirl is a spoilt brat and would not sit still or quietly the entire time) and it was over in a flash - So much work for such a short amount of time!

We did the photos for two hours (I was on photo-skirt duty as the other bridesmaid was in charge of toilet-skirt duty), spread out over Reconciliation place (there were three other weddings there while we were there (though we were the prettiest, of course!)), the National Museum (there was another wedding there too) and a few outside the winery where the reception was held. The weather on Friday at the practice was terrible - clear and blue but freezing and windy, and while the Saturday had been warmer it was still cooling down in the dark - unfortunately Magf's mother and rellies had not yet arrived, so were standing out in the dar, chattering teeth and huddled in the mens jackets for quite a bit of time before we could finally get inside.

Again - the reception seemed to move soooo quickly! The food was absolutely fantastic (judging by my special meal and the guests feedback) and they were also lovely to let me bring my own wine to the winery! The speech went well, the dancing wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (there is a priceless photo that looks like it's come from that Cheaters TV show - I have this 'sprung' look on my face as I'm dancing with the best man! (I've emailed it to you d'jen!)), youngest bro threw up copious amounts of red wine and it all went in the toilet, I got the bouquet thrown at me, The Hun got the garter shoved into his pocket (he gave it away maintaining that it was more of Magf than he wanted to have in his pocket) and all of a sudden it was 11:30 and they were out the door!

I got home a lil chilly and exhausted, but it was a beautiful day:

Magf and I

Magf, Mr Magf and Magfs new step son (also the ringbearer)

The happy couple!


Deb said...

Lol!! I love the robot cufflinks. very cute!

Weddings sound so crazy but good on you for soildering on through the migraine, that would have been tough!

Enny said...

deb - I'm glad you like them too! It was a bit crazy - but luckily the migraine was mostly gone in the morning :o)

DelightfulJen said...

Oh, it all sounds so lovely!

I really like both the wedding gown and your pretty, both seem to be very lovely and not too fussy :D It's good to hear that your vegan meal was yummy, I am sure certain chefs would not know/both how to do a good one, so it's nice they got it right for you, and ever better you got your special wine!

Love the pics, especially the one you sent me :D

Lulu said...

I like the photo you sent too enny. At first, since I hadn`t read the post I had no idea why I was receiving it but it makes sence now!!!

The wedding sounded lovely, but it makes me even more sure that I don`t want flower girls, ring bearers or many people. I think on the day I would want as little stress as possible...

You looked lovely! So did MagF

flashman said...

Well, since there's very little hair, face or clothing on display, I'll just compliment you on your lovely smooth skin.

Is that a bit "Buffalo Bill" of me?

Enny said...

d'jen - it was! They were simple and changed my mind on the whole ruching thing - it always looks so terrible on the hanger!

lulu - heh heh, suprise! I know what you mean - the other bridesmaid is getting married in October and she kept repeating "there is no way there will be ANY children at my wedding" (and thanks!)

flahsman - is the lotion vegan? That line terrifies me!!!

Living in Canberra said...

Is that the little church out near Hall? Wattle Park I think its called. Every time I drive past it I think its really pretty.

Enny said...

l'i'C'rra - St Francis Xavier in Hall - it's lovely and quaint.

kranki said...

Oh and everybody has such great big smiles on their faces. That's the sign of a delightful day.

Enny said...

kranki - it totally is :o)