Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Take THAT Exams!

Two exams two mornings in a row = crappy.

The first one went terribly. I studied all the stuff in general, principles and relationships etc and focussed on the hints that our tutor subtly gave us for two hours in a hushed voice, stressing we don't share it with anyone. Unfortunately, it was the opposite to one of my previous exams where I memorised calculations and formulas and relationships, only to be asked about general high level principles. The essay questions where very specific - the type of things you'd be asked in take home essay questions - and not at ALL related to what the tutor highlighted. Like the time I spent learning about the federal tribunal, arbitration and conciliation COULD have been spent on actually knowing specifics about how conflict is the lifeblood of the organisation and details of specific employer associations... What might be ok is that I was on 42/60 pre-exam, so if passing the exam is not a requirement, I should still be passing the course... perhaps even scraping with a credit if I get 23/40?!

The second one this morning went well, I think. It was a two hour exam and I walked out at the 90 minute mark, after only graspng for answers and fluffing about on one of the questions. Proddly the best part about it is that one of the questions was about the group assignment, designed to catch out the people who didn't do a fair share of the work and/or only did their part. This meant that I basically got free points as I did my group assignment myself so knew what it was about. Again, I think.

SO. My point is - it's done. And I will spend the nex month utilising my free time by sitting on my ass playing Lumines, cleaning my room and printing out photos. AndPerhapsApplyingForJobsAsIhaveNotHeardAthingFromThatOtherOneWhichIs

I have my big four-oh-oh coming up - any suggestions for the post? I know adam was a fan of The Hun's interview, but that was a struggle to get together, and he seems to have abandoned us for RSI town. *sniff*.


Rosanna said...

Well done on finishing them! The first one sounds dodgy, so just write it off and pretend it never happens. And drink lots of coffee. And eat chocolate. Usually all those tactics work for me :)

As for the second one, well done :D

My last is tomorrow, so I shall join you in celebrations.

DelightfulJen said...

Don't you so hate that feeling?! Opening the paper and realising you don't know what you should know.

I think everyone has that at some point though, you can't possibly know EVERYTHING all of the time.

Hooray for uni hols :D

Enny said...

rosanna - I'm not a coffee drinker, but I HAVE been hitting the carbs, HARDCORE. Good luck with your last one :o)

Enny said...

d'jen - sneaky - commenting at the same time! I did - it was TERRIBLE. NO urge to EVER be in that position again. But hooray for holidays, fer sure!