Sunday, June 24, 2007


Guess who succumbed to the cold? Yup - The Hun and I. And as this is the first day I've felt better more than I've felt worse I thought I should let you know that we haven't died yet, festering in our germ house of snot.

Wednesday night was THE worst nights sleep I've ever had - I was up twice for the loo, and woke up roughly each hour with a head full of snot. This is turn woke up The Hun who was feeling progressively sh!ttier as the night wore on (apparently my tossing and turning didn't help). A phone call to the boss allowed me a day to rest it off and he signed off with 'see you tomorrow, maybe'.

I perked up a bit on Thursday just before lunch, then came crashing down again. I lay on the couch for almost four hours with a facewasher on my head - my head was burning hot, my feet were cold, I'd sweat then I'd cold sweat, then I'd need to sit up to blow my nose and my head would ache.

Friday morning I woke up to discover it hadn't sunk to my chest - it had expanded there. So I still felt like sh!t and now had the voice to match it. Another phone call and another day off. Again, I perked up in the middle of the day, but crashed again - lowlight being waking myself up after falling asleep on the couch accidentally by choking on my own lethal phlegm combination.

Saturday morning I woke up believing that somebody had created an eye out of whole new materials and replaced my eye with their new one. While pondering on why somebody would do that to me I woke up properly and realised that of course it was just a dream - instead thinking I had conjunctivitis.

There is a point to this story.

It seems that housecleaning is the cure for the cold - The Hun and I spent the weekend cleaning up for our inspection that's occurring either today or tomorrow. What's that? One of two days? Don't landlords have to give notice of the date and time they'll do an inspection?

Well, as said as I took over Michelle's comments:
  • We got sent a letter on the 5th to say there'd be an inspection on the 25th of this month and that someone had to be home as they didn't own keys.
  • I emailed on the 8th to say that every other inspection had been done without us there as they do have keys, however if someone must be present can they change it to the 26th as I would be home that day. No reply.
  • I emailed on the 18th to see if she had received my email. No reply.
  • I called on the 20th and someone else answered to say she was away from her desk and would call back. No reply.
  • I called the general office on the 22nd and left a message on the answering machine. No reply.
  • I called her direct number on the 22nd and took it out on the poor thing you answered the phone to say that no one would be home on the 25th, so they either find the keys or do it on the 26th. No. R.E.P.L.Y.
So, we spent the weekend cleaning for someone who may or may not turn up tomorrow or may or may not turn up the day after.

My money is on her not showing and instead rescheduling - will let you know how it goes.

Anyways, we're both snotty and coughy and occasionally headachey. Can I please recommend to all you people out there - next time you get a flu or cold, don't allow your partner to catch it at the same time. There is nothing worse than being sick and having someone compete for your sympathy, rather than looking after you. Meals just don't happen, no one will pat your head to make you feel better because it hurts to move their arm, and there's no one giving you that extra bit of leway for being rude just because your sick.

So now youngest bro has three people after him - eldest bro caught it as well and all fingers seem to point to him. Though I guess we should all forgive him seeing as the same bug caused him to almost pass out in the line at Subway the other night...


Practically Perfect said...

I think bloggers are spreading these colds.

Feel better soon!

Amanda said...

Oh dear. Is the Hun whingey and whiney like sick boys tend to be?

Inspection= crap. We once cleaned up everything to look spick and span, the woman never showed up (we know because someone was home all day)- never rescheduled, nothing. If we hadn't been home, we would never have known... Stupid real estate agents. Stupid stupid.

Boysenberry said...

Ahhh, this lurgy is doing the rounds down our way. MrsB has had it once, shook it off, and seems to be coming down with it again. MissB is in the same boat. Guess it's my turn next... again :(

DelightfulJen said...

I hate travelling flus, it's so much better to have the ones who strike one person then disappear, sharing the misery is awful!

Try doing the bowl of steaming water and towel deal, it'll loosen all the junk in your head/chest, make your skin lovely and it's nice to breathe something nice smelling (My choice is lavender and peppermint).

Feel good soon Lovely!

Enny said...

p'perfect - I think you're right!

amanda - is. He. EVER! While I think he's superior to many boys, he's is well on par with them when it comes to whingy sulky illness. She didn't come today and I really wouldn't be suprised if she doesn't turn up tomorrow... though I don't know what that will mean for our contract!

Mr B'b'ry - please don't tell me that it cycles around! I'm hoping that was my only cold of the year...!

d'jen - it is! There is absolutely NO fun left in a cold if you don't get waited on! I might wait another night to give that ago - I do have a morbid fear of choking on my on chest mung... I WILL have a very long hot shower though (sorry drought!).