Saturday, August 05, 2006


We decided to relax today and pop out to Manuka for a sammich and a movie.

The (my) chosen one?:

The premise of the movie is that there's a magazine running a competition for the most 'original' wedding theme - three couples get their wedding paid for and covered in the magazine, and the winner also gets a house worth half a million pounds.

I really enjoyed this film - 'Best in Show' is one of my favs, so I'm a fan of the mockumentay.

I'm also a big fan of 'Tim' from The Office (UK!) aka: Martin Freeman:


Without any further ado, lets get the rest of the ticks and crosses outta the way:

Ticks - fantastic casting - everyone was convincing and realistic
Crosses - sometimes so much Penii, vag*na's and titty-boos can be distracting!

Ticks - apparantly largely unscripted (hence the realism)
Crosses - I laughed out loud like a Nelson in the theatre twice - making me sound like a Googly-moog.

Ticks - some really hilarious moments and some really touching moments
Crosses - a couple of painful/cringeworthy/sad moments

Enny says: Highly recomended - 4 stars!!


DelightfulJen said...

I saw a preview for this movie and was thinking of watching it. I'm glad it wasn't one of those ones which look funny in the previews but are very ordinary when you watch the whole thing.

Mars said...

Ooh! You beat me to it, i saw this movie on Friday night and was going to review it too. I loved it!

I think anyone who is about my age, where all their friends are going off and getting married would love it too. The concept weddings were so kitch and gross, it was great! I think weddings as a whole can be pretty tasteless, and this film was sort of poking fun at that.

And let's face it, a great song and dance performance can really make any film great!

(I heart Tim too.. he's so goofy, yet entirely loveable!)

**** 4 stars!

Enny said...

d'jen - as you can see, mars and I BOTH recommend it! I'm sure you'll enjoy it =o)

mars - i'll hafta check over and see if you review it as well?! It's funny, because with some of my friends starting to go through the organising of the weddings and seeing this movie, the idea of eloping is getting more and more appealing ;o) And I think the fact that 'Tim' is the same in all the movies he's done to date makes me heart him even more (tho I think I read somewhere he's gonna be in a movie soon where he's someone different?!)

michellesarah said...


Pls explain?

Enny said...

michellesarah - if you were sitting in the theatre watching a comedy moveie and in a bit that was only slightly funny, you heard a giant 'HA!' and then someone clapping their hand over their mouth, you'd proddly think 'WHAT a Googly-Moog!'.

Make sense?! =o)

(it's something jus me and my bro use!)

Martie said...

Martin Freeman teh hottness. Second only to Ricky Gervaise of course.

I don't know if he'd be enough to make me see this movie though.

Enny said...

(this may come up twice - stupid hotel intermanet!)

martie - yum, Yum, YUM! They're both so lovely in their own way - I wouldn mind some stephen merchant in there too - his self-depreciatingness jus sends shivers down my spine!

BUT if you're looking for a light hearted fluff movie, then this may jus be the one for you!

Halliwell said...

Is Martin Freeman the guy off Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy?

Yeah that chick won't draw me there, and the story line won't hold it up enough for me to see it either.

Here's a question:
Johnny Depp or Martian Freeman(Substitute for Ricky Gervaise or The Hornblower if needed)?

Enny said...

halliwell - yeah - i think he was in that too (I haven't seen it!) n I'd still pick Mr Freeman - he's jus such an all round lovely guy!!!