Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday? WHAT Sunday!

I was SUPPOSED to spend this weekend studying for my test on the 29th.

29th? It's only the 20th today - THAT'S early for you Enny!

I know! I was SUPPOSED to do it this weekend because next weekend (Fri to Sun) I'll be slumming it in Melbourne.

And by slumming, I mean staying here:

Oooooh. Aaaaah.

That's right! I'm coming DownUnder DownUnder to see the comedy revue at Melbourne Uni. *larfs*

Anyways, it seems that I don't operate well under pressure, nor without pressure! I imagine my study panic will set in on Saturday - let's wait n see how accurate my guess is, m'kay?

Nayways, yesterday was spent sitting around on my ass, avoiding studying by doing some washing, roasting some 'taters, looking at my new punching bag frame which was at that stage still unassembled without instructions, flirted with my eTax, napped.... before I knew it I'd watched both The Witches and Jarhead and it was 1:30am (and only half of one chapter of seven had been read)!

This morning? I was at Magf's house at noonish, for 3 1/2 hours of work for the upcoming martial arts tournament we are organising. LESS. THAN. TWO. MONTHS. AWAY. PEOPLE! Let me tell you, it's getting to make or break time. Either I can make my seniors do what we need them to do, or they will break me in the process. Any other martial artists out there are proddly not envying the position I am in at the moment... needing help and hearing offers of assistance, but how to take those offers up without upsetting the delicate balance of martial hierarchy?!

Then I went to the gym for my final personal training session (note: I now get to add weights to the bar in one of my two freeweight exercises! *flexes*).

Then I did the groceries and lamented over the contents of my shopping trolley... chips, mandarins, redeye, condoms, skittles, toothbrushes, vegan chocolate cream biscuits - what was the elder couple thinking as I unloaded my trolley?!

I just don't feel like I've had time to unwind from the previous week and it's already almost the new week...

PS - I'm de-facto-ing a nerd. I should be aware of this as some sort of constant, but instead it comes in blinding flashes ... like how yesterday he ducked out to play 'little men' at a friends house, he built my punching bag frame while I was out WITHOUT instructions (yes, it's a BIG deal being an unspatial girl!) and he's currently engrossed in that STUPID universe show about the string theory, changing between predictiong what the guy will say next and debating with the flat screen about why he doesn't believe in it.


M said... basket contents...yum.

I watched a bit of that string theory thing and thought "HOW can anyone follow this?" I swear to god my brain just shuts down when I hear stuff like that.

Susanne said...

Ooh, the hotel looks great!

Enny said...

m - yeah, heh heh - not v good for a weeks worth of 'groceries' tho! I was sitting there mocking it, whilst The Hun was all 'Why don't you WANT to learn?!' ;o)

susanne - it does, doesn't it?! Lets see if it matches up in real life ;o)

Lulu said...

Oh it looks so classy and nice!!! I think if i ever move back to Australia i will go live in Melbourne as it is definitely not as dull as Brisbane. Hope you have a wonderful time!!

I am also de-facto-ing a nerd. He is 25 and still reads Comics!?!? He is Japanese but STILL.....He is clearly old enough to start reading real books. Does your boy read comics? But hey, you can't complain he built your punching bag frame for you...that would of taken me days!

Erica said...

So excited so excited so excited!!

And it sounds like your Sunday night was a little bit wild... redeye, skittles, chocolate biscuits, condoms...

And fancy schmancy hotel!

Enny said...

lulu - it does, it does! The Hun doesn't read comics, but he is big on Sci-fi (which I think is worse!) and I was STOKED that he put up the frame for me!!!

erica - *hooray!* Heh, Sunday wasn't anything special ;o) And I DO hope it's as lovely in RL as it is in the pics!