Thursday, October 05, 2006

Eye of the Liger!

It's less than a month to exams - I have an accounting assignment due shortly and I have done NONE of it.

I've been at work after 7pm twice this week and past 5 for the other day (Monday was a public holiday) and I also expect to be there late tomorrow (tho I have a Dr appt @5 tmr re: b12 and folate - eep!) as I launch the project we've been working on since last year - alone. NORMALLY I feel bad putting in for overtime - only putting it in when pretty much told to (I tend to put it in as flex) but this week I'm all 'tears in bucket etc' and putting in for EVERY MINUTE - I'm on HD atm - hooray for time and a half at my bosses pay, thankyou very much!

And the Dan Camp, Seminars and Tournament are getting close now... VEEEERY close.

So, with all this tournament stuff getting closer, I deemed last Friday to be a good time to practice sparring as I hadn't done any yet. I msg'd youngest bro to come to the hall early with me, and I was getting my butt KICKED when I got a hit into my shin that caned through my shinpad - you know the type of hit that makes you hobble around, grasp at your leg, mutter and feel a lil nauseous?


I'm sure you know, Adam.

Anyways, I accidentally kicked him in the 'boybits' a little later, so we rested until class started.

The class itself was fairly informal - we had two rings going and rotated through so that everyone got a few fights in, and somewhere in there I copped TWO MORE kicks thru the shinpads on the same leg, one right on top the previous bump from youngest bro!

(In a kind of sentimental note, he was one of the ones that hit me in the same place but then saw I really WAS hurt and asked if I was ok in that tone of voice that you very rarely hear from a bro)

The night carries on and I jump in for another fight (against the lovely gup who's 18th I got hammered at not that time ago) and I managed to cop a knee to the OTHER shin! I was cursing and limping, couldn't put weight on it, almost teared up and felt a terrible rising in my stomach... "It's fine, keep going" the Dan running the ring says... "Easy for you to say, it's not on your frickin leg!" I wail around my mouthguard - I pull up my pants leg and it was bleeding! The friction of this guys (heave) knee thru his canvas pants and my canvas pants into my poor shin cut up the shin and bruised it blue straight away!!! I've NEVER seen that happen before - the poor guy was so apologetic!

After class I had to go with Magf to look at a few bridesmaids dresses (still not finalised on one) and then onto her house for another 5 hours of paperwork (this Friday will be the third in a row, not to mention the weekend time we've been putting in) and sit with my shins covered in an icepack and a bag of brussel sprouts. It hurt to walk on the Saturday, and I still can't lean down on my shins. Luckily they're now a palish yellow (plus the grazey scab) as opposed to the black-purple-blue they were, but it ain't gonna be pretty at the races, believe you me.

ANYWAY, the real point of my story is that I was FURIOUS at myself for getting hit so poorly and letting it affect me so much. I was whining at Magf (who copped a swollen engagement finger knuckle (of all the fingers to hit in!)) about how much it hurt and pointing at them and she asked why my shinpads weren't covering all my shins...
"...they should go all the way up to your knee!"
"Really? Mine only go about halfway up...?"
"How long have you had them for?"

Good point - I've only ever had one pair, meaning since I was 12 I've had the one pair. Ignoring the 'ew' factor, I've grown some over the last 12 years, so they proddly ARE a lil on the bitsy side:
(They don't go up this far, nor are they that well padded OR that white!)

So during my uni break on Wednesday I went into the city to have lunch with The Hun and check out the martial arts store for some new shinpads - I showed the dude my bruises, and came out with THESE BAD BOYS:

"These are the only ones I'll use - the only ones you'll ever need - With these, you'll feel invincible! It will do wonders for your confidence!"

They are ROCK hard but toally legit - they cover my entire food and my entire front and sides of my shins - I jus gotta wear them around the house a bit so they loosen up - and now I'm kinda looking forward to it! This has also been helped by the fact that the only people in my sparring division now (excluding the team sparring) are Magf and I!

Wanna come see me get my ass kicked kick some ass*? Email me and I'll send on the deets!

*(I'm expecting 3 second places for my 3 2 person divisions, and unsure about the rest...)


Adam said...

Was that question for me or the exclamation marked Adam? I have never actually had the aforementioned sensation because;

A.) I am graceful yet manly on my feet and so don't crash into things at shin level.

B.) Being massively super lovely, no one would want to hit or kick me. People usually just give me hugs or keys to the city, neither accepted at shin level.

Dude, I'm super excited about your shin guards, may I book a place behind one if there is a nuclear war/had to babysit? I would so come to watch you if you were in a state I was in (ie, happiness caused by loveliness).

Jennifer said...

D'Jen said...

Like Adam, if I was in the A.C.T I'd totally come and watch you kick ass, or just watch someone kick you in those tough shin pads.

You should see the awesome bruise I'm sporting on my skin as we speak from walking into the corner of my bed, I could use those shin pads on a day to day basis.

