Sunday, July 09, 2006


With the end of the first semester of 2006 comes a gamut of emotions.

Relief at the thought that I need never open a Marketing or Economics text anytime in the forseeable future.

Nerves as Eldest Bro reads my results over the phone.

Elation at marks higher than P's (Credit for Eco, Distinction for Mktg).

Jealousy at Eldest Bro's two HD's.

Retrospection (shaddup - it IS a feeling) on whether I shoulda studied harder.

Dissapointment as the realisation settles that I've never received a HD.

Comforting Evil Glee at the thought that his high scores were not earnt entirely alone.

Confirmation that Eldest Bro and I will be in the same tute for the same course next semester leaves me feeling.....?


Susanne said...

I'd only ever gotten one H1 before this year.

I think what's important though is that you got through it and did your best. It doesn't really matter what other people got.

Enny said...

It's not even that big a deal to me really, but now that there's someone to be compared to... *sigh*

(also - The Hun's sis will also be in the tute as well!)

Mars said...

Dear god, do you live in the smallest town on earth, and go to the smallest uni on earth and do the smallest course on earth?! Oh. Canberra. Right.

Well, i think you should feel pretty smug... afterall, your brother is older than you, so from his point of view, he's been kept back and he's got his little sister in his class! I'd be working my butt off too, were i him... oh the potential humiliation!

Matty said...

The Canberra thing is weird. Everyone is linked to everyone more than once. I'm sure if we sorted through friends we'd find links here and there! I commented on a Canberra bloggers site for a year before realising I had worked with her 3 years previously.

Congrats on getting through, Enny.

Enny said...

mars - it is pretty small AND HE'S YOUNGER THAN ME!!! *pouts and awaits retraction* ;o)

matty - ta! and it is good conversation - I don't mind all those times you meet someone and you're like "hey! I worked with your sisters boyfried!"

Halliwell said...

A pass is a Pass, it would different if you were going for honors.
U got to beat your brother up when he was younger and now he gets his revenge..
MwuHaHaHaHaHa *Evil vampire laugh*

DelightfulJen said...

It's good to hear I am not the only one who goes down the winding road of end of semester emotions.

I think I would hate to be in the same class as my brother. My brother has never gone to uni, so I see it as very much 'my' thing, I wouldn't want him to steal my thunder.

Enny said...

mr infection - true to the no honours things, but if only it were the case with everything else: eldest bro is only 11 months younger and was feisty as a child therefore he has no need for vampire revenge!

jen the delightfl - join the club! ;o) I think I'll be more sure of how I feel in two weeks time after the first tute - tho I'm fickle, so it will change. And similar to you: I got a UAI - he didn; I went to uni - he worked; AND THEN: I waitressed - he got a certificate, I restarted uni for D's, he started on HDs.

*Revs up the angst*

Mars said...

Hmm.. eldest, not elder.

Got it. Umm...

Don't know where to go from here!

:P Sorry..heh

Enny said...

mars - is ok - no hard feelings ;o)