Monday, March 24, 2008

National Folk Festival - Day Five - 24/03/08

Last one - hope this hasn't completely sent you to sleep, I just wanted to share what an amazing time I had... today was a short day, the first day we were at the festival before lunchtime... because... Rory's show was at 11am! We arrived at about 10am and sat down in the sprinkling rain to watch Earthly Delights and the Bordonian Heritage Dancers. I can't say I enjoyed it as much as the Columbian dancing, but it was lovely to see all the costumes on both the men and the women, they really seem to enjoy it (and some of them take it very seriously). There was a couple in there who were very touchy feely and weren't often partnered together, so we spent a while theorising on the love triangles and squares and circles between all the participants - it is funny to think that there are these people whose love of Bordonian Heritage dancing is what brought them together and keeps them together! And what if they break up? Who stays?! It was also entertaining the number of times in which the word "Beserka" was called out over the mic - we think it's an instrument, but we couldn't tell you what it looks or sounds like!

After watching them for a while we headed back over to the Fitzroy for Rory's last show of the festival, and were lucky to get second row seats - unfortunately, he only had time to play the songs he was going to play at the end of yesterdays set, but I'd say today was my favourite setlist of his show's so far. He hadn't played any of these songs for us before, a collection of some of the lesser known songs - and that's half the fun of hearing him play, being reintroduced to songs off the 9 albums that you might often skip through when looking for one you know more of the lyrics to:
After his show we decided it would be time for us to head home so we could nap and actually have some weekend in our long weekend - today has been spent napping on the couch, sorting through photos, blogging, facebooking and doing the groceries... hope you all had as great an Easter as I did!


D'Jen said...

The festival sounds pretty awesome, I should go to more live music, I so enjoy it.

I must confess, the only think I've noticed about all these pics of Rory is that he wears muscle singlets far, far too often for my liking. I dislike men's armpit hair, he needs to put his pits away.

However, I totally love the starry background, that is so beautiful!!

Enny said...

D'jen - you totally should- it's nice just to wander around to hear it all. He only has two shirts, me thinks, and I don't mind the muscle shirts - I'm a hater for mens underarm hair, but there weren't any sweat beads glistening under the lamps and it highlighted his leanness and lack of arm wabble... just how does he stay so thin?!

Mummy/Crit said...

Great updates Enny! I'm annoyed to've missed Rory so resoundingly. I arrived around 11.30 yesterday and spent time getting my bearings. I'll have to try to get to see him when he comes back. You will find that they guy in the fairy costume of your worst Infinite Grease moment is Bill Arnett who runs the folk club where Rory is performing. Just a heads up there. (He's a lovely guy who spends the entire festival in fairy gear and very drunk)

Michelle said...

I've loved your reviews! It's great reading about the festival from someone else's (i.e. not mine) perspective.

I've come from &duck's site, BTW.

Enny said...

m'crit - hullo again! I thought you'd definitely make it to his shoes this year - he's back in April, so be sure to catch him then. I thought he looked familiar - he was the best of that act ;o)

michelle - thankyou! And welcome!