Sunday, June 17, 2007

Most likely to make 400 posts

As suggested, and then seconded in a lovely manner, I'd like to present some awards to my loyal readers!

Now, I'm not entirely sure of the way this is going to work... so bare (bear?) with me (and yes, there are a lot of exclamation marks, but that's what awards ceremonies are about)...

  • Adam wins the take me out for a drinking night award. He gets to take me out drinking for a night so that we can drink lady drinks and make bad jokes and talk too noisy and joke about that time that D'jen and I spied on him from the balcony and it will be awesome because she will be there too - that's the special part of the award!

  • Amanda wins the most persistent CD sending effort award - though she does also get a very honorable mention for also being the most easy going person that I am yet to meet - she seems to get along with everyone she's met!

  • Ampersand Duck wins the person I'd most like to be my cool aunty award! She's so engaging and friendly and looks to make awesome meals (with assistance of course!).

  • Audrey wins the person most likely to deserve a frickin break. She's had a poor run and seems totally lovely in an older sister that would get me drunk kinda way!

  • Aurelius wins the most intriguing new male award - I only came across him recently (via Mick) and do hope I can continue too - seems he's got a lurker on the loose...

  • Bevis wins the most creative award - he's like TV in an online brain kinda way (and I do so miss Big Blogger)!

  • Boysenberry wins the most likely to be accidentally bumped into without knowing it award - he's a local but also not the type to blogmeet, though definitely an interesting guy I'd like to learn more about!

  • Brooke wins the secret stalker award, as we both 'came out' to each other at the same time!

  • C & P win the achievable lifestyle award, showing everyone how easy it can be to be happy, healthy vegans with a lovely happy, healthy vegan baby! I'd also love to meet them - they're like my vegan blogger mecca!

  • Chesty LaRue wins the continual entertainment award, for providing entertainment to me every lunchtime that is always humorous or entertaining (or both)!

  • ChickyBabe wins the first commenter award, for being the first commenter and perhaps even the last one day (if she is still here)!

  • Crapping On (Canberra) wins the most likely to be someone I work with award. I dunno, I just have a feeling that's how it's going to turn out one day..!

  • D'Jen wins the most delightful award (obviously!). She is also the most likely to respond to a an emergency phone call with 'Stay put dear, I'll come and get you'!

  • Dean wins the NOT the most boring man on the internet award (after I embarrassingly pointed out I'd heard him referred to as) - as part of this he gets to host a Singstar party *fingers crossed*!

  • Deb wins the vivacity award, with a bonus for the most awesome hair cut and colour!

  • Desci wins the award for being the first goth chick that I ever met, thus breaking down the barrier that they're all freaky scaries - Goths be pplz too, yo.

  • Erica wins the award for being the first blogger I ever met in RL! She gets to be stalked by me via email, messenger AND MySpazz!

  • Fluffy wins the one cool mama award - for being one cool mama!

  • Jac wins the dark horse award - we've met, but not properly 'met'!

  • Jane wins the personable courage award, for always replying to every comment personally, blogging in multiple places at once and putting up with a whole lot of crap. And if I can ever work out where on the map the place is that she lives, I'd love to visit it one day!

  • Krankiboy wins the constant overseas companion award - for being a good overseas buddy!

  • Lulu wins the kawaii award - she was an awesome host and tour guide and a lovely, lovely girl who will get a Canberra tour on the offchance she visits!

  • M. wins the hidden talent award, for 'sneaking' into the blogosphere and also being an awesome MySpazz friend!

  • Mars'n'Dot win the the awesome foursome twosome award. I would LURVE to meet up with mars, as long as she didn't start a fight and expect me to jump in...!

  • Martie wins the icecream date award - I don't know how we'd work it out because I can only eat So Good and she'd want Cold Rock, but it would be an AWESOME icecream date nontheless!

  • Michelle wins the nationalised Aussie Battler award - she's had a struggle and it's all starting to come together for her at last.

  • Mick wins the blogger I'm most likely to meet next award. Just a (totally non stalky) hunch!

  • Nat wins the dust animal award for being funny as heck, in both BL and RL!

  • Rosanna wins the fresh newcomer award - I only found her recently (thru d'jen!) but she's just so lovely and a pleasure to read (and hear from)!

  • Steph wins the coolest person that may not be that scary in real life award. I'm easily intimated but do hope that if I were to meet her that we'd get along - she seems very down to earth!

  • Somewhat Sober wins the tiny, tiny world award - I found her when I was new to the blogosphere, then she disapeared - only to reappear very close to home (albeit sporadically)!

  • TokenWoman wins the not updating in the longest time yet still ensuring I check back on the rare offchance she has updated award! She also hooked me up with awesome tupperware keyringage!

  • TJ wins the amazonian idol award - the first person whose archives I obsessively read and finally got to meet - she was inspiration for me to start this whole shebang.

  • Thanks team - it's been 400 worth of pleasure!


    Deb said...

    hahaha that must have taken you AGES enny!! Thanks for the award, but I havent prepared a speech! :P

    OMG! I totally forgot to ask you - have you heard of Inika?! Aussie owned, 100% vegan mineral makeup AND brushes- woohoo!!!!!

    Mick said...

    Oooh. I got an award!

    Yay to Enny for 400! I have enjoyed the ride all the way.

