Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm back et al

Conference was delightful - thankyou very much. 24 degree weather, Brazillian rum cocktails, roasted veggies out the wahzoo and plenty of Lumines made the best 'working week' I've had yet. Plus I ALMOST made it to the strips. Heh.

Nayways, thought I'd pop in to show that YES I'm alive and YES I'm posting.


- Working seven hours on a Saturday flies by MUCH quicker than seven hours on a 'normal' day - perhaps the overtime rates, meal allowance and ability to wear lazy couch pants and uggies to the office are the perfect thirds for the 'perfect' working day (as much as working on Saturday CAN be perfect);

- I had two hours between getting home from the airport and leaving the house again to buy ingredients for and make a dinner for a 'shared meal' night with a housemate from the house before the house before this one. We arrived after seven and the house was THE SAME temperature as OUTSIDE - she didn't bring out the heater until we were about to leave (10ish). This is only permissable because I lived with her for seven months and know that that's just the type of person she is, but I can't BELIEVE you could sit in an unheated Northish Canberra House for almost FOUR HOURS and THEN realise you FORGOT to bring out the heater;

- Similarly - she very craftily organised for ppl to bring different parts of the meal - as the only vegan I was asked to bring a main, so knocked up some vegan singapore noodles - v yum. There's no real point to this point, just lauding(sp?!) the fact that I made a yummy dish!;

- I got a call from Magf this arvo and she asked me to be her maid (matron?!) of honour! Hooray! (Also glad as I thought she had the sh!ts with me 'losing' some 'paperwork' last week) But does anyone know if there's some sorta protocol / outline /plan / list of rules thing I should know about? It feels like a bit of a big deal and I have NO idea where to start with all that stuff... But still - YAY for getting to share in the day and feel like a lil bit of my own princess and ARGH I need to get to the gym and stop glutting myself on biscuits and chips;

- After all my fanboygirling, I FINALLY got to see RENT: The Movie tonight:
- Roger looked too Bon Jovi for me, his voice was too high and whiny and WTF was he doing in the desert?;
- Rosario looked a lil rattish in some of the scenes;
- BOO for missing songs/combining songs/ not singing when you're supposed to;
- If I didn't feel some sort of duty to defend the whole thing (since seeing the musical in school) and hadn't seen it before, there woulda been a whole lot of 'TURN IT OFF';
- I cry EVERYTIME when Collins starts singing after Angels passing;
- Engagement Party?! WTF?!
- I need to 'aquire' another copy of the soundtrack since my CD's got scratched to the high hevens in my old car; and
- If I saw it in the shops I'd buy it.

- George Clooneys 'Good Night and Good Luck'? Have a Good Night and don't rent it. YAWN (and some *tears*); and

- Watching Mrs Batman get accustomed to pregnancy is... interesting. I don't know what it is, but there's something bizarre about it - nothing like when my other friend was pregnant.



DelightfulJen said...

I'm so glad to hear you liked your time in QLD. The weather has been very nice in the past week.

How exciting to be a maid of honour! That's even cooler than a bridesmaid isn't it? I have no idea about what they are meant to do, but I don't think you have a wear a matching dress.

P.S Vegan Singapore noodles would be so yummy! I love Singapore noodles.

Enny said...

d'jen - it was FANTASTIC weather, n I think it was nicest on the day we had to leave - BOO!

I jus googled the maid of honour - and now it's VERY STRESSFUL! Read:

The Maid of Honour is usually a close friend or relative of the bride, who becomes her confidante during the months leading up the wedding day and on the big day itself. If the woman you choose is married, she becomes your Matron Of Honour. It is not unusual to have both a Matron Of Honour and Maid Of Honour, as well as Bridesmaids and Flower Girls to be your attendants. It is always wise to let your Attendants know what their responsibilities will be during the Wedding period.

Her duties include:

Helping the bride in the months leading up to the wedding day, with choosing her wedding gown, stationery, church, reception venue, and generally any assistance she needs in organising everything.

Making sure the bridesmaids and flower girls get to their dress fittings.

Organise any pre-wedding celebrations, with the assistance of the bridesmaids, including the Bridal Shower, the Kitchen Tea, and the Hen's Night.

On the day of the Wedding, to be by the bride's side to help her deal with all the anxiety and stress she may be feeling!

On the Wedding Day be responsible for helping the bride get dressed, and take care of the hair and make-up people, as well as photographers and any others on the bridal band wagon!

Making sure the bridesmaids and flower girls know their roles.

Keeping an eye on the bride's veil as she enters the church and adjust it accordingly.

Taking care of the bride's bouquet and the groom's ring during the ceremony.

Remember: Every Bride will need support from all of her Attendants from the start to the finish. Emotions will be running high throughout, so it is imperative to be sympathetic, understanding, organised and very very patient!

(PS - They were REALLY GOOD and SO EASY!!!!)