Monday, March 31, 2008

Wah-wooh tattoo

Because I am a woman of many obsessions, I am back to dreaming about another tattoo... basically, I've been told my bags will be packed for me if I come home with another, but here's a quick mockup of what I would LURVE* (damn you Flickr group!):

Firstly - No, they're not my feet;
Secondly - Yes, they say "...Carry my joy on the left..." and "...Carry my pain on the right...";
Thirdly - Yes, they are from a Bjork song;
Fourthly - No, I would like the font to be thinner;
Fifthly - No, I would like 'joy' and 'pain' to line in the diagonal inner corners of my little toes;
Sixthly - Yes, I would prefer the text to run straight down the side of my foot, but I can't do that in PowerPoint;
Seventhly - Yes, I would prefer the text only run halfway down the side of my foot and stop with the last/first dot at the webbing join of my big and second toe; and
Eighthly - Yes, I know feet tattoos tend read with the writing from the ground up (rather than my eyes down), but I think I'd prefer it this way - that tattoo IS for me...!


*Chances of this ever actually being done - 1/100.


D'Jen said...

I like the way the text is in the picture, like the curvy-ness of it. The font should defs be finer because it's kind of hard to read as it is.

I am going to go against the flow and say that if it were me, I'd have the text facing the other way. I totally get the tattoo is for you and all of that, but you know what it says already so if you flipped it other people could read it more easily and you could like "share" your tattoo better with others.

Sorry, I've only got a 10c piece, you can give me 8c change later :P

It would be the best tattoo!!

Desci said...

Dooooo iiiiit... doooooo iiiiiiittt... *Desci disappears in a puff of smoke*

Enny said...

d'jen - yeah, it would need to be finer and smaller, but then you wouldn't be able to read anything on the picture. I don't know... it's the same as if I got it on my wrist - I'd want the writing so I can read it, you know?

desci - IF ONLY!! The Hun read this, and he's like 'you know, I meant what I said'...!

Sarah said...

Just don't wear sandals around the Hun?

And I guess showering together will be out too...

Mick said...

To be honest, I don't like it.

I am not a huge tattoo fan as it is, and although I like the Bjork lyric, i just think it looks dirty on feet.

I can understand The Hun's objection. I love smooth unblemished skin and tattoos are just so....damn...permanent.

Nice paintshop work though :)

Enny said...

sarah - heh heh, I'd be fully socked in the middle of summer :o)

mick - booooo. Though I respect your opinion :o)

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