Sunday, October 22, 2006

At last!

I signed a contract for the sale of the car today.


This car has been 'on the market' for almost two months now, and I haven't had any competition - just interested parties that go bad... The guy who called from Sydney then never came... the guy that offered $14,000 but then didn't return my message... the guy who wanted a nice car for his brother but would only give me $10,000 cash... the guy who would but 'my mum wants me to put a deposit on a house'... the guy who would but 'insurance is HOW much?!'... the guy who would but 'I'd need to get a loan organised'... the girl from work who never called back... the guy who scrutinised it for 20 minutes then tried to offer me 12.... and then the girl who decided to buy.

She called on tournament Sunday and said she could come over first thing on Monday afternoon. When I told her that a guy (the scrutinising one) would be there at the same time, she said she didn't mind. She only gave it a quick look over and asked the girly questions (which suited me!) and then said that whilst she was looking for a series II model, she'd give me a call tomorrow after she'd had a think about it. She addedthat she was planning to come back with a mechanic friend, then tried to post the 'oh, if I decide I like it' on the end - before sitting in her car outside my house with her boyf for 20 minutes. I took this as a good sign.

She called on the Tuesday to say that she couldn't get her friend to come around during the week and would Saturday be ok? I told her tween 10 and 12 would be good as I would tell the other girl (from work that never called back) to come between 12 and 2.

At 11:30 yesterday she called to say her friend was AWOL and what was the latest time they could come past? "4:30 I guess - I hafta take my partner to a bucks night" - at 4:15 (after a whole day of me sitting around and napping as I couldn't leave in case she came past) she called to say he was still missing and could she come around at 12 on Sunday.

Today at 11:30 I got a call asking if it was ok if she took the car to see a mechanic in the city - it'd only take about an hour - This is when I was getting ready to just pack the whole thing in. I told her I'd come along as the car was no longer insured and then sat around and bemoaned the fact I'd hafta waste ANOTHER day for it and she didn't want to talk about price until the mechanic, blah blah blah.

She rocked up at about 12:30 with her emo boyf and a mechanic friend, who said that it'd had damage on the front and back and blah blah blah - then took it for a test drive and did all sorts of things to the engine. I'd thought he was just there to pay out on the car and drive the price down, but when she recomended she'd pay $13,000 depending on the results of the mechanic, he recommended $13,500 (v helpful as you can tell I'm OBVIOUSLY not a good negotiator!!).

We drew up a contract making her liable for any damage occuring to or by the vehicle while in her possession and she dissapeared for two hours with my baby and $300 for a deposit.

The result? She signed it for $13,500 and has plans to turn my little beast into a showcar - which is nice, because I really did miss it after being taken in another test drive! Tho I'm glad it's gone to a girl and will be loved.

And once I return $9,200 to The Hun (he paid the residual of the lease to cover my poor ass) I've got plans for my newly 'found' $4000.... Want a hint?!


Jennifer said...

Hooray Enny!! $13,500 is a good price, you did well :)

P.S If you go to Japan I'll be so jealous!!

Are you still planning to get the Suzuki Swift that you posted about a while ago? ... Or did you already get it and did I totally miss the boat?

Deb said...

Congrats on selling your car... I sold my 200sx back in Jan and had all sorts of stupid offers before a resonable one came along.

Cool that its going to be a show car...

Adam said...

You're going to purchase some Japanese animals to not eat?


Halliwell said...

FINALLY the car goes,v. happy with the price?

I know what u can do with the money??
- Go to BRIS-VEGAS Baby.
- Hit the strippers.
- Turn it into 24 k(arat)(hopefully the Hun does that one)
- Buy a motorbike.(cool ass bikey chick)
- Or go to Ja`pan.
Hit us up with some of those Tofu-san thingo's. Are they like the 'new' hello kitty?

Enny said...

D'jen - get your jealous boots on! Tho now The Hun is all 'blah blah investment blah stock exchange' tho I think this is on top of Japan... and other savings... and house savings... HA HA HA - where does he think all the money is going to come from?! It appears I've forgotton to post about the Suzuki - follow up post to come!

deb - why thankyou - I guess you understand the relief of selling it! I'll let you know if it's gonna be shown anywhere - all girls buyings turbos have big dreams like that ;o)


halliwell - happy enough! I think of those options, Japan is still the winner tho...!