I SO understand where you are coming from in terms of uni, I'm SO behind at the moment :|

(Which is why I've been playing DS for the last hour, and will now look around on blogs)

Jennifer said...

Ohhh, NOW it lets me comment as me? How long as it not let me?

Stupid Beta Blogger!

Lulu said...

I would love to see you in ACT and watch you kick ass! But unfortunately I am flat broke and can not afford the trip! Next time maybe!

Martial arts bruises sound like sailing bruises. Or banging your elbow on the toilet wall bruises...Bloody wall!

Best of luck with everything!! Hope you are enjoying your tofu...please let us know when the naming ceremony will take place! (try also to remember that the names tofu-san, tofu-chan, tofu-kun and tofu-sama are taken...We are very original people)

Halliwell said...

As the other have laid claim, I too would come and watch you have you ass handed to you in the ring if i were up there.
Do you guys talk smack to each other before the fight, A-la WWE Wrestling?
Or are you like the UFC fighters angry and smash, smash, SMASH and then get all emotional.

As for the guards i find them very setrile and lack any character, Maybe if they were to have pink stitching or some sort of graphix, but then you would be able to see them comming. AHHH do you have a full cammo GE(?) cos then they couldn't see where the strike is comming from.....ponders...

You know what could help you defeat you opponents? wipe on some capiscum spray to the exterior of your guards.. ! punch victory..

Enny said...

adam - it was for you, as you've told me to stop punching boys, like I've been punching you, which in turn flows on to kicking you. But I was tired and didn't clarify! And yes, you may rent them - just drop past and pick em up when you need them ;o)

d'jen - I'm hoping they'll win me thru - the issue is that the bruises are now 10 days old, not as yellow as I iniitally though - ie still black and blue (do they go dark then light then dark?!) and STILL hurt to touch. That's the longest bruising I've had! AND I found another one on my ankle last night (ie, all round it) that I didn't even realise I had! I'm worried that the firm pads will jar my injured shins, but I guess is still better than being hit thru nothing-foam. It's Sunday and I'm yet to do my assignment - I have to do groceries, go to my parents to see an interstate aunty, NapiSan my uniform, pick up my car from Autofair, watch my 2 hours required viewing for TV and THEN do it!!

d'jen - it IS getting better, i've found... you'll be ONE OF US soon enough!

lulu - HOORAY for interstate/national fan clubs! And we're yet to have naming ceremony - I'm thinking Chin-Chin (my high school humour never left me...)

halliwell - why thankyou! As there's only two of us in our round, there may be some friendly trash talking, however I may be too tired/exhausted/sore to get too involved, tho I'll do my best to chuck in a few 'I PITY THE FOOL WHO TAKES ON THE ENNY' and 'CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ENNY IS COOKING?! (ps it's not tofu)' etc... I was going to buy them in red, but thought that might be a bit showy under the black pants... tho they WOULD have made me kick faster!!!

Adam said...

How exciting, I am Adam 'with an exclamation mark', who has not been kicked in the 'boy-bits' by Enny no less. This is most relieving.

Anyways I am here to thank you for your most exclamatory link. Thanks!


Adam said...

Hi Other Adam!

Jennifer (does anyone know who 'Jennifer' is?) I've been able to comment under my name for ages, I assumed you just got a taste for being way anonymous.

Enny, stop punching boys! Boys are far too lovely for such violent displays of affection.


Enny said...

... wait a minute.... now I"m confused!!! How many of you are there?!?!

No wait, I think I'm sorted now... the first and third adam is the first adam on the blogroll, the second adam is the SECOND adam on the bloglist!

For the record - I don't think I've EVER kicked an Adam in the boybits ;o)

Adam^2 - you're welcome! But what does HAND adam mean?

adam - We ALL know who she is! It's not till THIS sunday - I'll be sure to let you know =o)

PS - I don't hit them because they're unlovely, only because I want to get a point to get a medal =o)

Halliwell said...

"PS - I don't hit them because they're unlovely, only because I want to get a point to get a medal =o)"
UTTER CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You only hit them coz u wanna show her who's TOP DOG.. oh and to cave the fugly biatch's face in(thought to be implied).

It's "IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING" If your gonna go around quoting "THE GREAT ONE" get it right GEEZ..

As for the gurads, good choice :)
RED - It is the faster colour but will make you look fat.
Black - It's very neutral and is constdered the 'IN' colour plus it's slimming.
White - The only one the shows up blood, Will discolour with sweat and dirt from ppls heads also fattening.

What does HAND mean, like a hi-5 or something?

Adam said...

Great now i'm confused.
Who am I again?

Have A Nice Day, I suppose if you're going to start a trend it helps if someone knows what you're on about.

Enny said...

halliwell - woah Woah WOAH - not a fugly biatch.

adam^2 - you're you! and I'm glad I know what it means now - I thought mebbe I had missed prefix to your name!

Adam said...

I've never seen that before.




Anonymous said...

What is this HAND??

Adam said...

anon- read four posts up for this one.



Enny said...

talk amongst yourselves boys ;o)