Thursday, March 06, 2008

FAME! I'm gonna live forever, etc

You totally know you've made it bigtime when two (TWO!) different bloggers email to tell you something they saw in the news made them think of you (ie, your awesomeness was being copied).

Check out these two stories and see if you can make the link....








Reckon I can get a commission?!


Amanda said...

No way! Yours is so much better, because there's creativity. There's are all just copied and pasted from the same pic!

Cléa said...

Go for it. There may be a new job for you there, as artistic director!

Cara Hurley said...

Yeah, I read about that school website in the news. What I want to know though is why one of the kids was given a 'sad smilie' face while everyone else had a happy smilie.

Wicked or what?

Enny said...

amanda - we'll jus ignore the face I wasn't resourceful enough to realise I could just copy and paste...!

clea - "Hi, I'm an anonymous small time Australian blogger - pay me plz?" :o)

cara - hullo! Maybe he wanted to come first? Or it's an in joke?!