Friday, March 28, 2008

Spoilt Girl!

Yes I was!

I was awoken by a call from the parents, wishing me a happy birthday and making various old jokes. I then had a bit of a flashbolt moment where I realised I was another one of those people who makes jokes about people getting old on their birthday yet dislikes it happening to them - and made a note to change that behavioural pattern.

The Hun surprised me with a hand Microsoft Paint-made card with a picture of me on the front - would you believe I was wearing a purple dress? We are a creative household, us two (don't believe me? Check my Facebook profile photo!). He then surpised me with a GHD Hair Straightener - wahoo! This was pretty suprising because he was very insistent that he wouldn't buy me one because it was so expensive and I would never use, but my list of other suggestions contained nothing that was any good either, so he caved. Whilst I haven't had the 'pleasure' of wearing my hair out, I've had some pretty sexy looking ponytails over the last two days - I'm putting aside some time on the weekend to watch the instructional DVD, and have booked myself in to get a cut/colour next Thursday.

At work I was spoilt again with a candle holder, some cruisers, a photo album, some A'kin lip balm and calming spray, some musk drops, a redeye, some rice crackers, some jam fancies and some vegan tim tams AND then they took me out to lunch at Vegetarian House where they gave me a potted flower and some orchids to take home! I was feeling pretty special (because everyone smiles at you when you walk into the office with flowers) and then got a call to come back downstairs because I had a delivery - flowers from gf1 and gf2!

After work I went straight to Trinity with my boss and the 'new girl' (who has worked there almost a year and will be travelling with me for work later this year) and had a few drinks, including a very strong 'capriciosca' - that's the name of a pizza from when I was a pizza wench, but it was the closest my boss could get to the name of super strong drink he ordered. Various friends came and went and we ended up at La Porchetta for dinner (I'm a sucker for an antipasto pizza) and then came home early for some shuteye (I got the flu shot yesterday and it always knocks me around a bit).

I was very spoilt with lots of messages on the blog, on my facebook, over email, in person and on my phone - so I just wanted to say a big thanks to all of you - my day didn't suck in any way!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again little one! A'kin lip balm rocks, I must get me some more.


Desci said...

oooh, a GHD Straightener - I have one, they are magnificent!

Enny said...

julaberry - thanks! It really IS nice - not too heavy, light and lovely.

desci - they are pretty special! Still need to see evidence of the spiffy new cut :o)