Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dawsons Creek revisited

Just wow.

When Dawsons Creek first started airing on TV I got SERIOUSLY hooked - I had to watch it in my room by myself with the door locked. I needed to give it my full attention, I needed to be alone to cry it out, I needed the time to let it all settle in after the episode finished. And I know I'm not the only one who was like this (ladies, raise your hands). Somewhere along the line they changed the time it was on and I fell out of the loop...

Last week I got a message from my pregnant friend from high school - she wanted to catch up for lunch and told me she had something I could borrow. Initially worried it might be her first born (heh heh), I was a bit relieved that it was just Season 6 of Dawsons Creek.

A few things have changed since I last saw it...
  • Jenn is a lot nicer/cooler than I used to think;
  • Joey's cute crooked half smile is not cute;
  • Joey's annoying full toothed grin IS cute;
  • For the budget they probably have they could have at least died over Joey's regrowth (though I feel better about mine!);
  • Paceys ugly beard may be ugly, but it stops him looking 13... even though he is supposed to be 19 in the show... though he was probably 26 at the time it was filmed;
  • Dawson looked the oldest, but I think he is near youngest?;
  • Dawson's mum is a fox;
  • Joey is a sl*t;
  • Audrey was always annoying and her accent is not cute;
  • They really could use a lot less words;
  • The characters are all exagerated stereotypes - there is not one realistic character;
  • It really is quite predictable - girl crushes on friend, they hook up, boy dumps her, she hooks up with random, boy gets jealous, boy and girl hook up again etc;
  • They spend a lot of time talking in hypotheticals about having hypothetical discussions...
BUT I've still got 7 episodes to go and I am dying to know what this tear-jerking finale is.

So - admit it. Did you drown in Dawsons Creek years ago (or still now)? Is there another show you've been totally obsessed with?


Desci said...

*raises hand, hates self*

Though I totally wanted to fuck Abby, Jen's bad girl friend.

Anonymous said...

I lived with a girl who was my age (29) a few years ago who made a board game for the show and would have 'dawsons creek' nights with her friends. i guess if you feel a little pathetic you know now there are people further along the scale than you.

M said...

I did watch it but only the first 2 or 3 series. I pretty much hated all of them all the way through though (yet still watched it of course!). It took me a long time to like Michelle Williams after watching that show.

D'Jen said...

I watched the first season quite religiously, but by the time the second season came on I realised it was shitty :P

I am moderately obsessed with That 70s Show, I really like that and American Dad, I think I've seen almost every episode of both.

I live and breathe The L Word though, I love, love, love it...and also lock myself in my room to watch it to give it (and Kate) my fullest attention ;)

D'Jen said...

I meant :)!

The ;) made that last sentence seem far, far dodgier than I planned, thought ;) is possibly more correct!

Lulu said...

I LOVED it! I didn`t go as far as to lock myself in the room, but I would tape it to rewatch it during the week!!!

I thought Joey was awesome, and now I look back on it and think I must have been on drugs! hehe

I think I watched til the end of the 3rd or 4th season! I have neer seen the end...but I do know what happens!

Enny said...

Look at you all rushing to out yourselves!

Desci - well, I never! I will hafta go back and watch the earlier ones again, methinks...

e'fants - woah... that IS a bit over the top... the video nights I understand, but there is never any excuse for a friend to let another friend create a board game ;o)

m - you're right! Everyone hated her!!! Now, I have a strong dislike for 'Kate' Holmes, and think Michelle is just beautiful.

d'jen - oooh, I like the 70s show, but can't say I've seen all of them... just whenever they're on the telly! Do you reckon I'd enjoy the L word? I always thought the 'l' stood for 'love'! Durr :o) (Also, it's ending after the 6th season, did you hear?).

d'jen - ah ha! You SAUCY minx!

lulu - it totally strikes me as your type of show - it suits you!! She WAS awesome at the time coz she was the smart quiet one that all the guys loved *sigh* I have a rough idea, but I've got four episodes to go till I've seen for myself!

alyndabear said...

I bought all the DC boxsets because I AM A NERD, lol. :)

Joey has always been annoying and Jen is much, much less annoying now. You are completely right!

Pacey is fab.

D'Jen said...

Yeah, I am pretty sure they haven't confirmed exactly which L word "The L Word" is based on, but I'd suggest it might not be love...

If you are ok with naked ladies on a fairly regular basis then you'd like it. The characters are really good and real and the story lines are usually deep and long lasting, it's not one of those shows that has everything wrapped up neatly at the end of every ep but there is still enough going on in each ep that if you were to miss one you'd still know what is happening.

Watch a couple of eps, you might just get hooked :)

Yes, I did hear the tragic news. I guess it's good though, Kate can stop working so much and just come be my live-in wife! 6 seasons is a pretty good run though.

Lara said...

my roommie and i are a bit obsessed with the OC. did we watch it when it was actually popular? not at all. but now we're slowly working through the complete series on DVD. :)

Enny said...

a'bear - heh heh, how does season 6 compare to the rest of them?

d'jen - gotcha! I will keep an eye out :o)

lara - I've never even seen an episode! I guess a lot of shows are like that - it's much 'cooler' for you to like it now than when it was on :o)

Jane said...

I used to watch the religiously! And then we moved overseas, blah, blah, blah, but wait! When we moved here, it was on every day during lunch hour! And you KNOW I lied my ass off so that I could watch it. WAIT until you get to the end. JUST WAIT. I'm a loser.

Enny said...

Jane - I saw it last night! And was dissapointed!!! I think I had geared up so much for it to be so terrible that I was 'holding out' for the bad bits... :o)