Sunday, August 06, 2006

Census and Peeps!

My inner nerd is pouting.

Census night is Tues - but I'll BE IN QLD!!! I was soooo looking forward to filling out the form ON PAPER and now I think I hafta do some dodgy 'mini' version in the hotel room.

Anyways, seeing as I'll be off for most of nex week and unable to comment/catch up/reply etc, I figured I could put in a decent post (for once!).

Las night I was jus sitting around on the couch and net, checking out the blogs in Boysenberry's blogroll and I found a few sites with different Memes (now I have FOUR saved in my drafts!) and figured that instead of doing one of those, I should kinda do one of my own.

Please note: I read ALL of these blogs AT LEAST once a day! Even if I don't comment often (or ever!) if you're here, I'm there!!!


"With a limit of one sentence each, write something about each person on your Blogroll"

Here goes!!!!

(PS - Too lazy to link them here - jus look them in the sidebar!!!)

Check out my fav C-Dawgs!

* 123 I <3> - Such an awesome storyteller and it makes me laugh out loud almost every single time!

* Adam
- Adam is farely new to my blogroll - But I love the interviews with other bloggers.

* Ampersand Duck
- I love the locals! Ducky makes me feel grownup jus by reading.

* Another Outspoken Female
- A new addition as of last night, but I enjoy the general funny entertainmentness.

* Artful Kisser
- Found via Steph's stalking, I'm liking the parentish talk atm (and the ball observations!).

* Audrey
- I thnk she's having a bit of a rough time atm, but she's still bitingly funny all the way thru.

* Ausculture
- Not updated as much as it used to be, but when it is, it can have some funny celebrity stuffs on - one of the first blogs I started reading religiously.

* Boysenberry
- Another local - at first I was a bit confronted (is that a word?!) but I really look forward to the updates on his site - someone I feel I'm learning more about the more that I read.

* C-Marie
- Another new addition as of last night, but some of the stuff I read was outta this world! A real indepth look at a real life.

* Charlie
- Funny observations from a bit of a comedian!

* Chelsea Peretti
- Another comedian - some posts I like better than others, but just when I'm about to take her off my blogroll she comes up with gold!

* ChickyBabe
- One of the first sites to blogroll me back - she writes some really insightful stuff and gets fantastic feedback from all her dedicated commenters - Plus she ALWAYS ensures to reply to all commenters individually which I really appreciate (and she taught me to do!)

* Clem - she's also in a bit of the dumps atm, and I don't feel I really 'know' her well enough to comment - atm it's a very raw sadness, but at other times she makes some funny observations!

* Clokeeeey - found via BEVIS' Big Blogger - also the home of the HILARIOUS YouTubes.

* ComicStripHero - Another Canberran - good short posts and got me obsessed with CAPITALISING for EMPHASIS as she bolds for emphasis!

* Crapping On (Canberra) - Good political smarts and personal observations (and Canberran!)

* Crazy Brave - Yup! Another Canberran! Like Ducky, makes me feel smart by reading (also counterbalances by feeling less smart as I know I should 'get' more of it!!!)

* Culture Strain - Fricken hilarious - timely celebrity goss with fantastic snark - Luvvit.

* Daily WTF - One I found early in the piece and then only just refound - she'd been on hiatus! It's crude and also very honest.

* Dawei - He's the queen of the beeyotch. Has a very definite style and it's fantastic!

* Dean - Longtime Canberra blogger with a thang for SingStar!

* Delightful Jen - Delightful! I've only found her relatively recently, but you can tell that she always puts tonnes of effort into what she writes and comments - she's very thorough and thoughtful.

* Desci - She seemed really intimidating - until I listened to the podcast! She's v funny and honest (tho to her own admission, less s3x than there used to be!)

* Dilbert! - Yup, Scott Adams blog - I wish I had the stamina to read the comments, but just looking at the sheer number of them by the time I read the path, I don't even click to read any of them!

* Erica - One of my favourites! She's funny and lovely, reflective and poignant when required, and always a good read- Looking forward to meeting her in person!

* Fluffy - Whatta funny mummy - She's good value, even when she's a little down - I'm glad she's back more regularly!

* Hambo - I'm still a Hambo lurker - I like his rants.

* Girl.Blog.Etc - Entertaining dotpoint posts.

