Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rant without content

I just wrote a post and decided not to post it because no matter what my intention is, it only sounds angry.

I just want to say Stop reading this and then trying to turn it around to make me out to be a bad guy. The only thing more offensive than finding out that you're still here is finding out that my honesty is not acknowledged in any other way than to be used as a pawn for you to turn it against me.

I wasn't making sh!t up the first time, I wasn't making sh!t up last time AND I'm JUST. SO. OVER the petty nonsense that's evolved that there's never going to be any need for you to pretend I'm making sh*t up again. Subtle enough for you?

(Note to everyone else - hey! how's it goin?! Working on that application and still a SpazzMySpazz - Brb!)


nailpolishblues said...

Well, I liked it. I think I've missed something but I liked it.

m. said...

obviously there are people who read this blog that are less awesome than, say, me for example.

also: welcome to myspaz, friend!

Enny said...

n'p'blues - I like that you're still around!

m. - quite obviously! You're my SpazzFriend!

Mikey_Capital said...

Yeah Blogging attracts a fair few number of bottom feeders that seem to find solace in giving other bloggers the shits.

I've had to bounce one dude from my blog. Which involves deleting any of his posts. Which I've only had to do once which is kewl.

Deb said...

ack, theres too many freakz on the internetz :(

Enny said...

m'capital - I've not had to bounce anyone as such, but it would make you feel pretty 1337 ;o)

deb - have you told us your background story yet? I'M SO OUT OF TOUCH!