    You get the Most awesome blogroll, updated blog and all-round nice-chick award :)

    Don't ever stop!

    Oooh..and I hope the award comes true.
    It's about time :P

    Steph said...

    Awww thank you. I'm so cool I just put glue on the run in my stockings. Haven't done that since high school.

    Lulu said...

    YAY! I am KAWAII!!! hehe.

    Thanks for the award Enny, it was lovely showing you around Tokyo!!!

    Great effort on mentioning so many people in your awards!

    Lulu said...

    Oh and you have been tagged and the rules are

    1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
    2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
    3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
    4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
    5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

    Don`t feel you have to do it though!!! Take care

    Amanda said...

    Good job! My efforts are still being persistent... cd is in envelope, envelope was strategically placed on handbag... but then it got moved. Tomorrow! I'm going to put 5 reminders in my phone to go off at strategic times.

    And easy going, I like that. Mostly, I haven't met anyone (through blogging, anyway) that I didn't get on with. A couple that bored me to tears because I had nothing in common with them, but not really any that I couldn't be bothered with on sight.

    Well done on 400, and such an awesome list!

    Rosanna said...

    I feel super honoured (and what a wonderful 400th post!)

    It is always lovely to hear from you, too.

    Here's to another 400 posts xo

    DelightfulJen said...

    Yay for me being the most delightful :D

    I like the awards very much, good work Enny! Happy 400th!

    Living in Canberra said...

    Thanks for the award, I'm honoured to accept it. I'd like to thank Mum, Dad, my brother and sister, my wife and children, my dog, my supporters, everyone who voted for me, blah, blah , blah ....

    But, do I work with you???? If thats true, you know the story, I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

    Enny said...

    Awwww - team!!!

    deb - not that long, suprisingly! You can TOTALLY pimp makeup to me - I'm gonna check it out (perhaps nex payday!)

    mick - awww, thankyou! I gladly accept! We'll hafta get our act together, perhaps with the gang of scary ppl that I have met once ;o)

    steph - that's the difference between us - in school I woulda just put another pair of stockings over the top... and proddly some socks!

    lulu - of course! Your day was the highlight of our Tokyo :o) I'll check it out for 401

    amanda - I have the utmost confidence that it will one day arrive, I'm hanging out for the Josh Pyke track! Bored you to tears - no pressure on the offchance we ever meet up! ;o)

    rosanna - aww, you see what I mean! lovely :o)

    d'jen - there was never any competition for it! Good job to you for seconding it.

    L'I'C'ra - no, I don't think we really do work together, but I wouldn't be suprised if one day we're in the same circle... I don't know, Canberra IS a small place!

    cristy said...

    "C & P win the achievable lifestyle award, showing everyone how easy it can be to be happy, healthy vegans with a lovely happy, healthy vegan baby! I'd also love to meet them - they're like my vegan blogger mecca!"

    Well we certainly should then. Perhaps there will be another Canberra Blogger meet-up soonish?

    BTW: Thank you for such high praise.

    Dean said...

    I'd like to thank the Academy...

    A party sounds cool, but my place is a tad small. You find a venue and I'll bring the equipment.

    Enny said...

    cristy - Hopefully! If I hear anything, I'll let you know (and you're welcome!).

    dean - The academy says 'you're welcome'. Perhaps Mick would be a host?! ;o)

    Amanda said...

    Don't worry, should we ever happen to grace the same city, at the same time, I'm sure you won't bore me to tears... there's only one blogger who's ever done that, and I sort of knew it would happen before we met. Don't think it'd happen with you :)

    Blogger, seriouly word verification: hdnqzxhm
    8 letters? Is that really necessary?

    audrey said...

    Hey hey hey! Thanks for the well wishes...but OLDER sister?!

    My lovely lady, I am the same age as you. A bit less of the 'old' thank you very much.

    *runs off to pretend it's not her birthday in two weeks and she will officially be past the mid point of the twenties...*

    Enny said...

    amanda - I SO hafta troll ur blogroll to find out who that was!

    audrey - if you were younger, then I'd boss you around - just ask my brothers!

    Amanda said...

    sent you an email to save you the hassle.

    Enny said...

    amanda - thanks! Now what will I do with my sick day?!

    ChickyBabe said...

    *Gracefully accepts the award and apologises for being fashionably late. Then takes to the microphone and tells audience about the dream she had about Enny. The audience whistles. Enny blushes. ChickyBabe exits stage.*

    Enny said...

    cb - hooray!

    Mars said...

    you may meet i.

    i'm back in the country now... though not exactly sure when i'll be in canberra next/ever. but if you ever come to melbs, we should definitely catch up... i'll bring dot who is highly under-rated on the interwebs (her own fault) and you can bring adam... cause i always wanted to meet him before he dropped off the face of the internerd...

    sounds like a plan!

    Enny said...

    mars - deal! I may be down for erica's album launch, else there'll proddly be a work thing down there within the next 12 months. Can't wait to hear/read all about your trip!

    Anonymous said...

    Hehe, I love it! Thanks Enny :oD

    Enny said...

    Brooke - no worries!

    BEVIS said...

    I can't believe I've only just seen this - my apologies! It's been mega-busy at work recently.

    But WOW! "Most creative blogger" is certainly a big compliment - thank you!

    You be lovely. :)

    Enny said...

    Bevis - better late than never! And you're welcome :o)