Sunday, August 27, 2006

Melbourne WrapUp

Enny's back and she hasn't done anywhere NEAR enough study!

The flight on Fri morn got us into Melbourne jus before lunch. The Hun, Eldest Bro and I bummed around the city a bit - Eldest Bro was looking for work shoes and street shoes, so we were weaving in and outta shops all afternoon. We walked past Haigh's chocolates and I jus had to get outta there - too much milk chocolate for this poor vegan! But I relented and went back in for another look and discovered that I was able to have the dark chocolate, so it was peppermint choc frogs for all! I also dropped past Lush and I made a mental note to come back and spend up.

We got back to the hotel where Eldest Bro met up with his gf who had been down there all week, and then we met up again to head out for dinner a lil later on (after a lil nap and watching a LOT of WWE on Fox8) (btw - the hotel rooms were really lovely, nice and central, nice and roomy, and nice with a kitchen and sofa as well!).

For dinner we popped onto the CityCircle and ventured out to Lygon St- Eldest Bro's gf was walking in front and almost got suckered into the first place that stopped us! After explaining to him exactly what 'vegan' was he assured us he could cater for that, and he directed us to an ATM that was down the street away from the other restaraunts - we jus walked up the opposite side of the road instead. In the end we stopped at a place with a younger guy out the front who called all the ladies Bella and he made an effort to call you by name. I had pasta with tomato sauce and basil in the end - massive plate of food and VERY nice!

After that we headed into Melbourne Uni for the med revue JUST before starting time, where a real F()CKTARD was manning the ticket counter - get this:

Enny: we have four tix put aside under (insert surname here)
D!ck: we stop holding tix at 7:40, but you can buy some
Enny: OK, but we have four tix put aside
D!ck: well you can buy some, they're $15 each
Enny: OK, but our cousin put some aside for us
D!Ck: yeah, well it's past 7:40 etc etc etc.

By the time we FINALLY get tix off this dipsh!t there were only four tix left - STILL makes me mad jus thinking about it!!!

So anyway, the revue was great! We went last year as well, but I think the musical bit flowed better - last year I found myself getting a bit distracted/bored towards the end, but I didn't have that this year, tho I did have some nerves before my...


That's right! The lovely Erica and I dained that we'd meet up while I was down there, and she made her way to the uni, red shoes and all! I was sooo nervous, and the whole thing felt a lil internet date like (not that I've done that before!) - before it I was all 'can I have your number?' 'I'll be wearing purple shoes' 'how should I wear my hair' etc etc etc THEN afterwards I was all 'It was great to meet you' 'I had a great time' 'Did you think I was weird' etc etc etc. *sigh* I'm such a fangirl.

BUT, it was really great to meet her - It didn't feel that awkward at all and it was just like meeting up with an old friend! The pub thing that all the uni show ppl went to was a smokey lil place on the corner that oh-so-subtley moved us on by playing 'Closing Time', turning on the lights and then just telling us C'mon guys, we got the health inspectors in tmr, you really gotta get out before they nearly locked my cousin in the loo! After some time at the 7-11 and the busstop and taxi corners, we bid Erica farewell and made our way back to hotel.

The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful - we traipsed round Bridge Rd on the Saturday, stopped back into Lush so I could buy a deoderant block (yet to see if it works), bought some MORE Haighs chocolates, visited the mall thing on Spencer St, searched for a technical bookshop that seems to be The Huns Holy Grail (we're determined to find it NEXT time) and met up with The Hun's aunt and uncle in a cold cafe on Hardware lane (or wtf it is named!) - I was in post-chocolate-post-shopping-post-tired nausea and not very 'animated' - and had dinner at SouthBank at that busy Automotic pizza place.

Today we slept in a bit and went back to the mall where I spotted some AWESOME all synthetic shoes in that crazy Myer basement (I'd spent all of Bridge Rd bemoaning the show bargains that were all leather) but they were too pricey! Guess how much for these:
They look better in the real thing - $180!!! (You can by them for me here).

The lines at the airport were INSANE, AND I got picked for the bomb dusting both times - in Melb it said that my bag had traces of explosive on it!!! However, a passerby security guy noted that the machine was stuffed, and the scanner guy made the obligitory "the machine says this girl has an explosive personality" and aplogised for scaring me by having to test me twice due to said explosives.

That's pretty much the wrapup (I know you're all ENTHRALLED!) - There are a few more things that I'd like to post about, but I'm guessing that there's one or two ppl in particular that will proddly come here to see what I say about the trip, so I might leave that for another day, another way... (also, Cuz, if I DO end up sending you the link - Hullo! The show was fantastic! Well done!).

Must get some study done now, and mebbe some dinner (11pm?! ALREADY?!)!


Martie said...

OMG! Next time you are in Melb, we have to do the internet date thing too!

DelightfulJen said...

My bag always gets picked to be sniffed at with the wand too! Clearly they must only choose the cool people to test :)

I love Lush, their shampoo bars are awesome and so it the massage bars, they smell SO good. I hate going in there, everything smells so nice it's so hard to choose.

Adam went to Melbourne last weekend, now you went this weekend, I want to go now :(

Enny said...

martie - deal! of course, I would also expect anyone Canberra bound to lemme know too ;o)

d'jen - that MUST be part of the selection criteria! I actually think part of it was that all I had to do was pick up my bag while the other three were d!cking around with their stuff, and I thought I heard somewhere that they do pick 1 in 4 ppl...?! But Lush smelt fantastic and if I weren't a bodywash person (as opposed to a soap person) I woulda walked out with an armful of stuff!

Halliwell said...

You come to Melbourne and don't meet up with 'US' Melburnians.. HOW RUDE!! :)

Enny said...

halliwell - mebbe nex time i advertise 2 or 3 times that i'll be down there you can organise something then!

Susanne said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

A tip from a Melburnian- don't go to the first place on Lygon Street than invites you in!

I recommend the Lygon Food Store for lunch, and Tiamo's for dinner.

Enny said...

susanne - i sure did! It was a nice change - it was the third time I've been to Lygon St and the first time I haven't been sucked in by the old guy at Alpinos(?!) - we didn't walk past it this time specifically so I wouldn't get sucked in!

I'm not sure the name of the place where we settled tho...?!

Bruce said...

The Technical Book Shop is on La Trobe St between Queen and Elizabeth Sts.

And it's not like you don't already owe me a beer *cough*ricky gervais podcasts*cough*.

And now this.

I'm hurt.

Enny said...

bruce - Thankyou, Godsend!!! We traipsed for hours looking for that stoopid place - we even circled what we think was the LaTrobe Uni bookshop block three times looking for a door!!! Next time you're down I'll buy you one and The Hun will buy you one =o)