Thursday, June 28, 2007

Noises from a hole in the face

Has been an interesting few days.

I managed to get some skin coloured tape so that it looks less obvious - instead I look like my face has got some funny textured rash and that I'm snearing at everyone and talking in monotone. And it is also prone to hanging down into the corner of my mouth. Noice.

Anyway, the reactions have been kind interesting and a little suprising.

Youngest Bro told me it looked like my whole face hurt - that was a nice one as I'm a sucker for sympathy.

There was the lady sitting next to me at the Branch meeting that I have never met that just came out with the 'So. What happened to your face?'. I must say that I admired her bravery, but not so much her tone.

The Hun's reaction has been lovely, clucking on me to see that I'm ok, telling me that I look like I'm in pain, and trying to make me laugh so that I produce my tilted snarly half smile.

There was also the guy at work who did the whole 'What happened if you don't mind me asking' which is the path I would take for fear of upsetting someone who may be not entirely well.

The most surprising was the lady at work who told me she was disgusted that I did it. Why on earth would I get them removed and that was disgusting, I just should have left them. I honestly can not understand where her disgust is - it completely baffles me. I tried to tell her they were just growing and growing and that it would be different if it were her - she would get them removed. But she cannot accept it and just carries on like I have instead had a big hairy mole inserted on my face.

The most pleasing, has been the lady at martial arts who told me 'Good on you'. It was nice to be congratulated for doing something that was completely my decision and does not affect anyone other than me. It was particularly nice after the crap day of being paid out by the lady at work.

Anyways, I'm off to kickboxing for the first time in FOREVER which will be interesting - my face is a little stingy (not stingy like cheap, more like it stings) from having to keep pressing the tape back onto my lip, so I hope the sweat doesn't make it worse and I wake up and it's all magically comfortable again.

I'm gonna look so tough rocking up with my face holes, but so pathetic when I mince around at work tomorrow as my muscles pay me back for abusing it.


Deb said...

OH MY GOD! The CHEEK of that woman. WHat a stupid cow! Some how I dont think you took the decision to be in pain and discomfort LIGHTLY. I mean, really! Some people are just IDIOTS!

LaLa said...

Erm... correct me if I am wrong but you got moles removed? Moles which can become melanomas? (or something along those lines, I am not very medically smart) What a whore. I hope you is giving her the evils every time you pass her.

Whore (her, not you obviously)

DelightfulJen said...

Boooo, it's not as if you chose the moles to be transplanted onto HER face instead of yours. It's your face so you can do as you please, how dare she voice her rude opinion. The only two correct responses in a situation like this as "ooh, this looks like it hurts, I hope you feel good soon" or "good on you for being brave/getting it done/doing something painful for the greater good", that's it.

Do the stitches disolve, or do you have to get them out? Is it soon? You are much braver than me, I couldn't not poke or pick at something on my face, I cannot help it. I feel faint now, thinking about picking at face stitches...excuse me...

Enny said...

deb - gah - I know! She's mental!

lala - They did get sent off to be tested! Typically because they were raised they they aren't an issue, BUT there is a bit of cancer in the family, so I'd MUCH rather be safe than sorry!

d'jen - That's right! It's not like I'm flapping a face hole in front of her and telling her it's her fault. I have to get the stictches out on Monday which I'm not looking forward to - I will be glad when it's all over! On the plus side, I know for sure I'll have no hankering for botox in the future ;o)

Steph said...

You should have told them some fucker stabbed you with a toothpick when you were innocently enjoying a meal at local restaurant.
Cheeky bastards!

Enny said...

steph - I shoulda kept them and flicked them at her to teach her a leson ;o) But yeah - if only I had a better story planned!

Teej Mahal said...

I'm having two taken off in the next couple of weeks (chest and lower back). Doc took one look and went, yeah, you're gonna scar like hell. 2 inches for each of them. Goddammit.

I say do what you want. Your face, your choice, girl.

Tell her "hey, at least they can cut away these two little weeny blemishes of mine. What are they going to do about that horrid one sitting right on top of your shoulders?"

Enny said...

tj - ooch. 2 inches?! Woah mama! Heh heh - she was kinda extra nice today...!