Saturday, September 23, 2006

*Breaks personal record for longest time between posts*

Sorry guys, I've been a bit 'absentia' of late, and it's proddly going to continue on and off for the next six weeks or so.

Because it's been keeping me awake at night /all night / every night and whirring through my head 24/7, I'm gonna jot it all down here (relish in the joy that is my to-do timetable) in three main segments of stress - Work, Uni, Martial Arts (MA):

Sat 23/9 - Finish Org B essay
Sun 24/9 - Study for Acctg Test
Mon 25/9 - Study for Acctg Test / Run grading for my little kids / Training
Tues 26/9 - Hand in Essay/ Uni till 3 / Study for Acctg Test / Get Acctg Assignment
Wed 27/9 - Acctg Test / Planning Day / Training
Thur 28/9 - Work and Overtime
Fri 29/9 - Work / Training / Tournament Meeting

Sat 30/9 - Mon 2/10 - Meant to be going to Sydney or sumn'n similar for gf1 bday / Overtime to catch up on work of which 20 of 163 parts was done by Friday 22/9 / Training

Tues 3/10 - Uni till 3 / Work like madman as boss on leave busiest week of month AND implementing project been working on for last 18mths
Wed 4/10 - Uni till 11 / Keep working like madman / Training
Thurs 5/10 - Final implementation of project that has potential to crash and burn and can only be done once all national staff are logged off computers (work late into night on top of full day)
Friday 6/10 - Deal will all calls re: change that will no doubt shock and awe users / Meeting with Dr about my b12 + folate levels/ Training / Tournament meeting

Sat 7/10 - Hens Day / Acctg Assignment / 'Girls night in' for cancer research
Sun 8/10 - Acctg Assignment

Monday 9/10 - Rush around like madman to ensure all tournament stuff organised / Acctg Assignment / Training in hall that is too small
Tuesday 10/10 - Rush around like madman greeting 60 seniors and juniors from around Australia as well as USA / Set up hall for 3 day camp / Dinner
Wednesay 11/10 - Get up at sparrows fart to ensure hall is ready / Train 9 - 5 with Grandmaster from USA / 'Social obligations' / Ensure other students are still running normal training
Thursday 12/10 - Get up at sparrows fart to ensure hall is ready / Train 9 - 5 with Grandmaster from USA/ 'Social obligations'
Friday 11/10 - Get up at sparrows fart to ensure hall is ready / Train 9 - 5 with Grandmaster from USA/ 'Social obligations' / Ensure other students are still running normal training / Setup different hall for tomorrow

Saturday 12/10 - Radio interview / Ensure hall setup running smoothly / Assist in seminars from 9am - 3pm (including herding small children 5yo and over) / Assist in Training 30 people in how to judge for tournament / Setup for tournament / Mandatory social mixer with 110 people in small cafe type thing
Sunday 13/10 - Ensure hall ready for tournament / Oversee entire day / Perform three forms (which will need to have been learnt somewhere in this time) and fight some girls

Monday 14/10 - Acctg assignment due / look after interstate guests
Tuesday 15/10 - Uni till 3 / look after interstate guests
Wednesday 16/10 - Uni till 11 / Work
(carries on trng 3 x week, uni twice a week, work)

Thursday 02/11 - Acctg Exam pm
Friday 03/11 - Org B Exam am

So somewhere in there I also need to:
- Sell my car
- Fulfill bridesmaidial duties
- Learn my three forms and practice fighting
- Learn syllabus for three day camp before tournament
- Study for exams
- Try to keep going to the gym
- Find out if my work area is to be made redundant
- Buy groceries / cook meals
- Keep trying to lose weight
- Not pull my hair out
- Schedule breakdown
etc etc etc

I just feel like I need someone to walk over the back of my neck it's so tight!

So yeah, posting may get a little patchy in parts, but bear with me - I'm sure I'll have LOTS of ranting ;o)


Anonymous said...

D'Jen said...

Yay, you came back! I thought you might have left us Enny!!

Sounds like you will be one busy vegan bee. If I was to plan out all my uni stuff it would probably be fairly similar so I'm going to ignore it and hope it goes away for the moment.

Good look with all your martial arts stuff

Enny said...

d;jen - NEVAH!!! =o) It's funny to look at it in colours - they're three fairly distinct blocks with spatterings of the others through, but I just can't BELIEVE that they're all happening at once!

Enny said...

agh - I typo'd your name!

-;, +'

R-Dogg said...

ergh... glad it's you and not me... *continues to sit, procrastinating, while assignments and untidy house await*

Lulu said...

On tuesday the 26th of September you need to cut into your study time a little and go and have a massage (or someone walk over your neck as mentioned!). Then try to do it every week. If not possible get the hun to schedule 2 hours a week (in half an hour blocks) in which he gives you a massage!

Glad you came back Enny. I was slightly worried that you had disappeared into internet black hole.

Tofu will be on the way next week hopefully!

Best of luck with your busy life and schedule!!

Enny said...

r-dogg - anything to make you feel a lil bit better bout urself ;o)

lulu - I'm glad you understand my pain! I'm seriously considering getting a massage but, to be honest, I'm not really comfortable with strangers rubbing me down! I told The Hun you told him to do it, and at this stage I can get 60 second bursts at best, but I think I can train him to go a lil longer ;o)

It would take a lot more than a busy week for my to dissapear into THAT hole, but I figured the least I could do is warn ppl - even if it doesn't really show that much (I'll STILL be checking everyone else obsessively, methinks!)

Mebbe tofu can gimme a massage ;o)

M said...

oh god, I totally forgot about all that studying that you have to do while...well studying. Good luck!

enny said...

m - normally it's not an issue - jus when I have assessment due!

Adam said...

Holy freakin' whoa!!

I think you should request applications for voluntary assistants. I'll sort through the applications if you like.

Enny said...

adam - I knoooooooooooooooow!!! =o(

But THANKS for the offer =o)

Susanne said...

Woah. Hope you're keeping on top of things. Here's a rule that I never do myself, but is a good rule regardless- prioritise your tasks and do the most important ones first.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Mebbe the martial art thing needs an infusion of tai chi? One of my best friends does goju, and he's in final weeks before going for his black belt, and he's not allowed to miss classes and is basically living like a monk!


Adam said...

Well, I guess with such a busy timetable you won't have time to punch boys.

Give her more work!

Enny said...

susanne - it's actually not so bad at the moment - I think the martial arts week will be the worst! I think the further into it I get, the kinda better it will get coz then there's less to carry around on my shoulders...

'gnac - I DO tai chi! 24 step form at least =o) And meditation, and Chi Gung etc etc etc. Send good luck to your friend - I know my Dan gradings were the scariest things OF MY LIFE - tho I'm not familiar with his art, I'm sure it's very much the same story.

adam - oh you think so, eh.... *CURLS FIST*....


Mars said...

You're a better woman than me, Enny! G'luck eh..

Lulu said...

Come back Enny!!!!

Enny said...

mars - Nooooo - nevah!

lulu - I'm here! But I'm eating dinner and drinking!

Post writing begins in five minutes =o)