Friday, July 28, 2006

Did you hear the one about the Public Servant that looked like a backpacker?

Well, you can hear it here first.

On Thursday I did something 'unusual'. Something I felt pressured to do, something that I knew would cause some reaction, something that I wasn't entirely comfortable in doing, something that I may only have done only once or twice before, but something that I did nontheless.

Wednesday night as I prepared my hair turban for bed (I'm a night-shower) I got accosted:
"You are not going to spend $160 on a haircut and then pull it back like that. Get the hairdryer and sit down and we're going to blowdry your hair. NOW."

So I did what I was told (Enny's a good girl!).

And I wore my hair out on Thursday.

I HATE wearing my hair out.

I hate the way my waves and kinks in the wrong places, I hate the way it sticks to the back of my neck and tickles and itches under my chin, I hate the way it draws attention to my under-chin-softspot and I hate the way that it was like the second coming of the Messiah.

Before lunch, I had no less than 11 individuals comment on 'the hair' (note: individuals; there was quite often more than one comment per person).

I don't know that I've ever been spoken to by 11 individuals about work!

There were a few different types of comment... "your hair's out!" "you look so different!" "who are you? where's enny gone?!" etc etc.

The most 'popular' comment (as in most heard, not as in my favourite) was "it looks so much better" (often with the disclaimer "why are you pulling that face?!").

But the most memorable was when I walked in to a team meeting just after it started:
"Don't we all love Enny with her hair out?" stated my bosses boss.
(agreeance from four other team members in meeting)
"Yeah" she decided she needed to follow up with, "she doesn't look like a, y'know, backpacker now".



Hair down

Hair Up



For further consideration: do you know how much pressure I felt under to wear my hair out today? So I did. And it didn't look as good as yesterday (The Hun didn't blowdry my hair AS thoroughly as I'm guessing he thought the 'compliments' were enough to magically make me competent as a girl and able to do my hair myself) and I HATE knowing that all the 'commenting' people were looking and thinking... THAT'S my NEWEST thing I hate about wearing my hair out...

My hair is up as I hit Publish Post.


DelightfulJen said...

Being a short haired girl from way back, I can't quite understand the hair up/hair down situation, though I've had friends who hated to wear their hair out.

I think you have pretty hair though, it looks nice left out but I can understand how it might feel impractical for work. Maybe you could try and pull it back in different ways, or get a side fringe cut? Then you get to spice up the hair pulled back idea, and side fringes look lovely.

Or just leave it they way it is, and everyone else can just deal with that fact you like having tied back hair.

P.S I don't see how a hairstyle can make you look more of less like a backpacker, unless of course you only ever carry a huge backpack while your hair is up.

Enny said...

d'jen - thanks! it's pretty when the hairdresser does it, but having The Hun hairdry for me and rushing the straightener thru the nex morning doesn't have QUITE the same effect... I got a mini side fringe this last time, but not enough to discount wearing my hair up entirely... And I'm glad I'm not the only one to be befuddled by the 'backpacker' comment...!

Boysenberry said...

I've got to admit, I'm a sucker for hair in the pony tail thing...

Matty said...

Enny, you have a bigger smile in the pic of you with your hair up, so I'd go with that one.

I like hair up, too.

asmath said...

hey i think you look cool when you let your hair down. It looks great and wavy.

Enny said...

b'b'rry - ooh! a man after my one heart! I'm in the belief that it makes my face look thinner and it's jus so much easier to manage!!!

matty - that's true for real life too!

asmath - it looks good there coz that was prof done by the hairdresser before that photo was taken - i'll see if i can track down a more 'lifelike' hair down pic ;o)

Susanne said...

It looks good out from what I can tell :)

Enny said...

susanne - why thankyou! does that mean you'll come over and do it every morning for me?! ;o)