Saturday, October 28, 2006

300th POST (not all that) SPECTACULAR (really)!

Here it is! Something different - some participation from The Hun!

I emailed them to him, but he chose to answer them laying on the couch instead - here's my question, his answer, and my online rebuttal.

The first one is eay - What is my favourite colour?
BROWN! Brown.

This is a "joke". I told him last night that I wanted him to answer some questions for me, such as 'What is my favourite colour' and he joked that he'd say brown because I own a lot of brown clothes.

Which I can't deny.

But my favourite colour is purple, hence why my talky parts are done in purple!

OK - What is my favourite thing to eat?
Based on tonights performance I would say Soy Good Icecream.

This is a fair call. I fled the house for ice cream after pushing him around the kitchen for 5 minutes pouting and asking for it - he then said all of a sudden that he'd go out and get it, then preceeded to hide on the front stoop with his carkeys for the count of ten before rushing back into the house proclaiming 'NO! OF COURSE I'M NOT GOING TO GET YOU ICE CREAM!!!'. Everybodies a comedian.

(PS - I also bought him some Magnum's while I was down there!)

What do I do too much of?
Not clean.


What do I do not enough of?
Not clean.

Un Touche - surely this double negative means that I DO clean?!
What is my favourite memory of us?
Movieworld *laughs*

Surely I told you guys about this? THE WORST DAY OF OUR COMBINED LIFE?!?!?! Wanna start two world wars in a four day period? Tour the themeparks as someone terrified of all rides (so is just there for the ambience) with someone who insists on pushing you to go said terrifying rides and chuck a SERIES OF THE WORLDS WORST TANTIES. Unfortch I think this means I'll never get to see Disneyland... but at least we're in the place where we can look back on it and laugh now.

What do I want for Christmas?
At last count? There was that jewellery thing you went and saw and said you wanted - what was that thing? What was it? I can't remember.. a bunch of stuff. You want a stereo for the garage.

Hint: White gold letter charms with three diamonds at Zemmels.

What is my plan for the future?
Engaged by 25, married with kids by 30, retire and live off my squillions that I earn.

Good - he's been listening.

What is more likely to happen in the future?
I'll buy you a cubic zirconia when youre 43, after you've had seven children and we're living in a caravan.

All his recent cubic zirconia jokes are starting to worry me...

How did we get together?
You wooed me with PlayStation - Britney Spears Dance thing.

Also true - after a valentines night of drinking and dancing, he came back to the Chifley House where (while gf2 slept in my room) we played lotsa Britneys Dance Beat on the PlayStation (I'm the QUEEN of that game!) and then some other game too... he slept on the floor of the loungeroom, I believe... His copious amounts of tickling me were APPARANTLY 'the moves' - I had to invite him out again the next week for anything to ACTUALLY happen...

What is my favourite photo?
The one with the glasses, isn't it?

Hooray! On our first day of holiday warring (at Seaworld) there were still moments of joy - he was thinking I'd finally go on some rides at Movie World so he relaxed a bit, and we took this photo inside the 3d theatre. It is my favourite.

I included this one just for Lulu - have two yellow heads!


Halliwell said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA I love the matching sunny's...
AND tickling are 'MOVES' I side with the Hun on this.. Ur just too blind to see'em.

Enny said...

halliwell - they're the 3D glasses - aren't they awesome?!

In retrospect, I shoulda realised... I just thought he was being friendly! Not that I let just ANYONE tickle me.

Lulu said...

I love it. The photo is hot. I have photos with 3d classes also...of me and Shun and another of a friend from highschool. It is a must...

Congrats on your 300th post!

Jennifer said...

Enny (and The Hun), This was a fantastic 300th post!!!

You eyes go the same shape as mine when I smile, clearly another trait of awesome people, and the Hun is a keeper because he has bright eyes. Bright, sparkly eyes are a must!

P.S Do you realise you'll be getting engaged super soon if The Hun is aware you want to be engaged at 25?! How exciting! Your plan is exactly the same as mine, except yours will probably come to fruition :) Hooray for you, Enny!!

Boysenberry said...

Tickling is a good indication of how close you can get to some. It's the moves :)

Enny said...

lulu - I think EVERYBODY should have a pic with them - they're jus so stylish! And thankyou =o)

d'jen - he'll love to hear he was well-received, he automatically wanted to undo it (pressure, pressure). I have scrunchy smile eyes which I love, but I imagine there will be a day when I rue the habit, and my face is entirely crinkled up; and his eyes are actually a bluey greeney browny. Hrm, yes, well - we'll wait and see what happens with that... he KNOWS it's what I would like, but he also takes great joy in NOT doing things that I want just to stir me (tho he DID come good with the PSP)... you'll be kept up to date on this ;o)

B'b'rry - I've been told ;o)

Adam said...

Whoa! This dude is hilarious. I like him a lot. He can replace you on this blog anytime*.

*This comment only stands if there is no way I could get punched.

Adam said...

P.S) Ohhhh, you painted the smiley faces in? I thought you guys were wearing full faced masks and little to no clothing.

P.P.S) So are you guys not yet married? I just assumed you were because he is called the The Hun, now I realise he's actually a barbarian.

P.P.P.S) This is a great post.

Enny said...

adam - HUMPH! No, I'll tell him, he'll love you and then his name will hafta be changed to adam's Hun.

PS - yes I did. I forgot to point out I was wearing a BOOB TOOB that day (trying to get an even tan) - and it bothers me to see the pic there as it DOES look like we're being smothered in some kind of latex face mask.

PPS - no, we're not! Together almost 3 years and living together (officially) for almost two... tho I can't say I understand the barbarian reference...

PPPS - thx ;o)

Adam said...

Well, I then figured that if he isn't called the The Hun as in The Husband (although I accept maybe he is The Honey) then I assumed The Hun was because he was all barbarianny like Attila.

Adam said...

HaHaHaHaHahahahahahaha, actually that was quite lame. Sorry.

Enny said...

adam - ah ha! No - Hun came from 'Hunny', and 'The' coz there is only one ;o)

and don't worry about the lame - you made at least one of us laugh ;o)

Adam said...

Dammit. That made me laugh.

You've won this time Gadget, but I'll get you next time, neeeeeeeeext tiiiiiiiime!

Enny said...

adam - I've got my go-go-gadget fists at the ready...

Susanne said...

Great post enny!

I assumed 'The Hun' was the husband too. :)

I liked the story aboout the PlayStation.

Enny said...

susanne - I had no idea that it was a popular stream of thought - he'll be MOST distressed ;o) And he LOVES that story too.