Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hrm - work or filler?

Work is a bit stressful atm - there's some rumours going around that I know have a certain level of truth to them. I won't go into them here - so in the interest of updating, I'll answer one of these questionairre things that I'd saved in my drafts a while ago.


Have you ever.....
Gotten stuck in an elevator? No - I avoid them as much as possible (or let semi crowded ones go on without me) for exactly that reason.

Egged a person?
No - I've never thrown an egg at a person (or a house, or a car etc)

Stalked someone to find out where they work or live?
No! Tho I used to 'stalk' gf1s lil brother in school (I can't remember what happned, but I think we'd go seek him out at school and say 'hi! we're stalking you!') - and he's STILL not over it! Almost every time I see him he's all like 'YOU USED TO STALK ME!!!'

Spent an entire day in nothing but your underwear?
Nope! The occassional morning in bed, or arvo on the couch in the summer (HAWT)!

Read some friends mail or other personal papers without them knowing?
I used to occassionally go thru ppls phone messages when their mobile was unattended before I realised how lame that was...

Gone skinny dipping? Yup! Down in Batemans Bay with Magf and two other MA boys... BLAME IT ON THE VODKA!!!

Been in a fist fight? Excluding sparring - No. Tho I DID scrag a friend at the bike racks in year 8 - he was bothering me so I yelled and pulled his hair then rode off on 'black beauty' (my bike!)

Time you tripped? Outside Foot Locker in the HyperD jus before Christmas (ie PACKED and IN WORK SKIRT).

Time you cleaned up the base of your toilet? Um - I do the outside and the duck neck every week or two, but I'm not so sure about scrubbing it out...! (Don't get the wrong idea, The Hun does it sometimes, I'm SURE of it!).

Gum you had? I normally have like 3 or 4 pieces of Eclipse a day! But today I ran out so I got some of that Blue Extra from a workmate.

Pair of socks? Newish white sportsocks that I had to battle to be able to wear - I bought them for The Hun but needed them today...

Beverage you had? Light Tropical Fruit Crush Cordial! (Shall we ignore the lunch and happy hour drinks? I think we will!)

Spur of the moment decision you made? I bought a gift for The Hun today - he doesn't get it till Monday and tho he doesn't really pop in here anymore I'm not game enough to post what it is!

Movie you watched? Confetti! Woot!

What would you.....
Say if your best friend told you they love you? Proddly do that awkard 'Oh... um.. I love you too! Aww....' thang.

Right now.....
What are you wearing? Ugg boots, sport socks, lazy couch pants, lazy couch top and the usual undergarments.

What are you thinking?
Fark my eyes are tired....

What are you listening to? Stoopid AFL - ugly Ugly UGLY game!!

What would you like to be listening to? Waves on the beach!

Are you annoyed by the length of this survey? Nope!

Are you tired? Yeah - tireder than I realised when I started this...

How many people in the room? 2 (same number as in the house, on the couch etc)

Any cuts or bruises on your body? Nothing major - bit of a hole in my thumb from a WWstar badge, tho don't think I need a tetnis shot for it... I bruise pretty easy, so I'm suprised I don't seem to have any atm!

Are there any animals in the room? I'm a saucy minx!... No.

Are you eating anything? Not at the moment.

Not as interesting as I'd hoped - tho I imagine there'll be more shortly - I'm meant to be studying all weeked!


Anonymous said...

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to amuse yourself.

Enny said...

Now THAT'S dedicated spam...?
Passing the word verification AND a URL that doesn't work?!


Steph said...

I egged a person for year ten muck up day.
Ended up in police holding cells for FOUR hours!!
That learned me.

Enny said...

stepth - are you serious?! did you know the person or jus egg a random?! That seems pretty severe punishment...!

Erica said...

Ooh, skinny dipping! I've never done that. I always think it's something I should do. Was there any saucy fun in the water?

And I can't believe you never stalked someone! Not even a crush in high school. Perhaps that was just me...

Enny said...

steph - didja like my new nickname for you? no? I'll try n refrain from typo's nex time.

erican - heh heh - it's nowhere near as 'titilating' as you might have hoped - flappy white botoms in the moonlight ;o) And when you put it like THAT, it's proddly fair to say I stalked The Hun at school... walking slower to school in the hope that he'd ride past, taking photos of him at formals...

Halliwell said...

Alcahol, Nudity and water - Receipe for mayhem.
It's amazing how white things can look in the moonlight considering how dark it is.
I cut myself reciently and it got infected, but it's ok now.
Erica = Serial Stalker ;P.
Is it still stalking if u go somewhere but go on a route that takes u past a persons house and increases the trip by 30sec?

Enny said...

halliwell - I tell you what - I NEVER expected his cheeks to glow like that, espcially as there were no streetlamps or anything around there. And I guess it depends on how you define stalking!

Halliwell said...

Well the only reason u go that way is because you might run into the stalkee or something??
Yeah im sure you were only looking at his cheeks!!! :D

Enny said...

halliwell - trust me, one of the guys was like 15 years older - there was no way I was looking ANYWHERE ELSE MORE DEVIANTISH!