Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Yes, I'm here.

Yes, I'm alive.

Yes, I'm tired.

Yes, I left my assignment to the very last minute.

Yes, I want to blog everything about the last week or so.

Yes, I'm in the middle of a fight about something stupid.

Yes, I'm sorry if you're hurt.

Yes, I really was hurt too.

Yes, I wish the world would stop and just give me some time to catch the f()ck up.


Adam said...

"Yayyyyy!!!" about the first five.

"Ummm, dude are you okay?" about the last four.

I'm happy to act as Enny proxy for the moment, you can hang with my little red rockstar by the pool in the sunshine for a week and I'll do my best to fight some fires.... love a good challenge.

Jennifer said...

Enny, I can undertand how you feel about the uni stuff. But I think the majority of uni students can at this time of the year, it just sucks.

I really wished the world would stop a few months ago and give me a chance to work stuff out. It will be ok, Enny, things will work out the way they are meant to be.

Erica said...

I hope things are better today...and I REALLY hope you haven't been infected with my luck...

Lulu said...

You wrote this yesterday but I hope you are feeling better today.

I quit my job because it was stressful. Maybe you could try something like that?

Maybe not the best suggestion though hey!

Hope weekend picks you up a little. Take care

Boysenberry said...

Things will get better...

Enny said...

adam - can't say I completely understand - but thankyou!!!

d'jen - uni is crap like that - on break you forget just how stressed it can make you!

erica - not there yet, but we can be mopey-moo's together.

lulu - I was finally starting to feel better last night at about 10pm. Much better now though. And I'm sorry to hear about your job, but I'm sure you had good reason.

b'b'ryy - thankyou, and thankyou for you lovely email of concernt.