Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oi love youse all!

I'm heeeeEEEeeeere!

Things are actually going quite well (suprisingly!) - not that stressed atm. That said, I'd be lying if I said there hasn't been study related tanties (1:30am Wednesday morning), getting cranky at work (today) and procrastination (Brand Depot anyone?!).

But, I've got some free time and I mixed myself a vodka and diet golden circel soft drink for pre/during/post drinks and I mixed it too strong after I stuffed up dinner (noodles and sauce shouldn't taste like cigarettes!) and now I'm rambling, so I'm going to partake in a little rejoicing of the dot points as Lulu has reignited my love for the lil bastards!

  • Speaking of Lulu - go check out her awesomeness if you don't already! She's super lovely and has awesome hair, and is sending me over one of these:

Mine will be green. Then I will purloin the rest of the colours and kick-the-cheat and I shall rule the earth (go tofu!) - won't we Mr The Cheat?

Damn straight.

  • Speaking of wonderful people sending me wonderful things - I (kinda) won a (consolation) prize over at D'Jen's! She was looking for a name for her jewellery company that she's hoping to set up and wanted suggestions for names - mine were lame-o but I STILL got sent a prize! And it arrived today:
They're delightful! *loves them* I'll be sure to post the link for her online store once it's up and running, but in the meantime, I have a lil question... do you think I can wear them wtih Dress One to the Hens Day? I took them into my room and the aqua is THE SAME aqua as on the dress! So, to all you lovely peeps who helped me out before: vote, Vote, VOTE!

  • AND speaking of the Hens Day, I finally went and bought some shoes. I STILL can't find my camera chord, so I'm'a hafta draw you a piccy:
NOW. Before you write in and complain about the monstrosity - lemme explain. One - well, there's really no excuse for the crap pic. Basically, I had to get cheap shoes as I don't wear leather, and as a result of this, the dodgy company that makes the shoes doesn't have a website so I can't show you an actual pic. The shoes are shiny silver (at D'Jen's advice!) to match the tiara haircomb that I bought the other week. The heel isn't stilletto - it's kinda rectangle (hence the thickness in the pic) and it's not too high. It straps around my ankle and the circley things are diamante circley things that ALSO match the tiara! I'll be sure to get someone to send me a pic of me so I can edit and post if for you =o)


Anonymous said...

D'Jen said...

EEE, I'm glad you like them. Of course I might be slightly biased but I reckon if they match the colors in the dress, then you should wear them with them to the races! And then when everyone gushes about how awesome they are, you can refer them to my not-yet-exisitant website!!

I'm so so proud of you Enny! Sparkly silver shoes with diamonds! A decent sized heel so you won't sink into the turf! An ankle strap so you won't fall off them after a few champagnes! *sniff, wipes tear* You've done such a good job, Enny :)

Anonymous said...

tokenwoman says...

Yes, a good job indeed. Perfect heel width.. I think the drawing and description was good enough :)

Adam said...

Vote = Hell Yes.

I think you're going to look super stunning!

I think you might break another record way soon, 'biggest yellow smiley face ever'. Whoooo!

Anonymous said...

Halliwell says:
Some one has to do it..;P

The heel base and the ball of ur foot base aren't level, will that be a problem when enebriated?

A foot that BIG is doubtful to fit through the anckle loop u got goin' there, get some scaleage happenin' - GOSH

All those little straps are gonna leave a wicked burn lines at the end on the day, Kinda like having a t-shirt tan awell as having a singlet tan - AWESOMENESS.

Those are some might large diamantes on ur elegant slipper, RICH BITCH you'll be a smash with the metrosexuals.

*Whispers hytpnotically* DRESS 2, DreSSSS TWooooOOOooooOOOOoOOOOoooOOO. :):)

What are the names D'Jen has been tinkering with?
D'Jen to me sounds kinda cool to me as a business name.

lulu said...

I have a green tofu cushion now (he was brought home with yours and d'jens Enny!!) but yours is not green is another surprise colour. You will just have to wait!!

The green tofu cushion completes the set and his name is tofu-san (he joined tofu-kun (the original) tofu-sama and tofu-chan...)

Shumpei & I have many tofu children!

Great shoes!! So glad you posted again so soon(ish!)

Steph said...

I like your shoe art! Noice!
I think you'll look stunning. Love the earings too.