Tuesday, July 25, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week Two

'bout as exciting as it sounded last week.

I couldn' do my reading as it sent me to sleep. Twice. In bed, highlighter in hand. So las night was spent in a mini-frenzy of trying to scan thru the book to find the answers which worked MUCH better for me.

Both tutes went well enough - it was good to have two people I knew in the first one (eldest bro and The Huns sis) and I think I was able to sound knowledgable enough.

Ditto for the second tute (with the exception that the only people I recognised was the boy from my group work last semester, and an annoying headband girl from the first tute who waved her hand to answer all the questions. And there's no tute mark for the course. And she's v surly looking. And STUNK of teh sm0k3.).

Apologies for the LAME - I'm feeling a bit tired, promises to do better nex time etc.


Matty said...

Annoying weird people are the spice of tutorial life! My favourites were an 18yo girl who drove a Merc to uni and would tell all who would listen that the poor were only poor because they were lazy etc, and that poor foreigners needed to be deported! And a girl who affected a pseudo-Indian accent because her boyfriend was Indian, though she had never left Australia in her life.

DelightfulJen said...

I agree matty, the annoying girls are what keep me doing education at uni.

My course attracts a lot of pretty, vacant girls. Last semester one asked in a tute what is a document wallet, and how to get one as we were required to submit our assignments in one.

Pure gold.

Enny, I never do readings properly anymore, I always scan for the seemingly important, answer type stuff.

Enny said...

matty and d'jen - I guess they ARE a good reason to keep going to the tutes, tho all of ur mentioned ppl sound like nutters!!!

And I think I'll keep skimming, but need to make sure I take notes so I don't have to cram toooo much (*fingers crossed*)!