Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Changing friendship

I think I'm getting to the point where I need to feel good that people are my friends, rather than feeling bad.

Let me explain.

{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}

And so no, it's not a suprise. And no, it's not sad. Because friendship can be found in many forms and we're both happy with where it's at.


Rom said...

But dude, friendships evolve sometimes, either for good or for bad and it sounds like yours has evolved for good!

I find more and more these days I have to cull old friends as they slip to the wayside in their lack of communication, involvement and as things happen. Sad, but hey, people drift apart.

And, you have a top time as Matron of Honour, sounds like you're the best pick for it!

DelightfulJen said...

You're very qualified to be Maid of Honour by the sounds of it.

I think lots of good friendships tend to be the ones where each party balances the other out, Bestie and I tend to do it and it's been working for us for almost ten years :)

Enny said...

rom - hooray! I have found there are friends that are getting waylaid for those same reasons, but I guess it jus sorta happens without really noticing... and you'll be sure to read aaaaaaaaaall about the wedding stuff ;o)

d'jen - awww, thanks! I think it's proddly the only friendship I have that is such an opposite - tho I guess the more I think about it now, there are jus as many 'in common's!

Martie said...

Friendships come in many guises - and they also change over time.

I was discussing this very subject over dinner with a friend of mine last week. We're very close, and can talk about anything, but we see each other no more than a couple of times a year.

I then have my best friend, who I see/talk to/text on a daily basis.

And so on.

Anyway, my point is that this is obviously a very good friendship - you are obviously very comfortable and honest with each other, which is always an excellent basis for friendship.

And you will have a blast as Maid of Honour - just remember to tactfully stand up for yourself in the dress choosing!

Enny said...

martie - she proddly knows the most honest stuff about me of all of my friends! The first dress fitting is two weeks away - she's already announced that they'll be strapless and proddly navy blue-ish (and I'm on my second day of WW point counting - yay for two 18pt days!)

M said...

sometimes opposites fill the void that you leave behind.
puzzle pieces.

Enny said...

m - woo! deep =o) it's the yin yang - two parts making a whole.