Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Y'all know how it is...

You go into uni and find out that you're on 49% (total) for one of your classes, with 40% still to come in, so you can stress a little less.

And then you find out that you're on 10% (total) for the other of your classes, with 80% still to come in, so your stress is back up or mebbe even a lil higher.

And then you go into work that lil bit more relaxed because you realise it's the last week you're gonna have to be absent for most of a Tuesday and a bit of Wednesday.

And then your co worker sends you an email to inform you that your bosses husband is outta town so there should be a party at her house because he never lets her have any fun.

And then you all engage in an afternoon of frantic emailing where you all seem to compete to see who can seem the most convincing that there actually WILL be a party at your bosses house that night.

And then the co worker leaves and both you AND your boss are trying to decide whether or not the co worker is serious.

And then you get home and check your mobile that you left at home and you realise that the co worker went to the effort of smsing you while you were at uni to suggest said house party.

And then you message the co worker to admit that you aren't sure if they were serious about the house party but you're in if it is.

And then quite quickly it's past midnight on a Tuesday and you've drunk almost half a bottle of vodka and you're watching channel E displaying the hottest models of all time and you're having the <3s for Tyler or Tyson someone or other WHO IS TEH HOTTNESS and talking about how your co worker is planning to get engaged in March and no, your cravings for salty potato chips doesn't mean your pregnant and yes you plan to get married and some stage and you're not really sure if you're curious about marijuana or not and perhaps if you dropped the weight and practiced the walk then you too could be a supermodel

And then you have muse time in the shower about how drinking mostly causes you to hear the things that you don't want to hear as well as not hear the things you should hear.



Jennifer said...

After Beta hated for for that little while now your blog is the only one Blogger will let me comment on ALL of the time. All the other blogs it lets me about 1 out of 3 times. Don't you feel special?

I so understand what you mean about the % for subjects. I know I'm sitting ok for one subjects, excellently for another but for my external subject I have no IDEA but I haven't got the assignment back yet. It's rather scary to not know at this point in the semester, or maybe it's better I don't know?

300 posts?! That's a huge effort, congrats!

Lulu said...

I want more photos with yellow faces please!!! Maybe (If you have not written about it in the past) how you met the hun!!

Sounds like a fun night out to me!!!!! Best of luck with university!

Halliwell said...

Congrats on the 300th...........

R-Dogg said...

Hahah, oh how familiar this all sounds...

Enny said...

D'jen - HOORAY! Must be the luck of the enny ;o) I think it's kinda good to know because you're more likely to put in more effort for the exam - and you shoulda seen the tute in the class where we had our marks back - as everyone had their participation marks, no one was participating!

lulu - you're always the bringer of good ideas! I'll have a look thru my lappy for more pics, but you have also inspired me for the 300th post (announced here, lower!)

Also - 'our story':

halliwell - thankyou! Aaaaaalmost there ;o)

r-dogg - the drinking at my bosses house? ;o)

NAYWAYS: 300th post (not really all that spectacular) - I have 'coerced' The Hun into (kinda) guest posting - I'm going to ask him 10 questions and get him to answer - if there are any questions you wish to have answered, post them here or email them ( and (if they're suitable) we'll post them up!