Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Another Five Things meme, this time from the Delightful Jen (she really IS delightful):

The Five Things Meme

In my handbag
- Broken crappy unportable iPod
- Spiffy can't-live-without-it organiser (paper based but leather (so will replace only when completely wrecked))
- Oroton coin purse (so cute - a gift - leather (so will replace only when completely wrecked))
- Nokia flip phone
- PSP (Lumines battle anyone>!)

In my fridge
- Icky stifry made with the wrong mixed veggies that I hafta have for lunch tmr as celery makes The Hun gag
- Redeye
- Cruisers
- Floradix Florivital
- Vegan cheese slices

In my closet
- An empty CK mens trunks box (to perve on)
- My Riggadoon doll, 'Rusty' (anyone else have one of those?!)
- Four formal dresses
- An alarming number of girly potions and makeup for someone who only wears makeup quarterly and...

In my car

(Ugh - what's NOT in my car?!)
- Martial arts stuff (including uniform, belt, sparring gear (inc insta-bust chest guard!), two jo's and a briefcase)
- Empty Redeye bottles
- Several socks and shoes
- Empty packets of noodles, sultanas, skittles, bottled water (you get the picture...)

First five to nominate get to do it - even if it's just in the comments!


Rom said...

In my handbag:
old nokie phone
a shiteload of paper of varying sizes and shapes and colours
glasses case

In my fridge:
out of date milk (i stopped drinking the stuff weeks ago)
various leftovers with various ages
vegies that haven't gone off!
lots of bottles of assorted sauces and crap

In my closet:
*so* many jackets!
old wedding dress
empty shoeboxes (for a rainy day?)

In my car:
empty scotch bottles
dog blanket
gym gear
empty water bottles

Did I get in first? Schweet! And dude, your SUB WOOFAH is phully sik bro.

Enny said...

Why thankyou Rom! and yes you are! And yes it is! =o)

Enny said...

Ooh - do you mind me asking whereabouts in QLD you live?

Drop me an email either way - I can't find an email for you!

DelightfulJen said...

So glad you think I am delightful, Enny :)

I am so jealous you have a PSP, I love game gadgets. I would sell a kidney for a Nintendo DS or PSP. I really love the new white one they have.

I always found those Rigadoon dolls terrifying, there was just something about them, maybe the beady eyes.

Enny said...

dj - no worries! I love it too - n dun give it enough credit - I was in lust for a DS at the end of last semester after doing an assignment on Nintendogs, but I think I've pulled thru that ok. n I think if you didn't grow up with Rigadoons,they jus might not make much sense!!!