Friday, July 14, 2006


I was having lunch with a friend from highschool a month or two ago - she's the one with the baby (must remember to give her a nickname!) - and we'd just settled down to eat in the foodcourt when she realised she had no napkins for the messy lil boy.

"No worries" I said "I'll get you some".

And I did.

When I sat down I pointed out to her that we'd walked right past a lady laying in the middle of the foodcourt, surrounded by ambo's and concerned onlookers.

"We were so caught up in lunch we didn't notice! How rude!" she observed.

Since then, I've noticed that they've placed defribillator machines all around the shopping centre.


Today I discovered a better way to shock your heart around (in an 'OMG I THINK I'M GONNA THROW UP MY HEART' kinda way).

Get an email from eldest bro's gf confessing she's been reading your blog for some time, after middle bro told her there was stuff about her here.

Have more, will post tomorrow.

(PS - suggestions for how to deal with middle bro would be VERY much appreciated - if you're reading this one buddy boy, beware....)


Anonymous said...

"middle bro"

I distinctly recall telling 'eldest bro' and 'elders bro's gf' that you had a blog on the 3rd of March 2006. I mentioned that you had written stuff about everyone (I believe as a personal account of your life it's mostly likely true.)

I haven't spoken to her about it since then, and tbh I haven't really kept up with your blog until this week(Boring job + overzealous firewall = scramble for acceptable websites).

As for what to do to Middle Bro, I'd suggest not using him as a scapegoat for what you have done/said.

Alternatively you could write a really scathing review detailing my attitude/life problems, but that would hurt my feelings.

Good Luck.

Boysenberry said...

I could offer suggestions, but most of them would end up in a custodial period if discovered.

I always recommend, however, amusing and very embarrassing anecdotes whilst operating under the pretence of alcohol/drug-of-choice to the target's significant other.

Enny said...

Middle Bro - I'm not angry per se, just wish you to respect the sensitive nature of my thoughts and opinions and how they would appear and effect others. There is a reason I haven't told anyone about it - only youngest bro after he told me he had one. I'm still not sure how you found it and I'd really hoped you wouldn't betray my trust by doing what's been done. I'm not using you as a scapegoat, I don't have a 'scathing review of your life/attitude problems' nor any intent to hurt your feelings, just a plea for you to be aware that, like all in the family, there is a tendency to act without thinking. And had you kept it to yourself (even if you'd just told me) then I wouldn't be in the position that I am now in.

And if you want to get 'personal' and 'D&M' please email me next time - this was never supposed to be a forum for the fam to air their angst.

B'b'rry - all i have left to do is *sigh*...

DelightfulJen said...

I don't have any good advise Enny. My suggestions, while not quite as severe as boysenberry's sound, while be along that same line.

I guess it could be worse, from the couple of things I've read about her, it was not nasty or anything. And it's not like you used her real name.

My approach would be to avoid the topic wherever possible, and if all else fails apologise.

Sorry, my advice sucks.

Enny said...

DJ- No, no - it dun suck. I've had plenty of mopey time and will have some more tmr - the friend who's caught in the middle is coming over tmr... it's jus more a matter of me being woeful and not liking the thought that everything I say is being read...