Friday, June 01, 2007


I am totally the chariot leader of brainlords.

(No - I'm not drinking - out of cruisers and Moscato - ;wah;)

You know that whole 40% assignment I had due the other week? That I was up till 4am doing?

I got the marks back last night - 21/25! Add that to my other awesome scores so far (I have the loveliest tutor) - I'm on 92.5% for the course, b!tches! Jus have the 30% exam and the results from a 5% presentation left, and I'm tied for top of the tutorial! I have NEVER been that awesome before. Obviously, Enny = excited (and d'jen = trendsetter).

I sent in the application - the process basically went along these lines:
  • Tues 12pm - Draft selection criteria dot points
  • Tues 2pm - Ask old boss for tips on what to write
  • Tues 8pm:2.30am - Draft 5.5 / 7 answers accordingly
  • Wed 8pm - Email to parents
  • Wed 8.30pm:2am - Finish other 1.5 and then cut 12 page document to 6
  • Thurs 8am - Send updated copy to parents
  • Thurs 8.30 - Read that parents think there is fair chance you might get interview
  • Thurs 10am - Show old boss
  • Thurs 10.30am - Listen to boss say she'd be surprised if you don't get interview
  • Thurs 5.30pm - Get heaps of feedback from brother
  • Thursday 5.30p,:6.35pm - Make many changes from comfy chair at uni
  • Thursday 6:40pm - Submit.
It could go either way I guess - whilst drafting I realised how under qualified and inexperienced I am for the position, but your awesome feedback kept my going. At least they know what I do if they have an opening in future... I've decided not to mention it to my big boss unless I get some kind of offer, for fear of her laughing at me for aiming too high, or dissing the place as a terrible place to work.

And MySpace? Well, it's been interesting, though it's still a bit nonsensical. Basically, I found as many RL peeps and bloggers as I could, made lots of friend requests without messaging to tell them WTF I am, got told off for using LolCatz (which I lurve!), got tracked down by an ex boyfriend and found out a good friend from school has cancer.

All within less than a week... what a week,


m. said...

if only i'd read this post earlier, i would have known about the bad wah!

nice work 'brainlord' :P

Enny said...

m - you see: I AM consistent! Thanks team :o)

Rosanna said...

Well done!! V. proud (and wish I could say that same about my marks)

Enny said...

rosanna - Thankyou!!! I swear, it's NEVER happened before .