Sunday, July 16, 2006

Housekeeping - Hooray for Bullet Points!

  • After a brief stint as a hermit, I've hung my home sweet home sign up back on the wall at This is my place and I'm not about to move, lease it, be evicted or do that thing where the people come round and deem it unsafe and put the sign on the door to stop people coming in. And thanks for the support and kind words I've received.

  • Want ppl to leave your party? Try hitting them in the eye with a newspaper - it works a treat (ask The Hun)!
  • What's that song with the line 'All my friends are getting married'? Magf is engaged!
  • And is there a song with the lyrics 'All my friends are having babies'? Mrs Batman is havvin a lillun! Feb '07. All together now - Awwww.
  • And is there a song that goes 'I got told both of those pieces of news within five minutes of each other'? No? Mebbe I should get Erica to compose it for me.
  • Donations/dastardly plans for my 'save $5000 and then be allowed to buy a new iPod that will work without a plug (ie a PORTABLE portable music player)' fund would be much appreciated.


DelightfulJen said...

I am very glad you are happy to hold your ground Enny, I am a big sook and would have restarted my blog. Horray for being brave.

I'd be so happy if one of my friend's was pregnant, babies are my new favourite thing :)

Enny said...

dj - i'm interested excited - I'm no good with babies but I'm excited for her (now that she's more excited about it!)

Erica said... is funny you should talk about me composing a song about everyone getting married or having babies, because it is an idea that has been circling my mind for quite some time now. Perhaps I'll have to write and then record it (very crappily on my computer), and email it to you.

Enny said...

*waits anxiously by emailbox*