Friday, October 20, 2006

Tournament Wrapup!

Thanks for sticking round guys, and thanks for the support on my last post - I PROMISE to go into that one a bit more because I'm curious.

So here's my wrapup from the last time you properly heard from me!

Tuesday 10/10/10: The daytime was spent cleaning out the hall where the 3 day camp was to be held, sorting and filing papers, picking up instructors from the airport and dinner with all the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dans.

  • Catching up with all the guys from all over Australia;
  • Lovely Turkish from Pide House in the City; and
  • Seeing the keyrings we ordered and getting one before anyone else!
  • Arriving only JUST on time at the airport and having to run through the terminal as we mistook the carrier for another;
  • Standing in a wardrobe sized room that is to be for your GrandMaster in less than 24 and realising it's packed full of rubbish, mould and rat turds and stanking of RAT P!SS!!!
  • Being told by the Grand Master to 'just relax' after you get into the lift last and realising you're staring at everyone, so turn around quickly but not quickly enough that the don't see you cringing bright red.

Wednesday 11/10/10: Up at 6:30 for first day of Dan Camp - got kicked AGAIN in shin bruises! Long day, fell asleep on the couch at The Hun's parents house and so left at 9 - only to find a possum someone had hit and left abandoned in the middle of the road.

  • Being inspired by the Grand Master; and
  • Yummo vegan patties at The Huns parents.
  • The kicks in the shin bruises that caused me to hobble straight away;
  • Finding the dying possum in the middle of the road with it's dead baby nearby, and watching it for 20 minutes alone while waiting for my old boss (who works with WIRES) to arrive - jus before she arrived, a different lady stopped to help and she got a person in a nearby house to bring out a towel to wrap it up and then he buried the baby. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw the dark of the road and the night, and the light of the headlights on the dying animal as she'd limp around and then sit very still for a minute or so, before coughing and moving again. She had to be put down that night; and
  • Driving around for two hours with youngest bro as we waited for the Darwinian who stayed at our place a few months ago to meet up with our senior instructor to get Chinese herbal remedy for his Monkey Aids infected leg sore, only to find out he didn't have time to be seen to.

Thursday 12/10/10: Up at 6:30 for the second day of Dan Camp - LUCKILY I wore my super new shin guard on my right leg so the kicks I got didn't hurt! Did, however, get taken down a bruised on the spine. Mmm - spine bruising.

  • First dinner with the rest of the Dans; and
  • General training goodness.
  • Before mentioned spine bruising;
  • Getting kicked in wrist and seeing toenail marks from the 2nd Dan I CAN'T STAND!; and
  • Only one vegan option at El Dorado in Dickson that gave me "firebelly" all night.

Friday 13/10/10: Up at 6:30 for the final day of Dan Camp!

  • Dinner with a smaller group of dans at Zeferellis in Dickson - fantastic company and a good time!
  • More spine bruising;
  • Forgetting my lunch bag; and
  • Doing a demo with the Grandmaster and getting super self concious, then being told I need to act more sporty and confident and coordinated.

Saturday 14/10/10: Up at 6:30 for the seminars, running through the rules with another visitor and the social mixer that had to change venue less than two weeks ago!

  • Seminars going really, really well;
  • Catching out the girl who we've had training 'issues' with that said that she was unable to attend the tournament due to a family trip to Sydney... walking through the Civic foodcourt;
  • Social mixer for 120 people at Red Belly Black in the city - everybody should go there, the boss man was so lovely and saw us off with 'Thankyou for giving us a chance!'; and
  • 'Bling' jewellery from the Grand Master and his wife as token of appreciation.
  • Super nerves before radio interview at 7:30 in the morning - eep!; and
  • Having to setup ANOTHER hall and having to use an 'adult voice' to get the students to do what we were asking.
Sunday 15/10/10: AGH TOURNAMENT!!!

  • Winning first (out of 6) in weapons;
  • Getting Magf back with a palm heel in the cheek (she kicked my face last time!); and
  • MASSIVE bunch of flowers for thanks!
  • Getting second out of two people in both form divisions;
  • Being paid out for my 'un rightful' first when both Magf and I were awarded first place for out two person sparring;
  • Nearly being involved in biffo after Magf accused a 2nd Dan and 3rd Dan of 'colluding' after all their scored were the same for one session and they were talking during the judging (UNPROFESSIONAL!) AND they awarded our three students the same marks as the 'slow' guy when it was VERY obvious they should be at LEAST a little higher!
Monday 16/10/10: Day off work!

  • Knowing it was over and I could start to relax; and
  • Having someone come look at the car who may be buying it this weekend!
  • Getting lost on the way to the airport from the city with the Grand Master in the car - TWICE!!!
  • Being asked by the Grand Master when I am finally going to relax; and
  • Not being fully prepared for my karate kids class.
Tuesday 17/10/10: Another day off work!

  • Taking the other Darwin guy sightseeing - Questacon, New Parliament House, War Memorial, Mount Ainslie, Fyshwick, DFO - HOORAY!
  • Going to Nutrimetics at Magf's and feeling ready to sleep straight away.
Wednesday 18/10/10: Back to work =o(

  • None.
  • Telling one of the first dans we'll only grade him if he adjusts his attitude - and him gettin gupset, emotional and monkey sh!t at me; and
  • Staying up until 3am attempting to do accounting.
There you are - the week that was!!!!

Normal posting to resume NOW!


BEVIS said...

[Tap tap]

Hello? Is this thing on?

[Screeching feedback]

Okay, good. Ahem.

This is Big Blogger.

The 2006 Grand Finale episode of Big Blogger has finally been posted. You can read it for yourself here. Big Blogger thanks you for your participation in this year’s series. Please come again.

That is all.

Enny said...


YOU GUYS - If you're out there you should def pop around to BEVIS' link and check out my hotttnesss.

Halliwell said...

If you do read the fore mentioned link, set aside at least 45 min to full absorp this war and peace'esque' novel, but it well worth it. Plus ENNY'S UBER-HOT in it.

Hey Enny congrats on the Win and all your other results. Do you know what you need to work on for next time? Where are the pics? Both of the bruises and the event and stuff.
I rolled my ankle at work thursday week ago, it still hurts to walk on, I suspect I might have chipped or possibly broken something. It's kinda got this hard lump that hurts.

What supplements do u use?

Enny said...

halliwell - I told you so!

Thankyou very much! For next time? More practice, less organising! We believe that it will be Darwin 2009, being organised by the guy who stayed at my place in May and the guy I took sightseeing on Tuesday - should be very exciting and VERY HOT and perhaps I'll be doing better by then!

I haven't got any pics as I forgot my camera (too much other stuff to remember!) but if there are any good ones circulating, I'll send them around.

Your ankle doesn't sound so good - mine looked terrible, but it was all sinking down from my shin and didn't hurt to walk (only if you pressed on it).

No supplements for me!!!

Adam said...

Whoa! Is anyone else exhausted from reading all that?!?

I can see where the Grand Master was coming from, but I'm sure he has run these sorts of things before and knowing how difficult and stressful it can be... I wouldn't take too much from it, I'd say he was just giving you a slightly hard time 'to be on your side'.

Enny said...

adam - I was jus as stuffed writing it, it's like I did it all twice!

I'm the super anxious nervous type, plus knowing that he's this super high level dude, you spend your whole time ensuring you're doing everything you can according to the unwritten protool - it gets me even more super anxious nervous! Word on the street is he'd already 'been told' that I was 'the quiet one' - he wasn't malicious in anyway ;o)