Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Every Good Vegan Deserves Tofu

"I'm here to pick up a package!"
"Ok... let me have a look here...."
"I think it's that one under the bin there."
"Oh! You already know which one it is!"
"Yeah... It's coming from Japan and that ones got Japanese on the box."
"You're right!.... Okay.... Now, you've got some ID with this name on it?"
"Um, no... I got it from the internet so I didn't use my real name..."
"Oh.... um, okay... well, you've got some ID with this address on it?"
"Um, no... I'm renting, so all my ID has my parents address on it..."
"Oh... um, okay... "
"I can tell you what it is if that will help?"
"Oh... um...can I see some ID with a signature on it?"

*views ID*
*returns ID*

"Okay, just sign here thankyou... have a great day!"



(taken from Lulu (as well as sent by Lulu!) as I STILL need to get my ass into gear and get that camera cord!)



Lulu said...

YAY! Now you and the hun have a tofu child too!

Have you named it?

Glad to see Aussie Post is doing a good job at doing ID checks...I just thought it would be strange to write only you first name and when I got to the post office I couldn't remember your last name!!!

Anonymous said...

D'Jen said...

Yay Enny, he's so cute :) You're now a proper Vegan with a tofu baby!

Enny said...

lulu - HOORAY!!! No I haven't yet, I can't think of a good one! The Hun IS enjoying it - I got out of the shower to find mr tofu in my place in bed last night!!! I'm glad Aussie Post were lenient - I was worried I might hafta get some sort of letter sent over!

d'jen - I know! I reckon we pair ours off to make lil tofu babies =o)

Adam said...

Do you want us to ask Lulu to send you a camera cord? I'm pretty sure they come out of vending machines in Japan.

Enny said...

adam - i'm thiiiiiiiiiiiiis close! I need to get youngest bro to organise it for me, like last time!