Sunday, July 30, 2006

This is the dawning of the age of a-weariness

One of my martial arts students turned 18 last week - a lovely affable lil fellow who really has come a long way, both training-wise and socially.

And as The Hun was dropping me off at Magf's house (to have her fiance drop us off at the 18th) I realised how old I'm starting to get...

Of the friends around our age, we have:

Six sets of friends that are homeowners

Two sets of friends pregnant

Three sets of friends married

Four sets of friends engaged

...and so on and so on.

And as Magf and I walked down the drive and glared at the swarm of 'tweens that rushed us, we realised that we were gonna be the odd ones out.

Zip forward to lunchtime today as I was hugging the toilet bowl and dry retching, I had two thoughts:

'WTF am I supposed to do?! I haven't spewed in over 5 years! What happens now!!!'


'I really am too old for this nonsense'.

So with another Monday comes another set of renewed promises to cut down the drinks, eat better and exercise more.

Lets see how long this one lasts.

Starting tomorrow.

(also brought on by perousing the archives for objectional text and realising the large number of alchohol related posts...)


Susanne said...

My boy got drunk and spewed on the weekend too. Poor kid.

Ampersand Duck said...

This post sounds like a contemporary version of 'The twelve days of Christmas'!

Just imagine it... with chorus of 'and I'm get-ting too old for this!'


Enny said...

susanne - all members of my fam were hungover in one way or another on sunday - i jus came off worst!

&duck - if only i'd thought of that! I'm sure I coulda come up with twelve sets of 'things's - d'oh! =o)

Erica said...

My sister also spewed on Saturday night - she polished off about half a bottle of vodka, threw up several times, got kicked out of a local "club" for going into the men's toilets to vomit more, and was home by 11!

I was boring and didn't even have one drink.

I know what you mean about getting old though...even though I only have one pair of friends engaged, I'm certain others are not far off. And then there's the slew of friends getting full time employment, moving out, and doing other grown up things.

Everyone is getting so old and I'm still staying so youuuuuuuuuung...

Enny said...

erica - she's more hardcore than me - and there's nothing wrong with not having a drink! I was lucky to 'win' one in that I moved out at 21, but now I'm lagging behind... yet I too feel so youuuuuuuuuuuuung!!!