* Imelda - Found during TSSH's 'raid', but she's not afraid to say what she really thinks/feels/does as it happens - so you can really feel the mood she's in.

* Javatari - Another of BEVIS' Big Blogger housemates that I'm still getting into.

* Jellyfish - Along with ChickyBabe, one of my longest standing blogroll-ees. Although the posts are not exactly 'daily', it's def a case of quality over quantity - with much musical knowledge to boot!

* Jeut - A fantasitc concept and really Really REALLY well executed - get thee to there now!!!

* Jobe - Short and frequent comedy posts - you're destined to find one that strikes a chord with you quick smart!

* Krankiboy - Much more infrequent now, but he's a lovely funny soul.

* Magical_M - Another Big Blogger housemate, her love on Alan Rickman speaks to me.

* Mars'n'Dot - Hooray! Two housemates and they're funny as heck AND update frequently!

* Martie - As soon as I found her, I became one of her stalkers - She's also in a bit of a rough patch atm, so if you drop in, be sure to send her teh hugz, but she's also good at the rants.

* Mel (Under-Whimsy) - Well written.

* Melly - Another last night addition -I loved the agapanthus story.

* MelbourneGirl - Another courtesty of Big Blogger, I'm currently very anxiously awaing her knickers poll!

* MelbourneTrainGirl - Beautifully written lyrical observations of Melbourne and her life.

* Michellesarah - Perth blogger whose all growned up with some stories that jus crack me up!

* Mick (O/S!) - Ex-Canberran working in the US who I started to get into jus before he left.

* Miscellany - Another addition of last night and I really liked what I was reading, so looking forward forward to more updates.

* Momo - The famous Momo that I only found after finding her other site and not making the connection between the two (and the other abandoned one)!

* Mr Da Stu - I love his uni observations and his occassional posts otherwise.

* Ms Cynic - Another 'smarts' with humour and very well written and topical.

* Ms Fits - Yup - I'm on the bandwagon - always enjoyable.

* MsNewlyWed - I stumbled across this site and decided to link it just for the stories about what happened before her wedding - insane!!!

* Nadstown - Lovely and funny, she's good with the words.

* PetStarr - I think this is another one found via Steph, I loved the fancy dress costumes post!

* Rach - One of Stephs as above - she's straight to the point!

* Rom - Fairly recently found helpdesky Qld librarian type!

* Ruby - Now about the boob job, but I fell for her haircut post.

* Sarah - Vegan Cookbook author in Canada.

* Scottie - Another quality over quantity type of poster - he's another amusing anecdote teller.

* Shauna - Expat to Scotland - she tells funny O/S culture stories

* Spirit Fingers - Packed with pics and tongue in cheek commentary on fashion roadkill and celebs.

* Steph - I jus love to read what she's getting up to (altho I unfortunately didn find her until another TSSH raid) - awesome.

* Susanne - I love Susanne - I really like what and how she writes, and her Friday Five are a real find.

* Sweatergirl - Fantastic with the gossip - I obsess over sites filled with celeb pics!

* SydneySpy - I wish I wend to Sydney Uni so I could get even more out of it!

* Tammiodo - Another Big Blogger housemate - funneeeeee!

* TCWH - Honest and Hilarious teacher O/S (found courtesy of TJ!)

* Teo - Canberra WOW nerd I also found via TJ.

* The Food Whore - Funny chef stories!

* TOBYToby - awww - he's so angsty and lovley, and I love the format he follows.

* TokenWoman - She's on the edge of a hiatus, but another one I started stalking as soon as I found her - and she's super lovely happy atm!

The 'Other' Ones

* Babysitters Club!!! - BabySitter club recaps!!!

* Bubble Cam! - You can press the button to work a real live bubble gun!

* Defamer - The first celebrity gossip site I ever found.

* Found - Found things from around the world - now I keep my eyes peeled!

* Foundphotos - Similar concept as above, but found on peoples computers! I SWEAR I found someone I know in one of them, but he denies it's him...

* Go Fug Yourself - Deliciously catty appraisals of celeb fashion.

* Overheard in New York - I've only recetly found this stuff - it's a concept my dad often thought about and I LOVE it! They should have one for every city in the world!!!

* Perez Hilton - I'm a bit love/hate with Perez - his stoppid software keeps crashing my FireFox!!!

