Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A chat with Erica inspired me today for this post - tell me about your:

  • First Kiss;
  • Worst Kiss; and
  • Favourite Kiss.

I'll go first!

First Kiss
When - September 1998
Where - Hoyts Tuggeranong in the screening of that Movie with Liv Tyler where he has to go to the moon...?
What - A quick peck on the lips then a full on slugging. Imaine warm pokey tongue trying to force its way between two dry clamped lips... Mmm, memorable.

Worst Kiss
(Seeing as my first was my worst, this will hafta do)
When - April 2000
Where - Beachhouse in Narooma
What - So much vaccuum force I thought my skeleton was going to be sucked out! It actually hurt the next morning....

Favourite Kiss
When - February 2004
Where - In Blue, on the dancefloor
What - After YEARS of waiting, a peck on the forehead from The Hun in the middle of his hipshake dancing, and then later on the loungeroom floor at the Chifley house when he called me his girlfriend...

Share, won'tcha?!


Rom said...

Crikey, um now this is going back a few years.

First Kiss: Dude by the name of Kevin who I had super crush on when I was 16, it was a peck on the cheek though. And he also gave me a rose. Turns out later he had a 'thing' for my older sister. Bastard. Proper snog, 18th birthday from one of most popular guys at the local McDonalds I worked at. And he was an exceptionally good kisser. He asked me to sleep with him that night and I told him to get stuffed, a kiss was all he was getting.

Worst kiss: First guy I ever dated in Darwin. The dude was all slober and hands. I met his parents, no evidence of octopus anywhere in his genes, later kicked him in the shins to get my point of keeping his hands to himself across.

Favourite kiss: December 2004, my place in the front yard, after a week of him visiting me every night and bringing dinner and us parting with a hug, I said it was cool if he wanted to kiss me. Riff was so nervous I'm sure and I was all giggly. I was surprised that a guy would hug without trying to get a pash in first! He asked me to be his girlfriend the next day while I was covered in mud, clad in ripped and quite grotty gear and helping him move furniture. Romantics we are. ;-)

DelightfulJen said...

Awww, that's such a cute post, Enny!!

I am too brain dead to share at the moment.

Halliwell said...

That movie was Armaggedon, She never went to the moon either.

Ha ha this will be fun and also bring up some baaad memories.

First kiss: Junior Jooce in Ringwood, I would have been like 15 or 16 I can't remember, i got my mate to do the whole 'will you kiss my friend' thing and BAM it happened so romantic huh.. LOL..
*NOTE* Still using the same approach on chicks with lesser success.

Worst Kiss: Theres too many.. UMM My Ex(aka Ice Queen)It was the first kiss we had, after weeks of flirting and stuff. We finished watching a DVD when she decidied to tickle me, I told her to stop, she didn't listen so i RAMMED my elbow into her face with such force it caused a blood nose. After the bleeding stopped I saw her out and there it happened through the window of her car, I don't know how to explain it but it just seemed hesitant/inexperienced?? and 'wondered what have I done Ive just destroyed a good friendship here!'

Favourite Kiss: Once again Ice queen,So many but My favourite probably was the first time she stayed the night at my place, NO kinky stuff. I woke up in the morning and find cheery woman with awesome cleavage had drooled all over my pillow. It was cute and gross at the same time, perfect kissing followed..:P

I hope this doesn't seem bitchy or living in the past, just being honest.

Enny said...

rom - your first kiss sounded so romantic until the 'family affair' thang! and good on you for giving the no to the Macca's man ;o) Your favourite kiss does sound very romantic too - he sounds so lovely!

d'jen - aww - I do hope you come back soon and share!

halliwell - nice moves ;o) sounds like you did have some good times with the bad with the Ice Queen (tho I think the elbow to the face technique mind need a lil fiddling)!

Boysenberry said...

First kiss:
When - 1981 (Year 7)
Where - Her front gate.
What - In my memory, it seemed to last forever. Open lips, no tongue. Bit hard to pash when her mum called out to her!

Worst kiss:
When - February 2005
Where - Her bedroom
What - Having finished, umm, wobbly cuddling, she lit up a cigarette. I hung around (can't be rude), she turned to kiss me and blew smoke into my mouth. About three minutes later, I was out the front door and on the way home. Never bothered to see her again.

Favourite kiss:
When - December 1995
Where - Interstate Bus Terminal, Canberra
What - After coming down from Sydney to spend a couple of days with the future MrsB, and not doing much more than holding hands, we kissed to say goodbye. As it finished, she asked me if I'd like to return as her boyfriend.

