Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lets play a game!

Open up google and type in the name you blog under - at what ranking does your blog rank in at?

Now, go back to google and type in a nickname that people use for you - at what ranking does your blog rank in at?

~time allowed for you to conduct experiment~

How did you go?

Here's the catch - my nickname is my blog name, so both come in at number 3. And what with technology going crazy (ie I have blog friends and RL friends on Facebook) there is more and more chance that one of my friends will adopt my stalky tendencies and google my nickname, only to find my blog ranked in behind two handbag sites. And I don't really know if I want that to happen in everythings current state.

To complicate the matter, my birthday is next week - meaning it's time to for me to slightly update that little blurb bit on the top left there (or on the actual site if you're a feeder convert) - so I figure 'What the hey, lets jus change the whole lot!'.

Here's where you come in, team.

Can you think of a blurb I could use that wouldn't turn me a deep scarlet with bellyflips if one of my RL friends/aquantainces/workmates stumbled upon it?
Perhaps you can think of some describing words I could use (my primary school teaching has failed me and I can't think of the proper term for those words)?
Perhaps I should delete all the blurb type stuff?
Can you think of any posts I've written that should be yanked down before I get any more discovered by those RL strangers?

Go nuts!


Amanda said...

I believe the word you're looking for is adjectives.

Erm... I'm all out of helpful suggestions. How about enticing? Then you could use alliteration and everything. Everything's about Enny!

Yeah, I suck.

Adam said...

Ravishing like a present. Is also 26.

Desci said...

Mmm, I'm with Adam, go for brevity. Maybe something like 'The inner thoughts of a 26 year old [something]'.

Or 'from my brain to this page'-type thing.

I don't know. I have FIVE WORKING DAYS LEFT, I can't muster up care about much stuff.

Will try to think of something more passable.

Enny said...

amanda - thanks - though I think me describing myself as enticing would be jus as embarassing ;o)

adam - is a bit 'in joke'y, but might just work!

desci - yeah, something that indicates it's not so serious... DON'T STRESS ABOUT IT! :o)

Teej Mahal said...

So, I did that Google thing, and there's someone else gadding about using Teej Mahal. Aw man...

I know there's no law against it, but... aw man.

Teej Mahal said...

Oh, and my suggestion would be to write a limerick, but farked if I know what rhymes with 'Canberra'...

Enny said...

TJ - Really?! I couldn't see it...?! Limerick, eh? I will think on that...