Monday, October 23, 2006

Oops - it appears I require another follow up post!

In all the 'excitement' of this and this, it seems I forgot to followup about this:

Heh heh - oops!

Nayways, I got my new little beast sometime between here and here (I bought 2007 for my organiser and had to take 2006 so far out and it's to tricky to dig through to get the exact date) after only a lil stress - scheduling blah blah, make an appointment, salesman on leave, me going on leave - but I managed to get youngest bro to pick me up from work and take me for a 'long lunch' out to pick it up!

Fair enough to say, it's not QUITE as quick as the 200 and doesn't have a sunroof OR a massive punchy sik subwoofah... BUT it's black with the legalest darkest tints, has lil foglights, plays mp3's and is suprisingly roomy! It also proudly displays my martial arts school ad sticker and one of these:

(from here).

Take THAT tailgaters - hows about some guilting to match your road raging?!


Heh heh.


Lulu said...

So cute Enny!

While I am sorry to say I eat meat (well some!) I still love the sticker...and so think you should add a section that says honk if you love animals!!

Jennifer said...

Ooooooh, Enny, it's gorgeous!!

I LOVE small cars, and the Swift is up there as one of the most lovely small cars.

Don't you feel so important driving such a cute, spiffy, little car?

Adam said...

Beep Beep!

Cara has a little Echo which I think is awesome. I've been so impressed with it's ability to fit so many keyboards and amps and fridges and peeps. The Suzuki Swift is pretty awes. Good work young lady!

Halliwell said...

How many pppl eat parrots?

BLACK BABY!! best colour ever.
It has sporty lines and looks roomy.

It could be a 07' model, as they stop producing 06' in like dec to make room for the 07's. I had the same with my bike, it was an 05 model built in 04.

have u come up with a name for it yet?

Enny said...

lulu - don't apologise! It IS tempting to add the 'honk etc', but I do like to think there's something a bit more powerful in getting the ppl to work it out for themselves!

D'jen - why thankyou! I do feel tough in it, sometimes SO tought that I do forget I'm no longer driving the 200 and make eyes at the boys in the sported up cars... but when I DO remember which car I'm in, I don't really feel THAT much less spiffy ;o)

(PS - it's also one of the safest cars you can buy!)

adam - no no no, BOOM BOOM! So much tougher ;o) The Echo's are also pretty awesome - if only my bosses boss didn't have one, it may have been higher on my 'give it a go' list!

halliwell - that's the point! ALL animals are equal - whether you consider them pets or not is not the point! It IS roomy and the black IS sporty - but no name yet! I know it's a he... any suggestions?!

Halliwell said...

I find eating a parrot both a strange practice and unsuitable energy dispertion for the energy gain, you could take down the cow and feast like a KING!!!
Do you think of the harm u cause ur plants by removing part/entire reproductive system or by removing the foliage in which it uses to survive??
OH yeah and some ppl *cough*KIWIS*cough* both love and eat one of the animals displayed.

A HE hey..... HMMMMmmmm whats the number plate??
Swifty McENNY..
I dunno, I need more info.

Mars said...

What's all that all over the new car? Bird shit, or bullet holes? Are you a that how you afford a hot new car? Or did you just park under a tree?

Enny said...

halliwell - do you think of the harm you cause by eating animals that eat larger amounts of plant life to produce disproportionately less amounts of 'food' for you?

mars - oh no! You're onto me! (truth be told, that's a pic off the internet as I'm so unsavvy I've misplaced my camera chord and I'm too reety to go into a techno shop by myself and pick the right one... I think they're the spotlights in the display room...!)

Halliwell said...

U have ur opinion and I have mine on the topic. U talk to me about veganism for an hr and i get to talk to u about AM-WAY for an hr.. sound like a good deal??