* Pink Is The New Blog - I love Love LOVE Trent - He's the original and the best!

* PostSecret - An amazing concept - I wish I had a secret to Post and a creative bone in my body.

* RiotACT - The first Canberran site I came across on the intenet - good for local info.

* Saddest thing I own - Hasn't been updated for a while - ppl post in a story of the saddest thing they own and why - draws you in.

* Shoe Blog - Mannolo he loves the shoes!!!

* Sperminated - Pregnancy blog of Sweatergirl as mentioned earlier - Interesting reading (tho still fairly new!)

* Spin Starts Here - I'm not a fan of the raid campaigns, but I'm obsessed with the Neighbours recaps.

* TV is my life - BEVIS' brainchild - he must spend so much time on this - he's so in depth!

I Heart

* Desci and Bob - The site for Desci (and her bfs) Podcast!

* Dawn & Drew Show! - The first podcast I ever listened to and became obsessed with!!! GO THERE NOW!!

* Home Star Runner! - When I worked overtime for a little bit I just sat and watched these NONSTOP - I gotta get back to into it!

* Vegan Freaks Forum - Worldwide vegan forum.

* Vegan Lunchbox - Vegan mum making lunch for her vegan boy.

* - More localish vegan forum full of lovely vegan people.

* White Ninja! - I luvbster White Ninja - not everyone's cup of tea, but most of them crack me up!


* Angela - Went on hiatus almost as soon as I found her!!!

* Bevis - He's on and off hiatus atm - he's a bit busy!

* Emotioneric - I read the entire site as soon as I found it - I WISH it were updated!!!

* Fop - I still check back every week to see if the site has somehow been ressurected.

* Karma to Burn - I love the karma points.

* Ms Misanthropist - Another that went on hiatus as soon as I added her.

* Pop Goes Canberra - I really like it when it's updated!

* Things I Hate about my Flatmate - I can relate to some of this stuff!

* This is My Computer - HILARRYIOUS!

* TJ - The first blogger I ever read, and as soon as I found it I read it ALL. I just wish it wasn't broken, coz I can't even get my fix via archives!

* To blog or not to blog - The other blog of Mick that's O/S atm.

* Treading Pugwall (WTF Pugwall) - The Students 'Other' blog.

* Two Minutes Happiness - Momo's old blog (but not the OLD old one).



Mars said...


Enny said...

Hooray Hooray!

Susanne said...

Aw, thanks enny! Love ya too :)

Enny said...

susanne - no worries ;o)

DelightfulJen said...

Thanks for your nice comment :)

Enjoy your time in the Delightful State!

How long will you be up here for?

Matty said...

I'm a census officer! Seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course, knocking on peoples doors in the rain at night, thats less of a good idea :(

Ampersand Duck said...

Wow, that's a tough act to follow! Thanks for the line :) Great concept.

Martie said...

You write such nice honest stuff. Good work. I might even steal this one for myself.

Enny said...

d'jen - no worries either! I'm up here till lunchish tmr (it's Thurs night and my team piked on me as they all partied a lil to hearty last night and didn't nap this afternoon) - the weather is DELIGHTFUL!

matty - i DID get to fill one out, tho there was a near catastrophe - i picked up my envelope to take it to reception and noticed the form fall off the TOP of the envelope - i'd sealed the instructions on how to fill it out inside the envelope! DURR!!!

&duck - no pressure ;o) I'll be checking out all the sites to see if there's anything similar popping up!

martie - awwww =o) feel free to run with it!

Steph said...

Awww thank you. TSSH actually sent heaps of new people my way, some really cool, like your good self, and others that just lurk or bitch about me on their own blog. w00t!

Thanks for not flaming me ;)

Enny said...

steph - i can only imagine what it did your stats! but that sorta stuff isn't really my scene... and no worries ;o)

M said...

well hullo! I've been reading you on the sly too. hee :)

ChickyBabe said...

Thanks Enny! :) It's been a pleasure reading you, and enjoying your trademark yellow faces!

Enny said...

m - sharing is caring! =o)

cb - can you guess what i'm going to say? ;o) no worries!

Boysenberry said...

Enny, glad you like the blog. I've been a bit slack on the update side of things, so need to work on that.

Enny said...

B'b'rry - =o)