Enny said...

b'b'rry - did it last forever in a good way? I'm considering adding 'wobbly cuddle' to my vocab (tho your wobbly cuddle experience sounds disgusting) and your favourite kiss sounds very romantic =o)

Halliwell said...

Yeah, But I shoulda listened to my instincts.. Hindsite is a wonderful thing..
Boysenberry: That chick sounds feral, there's a difference between passing chewy and blowing smoke. Iv'e experienced burps and coughes but not smoke, You shoulda given her a piece of ur mind then Turkey slapped her.
Good luck for the future..

Erica said...

Best post EVER!

First Kiss
When - Year 10 (1999)
Where - Like Halliwell, Junior Jooce (but it was NOT Halliwell)
What - A guy from year 9 at my high school, I was introduced to him by my friend who had been at primary school with him. He told her he liked me, I told her I liked him, then she went and tried to dirty dance with him in the techno room. I found them, he saw me, and then pushed her away and came to find me to tell me that he really wanted to be dancing with me. And then we kissed. There was no lead up peck, just straight in to pashing, with his mouth opened so wide that it engulfed half of my face. Like a wet jellyfish stuck there, pulsing. There was also stubble, and groping hands. We pashed until my lips went numb and my friends and I had to go home. I tried to talk to him at school the next week, but his friends teased him and he wouldn't speak to me.

Worst Kiss
See above, this is second worst
When - Some time between 2005 and 2006
Where - Many places
What - Every time he tried to kiss me and I didn't want to kiss him back. There was so much guilt, and I could see the pain in his eyes, and that just made it worse.

Best Kiss
When - Thursday 22nd June, 2006, 1:30am
Where - His car, idling outside my house
What - After several weeks of held breath and anticipation, he finally leant over the handbrake and kissed me. We kissed for five whole minutes before he took his hand from my cheek, pulled the handbrake up and turned off the engine. I asked if his foot had been on the brake the whole time, and he laughed and said yes. I didn't leave his car until 4:30am, and wore the same jumper the next day so I could still smell his cologne.

Enny said...

erica - such dedication! =o) That first kiss plays out like a movie (albeit also the WORST kiss, the scenario is movie like) - And I totally know what you mean about the jumper smell (did he have a cramp in his leg?)!

Boysenberry said...

Sadly, enny, no, it didn't last forever. We broke up a few weeks later cos I got embarrassed about dancing at the school social.

Wobbly cuddle has it's advantages when discussing, umm, things in front of the younguns.

Halliwell said...

I guess I should make it clear, for those whom haven't figured it out yet.
ERICA = ICE QUEEN. Why do you think our stories are so similar?
Sad thing is she still wants my booty harcore.. :P

DelightfulJen said...

Ok, I decided to return and spill my beans.

First Kiss
When: late 1998 (Grade 10)
Where: A friend's house
What: I had been seeing the Ex for quite a few months and we hadn't kissed so I got tipsy at a party and decided to change it. A rather nice first kiss, I guess the anticipation helped it.

I realised that I can't really pick and best or worst kiss. Aside from a quick kiss on schoolies, and some other platonic kisses with a gay best friend, the Ex is the only boy I have kissed properly, all kisses seem rather equally ranked, not stand out bests or worsts.

Is that sweet or entirely sad? I'm not sure?

Enny said...

b'b'rry - heh heh - i meant was it one of those 'wow - that kiss felt like it lasted forever' or 'F()CK THAT LASTED AAAAAGES!!' ;o)

halliwell - now i'm pretty sure that's not the case - don't you go misleading and misrepresentin' on here!

d'jen - so glad you came back! and I think it's sweet - not sad at all! =o)

Erica said...

Halliwell, don't you go confusing people like that!

ERICA (unequals sign that I don't know the Alt code for) ICE QUEEN

And Jen, I think it's the sweetest thing ever. Although my judgement is all screwey because I'm in the middle of my own entirely sad (but sweet) romance.

Enny said...

erica - fight Fight FIGHT!

see d'jen - you got NOTHING to worry bout ;o)

Halliwell said...

Ok Ok im sorry, Erica is not My ice queen.
She's my formally boozed up band geek and serial swimming flasher turned hot EMO. ;P

Enny said...

halliwell - i'm not sure that that's any better, but at least it's not AS bad...

Halliwell said...

Are Emo's not hot??
Anyway she's just a fellow blogger, well im a roamer as im scared that no one would visit my blog if i created one.

Boysenberry said...

Ahhh, now I see... definitely the wow kind :)

Enny said...

halliwell - i'd drop in!

b'b'rry - *same page* excellent =o)