Monday, June 04, 2007

Cut it up

A daytime post means I'm unwell or meant to be studying. Today it's both.

I think I've mentioned before that in January I visited a doctor about a weepy mole behind my knee. It was diagnosed as an ingrown hair ("if you could look closely at it you'd see what it obviously is") until I showed my surgical type doctor as I was getting my foot looked at a few months later and he let me know it was most definitely a mole and I should have it removed if it changed again. While we were in Thailand it got itself a red ring and I decided that I would just get it taken out when we were back.

And yes, I'm aware that I seem to spend a lot of time getting things taken out (Tiffany the head lump, those troublesome foot warts, that whole sebaceous cyst thing and now this) but I maintain that the only one who's going to look out for my health is me, so I'm allowed to get as many things cut out that I like (spesh when my Grandmother had skin cancer twice (down to a wig at one stage) amongst other cancers).

This morning my good doctor spliced out the middle of my 'funny little thing' (as he titled it) and told me I'd get the stitches out next Thursday morning - he's sending it off to the lab and will give me a call if it's something worth worrying about, otherwise I'd just see him next week.

I asked him to check out my others while I was there (to get my moneys worth*) and he told me that if I wanted, I could get the mole above my lip removed with minimal scarring, and he could lop the top off the two in my neck while he was at it. I asked if I'd need a referral to a plastic surgeon, but he told me it'd be the same result as if he did it, only not covered my Medicare.

I've long thought about getting my lip mole removed - although it's been there as long as I can remember and would look/feel a little odd without it - it's been growing and it will continue to grow and grow and will end up a hairy slug taking over my face that crawls into my mouth. My neck moles don't bother me too much, though I've knocked them a few times whilst playing with my necklace and bleeding moles are a terrifying experience for hypochondriacs!

So, I thought I'd put it out to vote - though I should disclaim that (like the interview) I think I've already made my mind - and give you some glimpses to help you decide. Please note that I am most self conscious about the soft part under my chin that always decided so jump out and swallow my face in photos, so please be kind...

Pre Celebrity Make Over

Post Photoshop Celebrity Make Over

Pre Celebrity Make Over in harsher light

Post Photoshop Celebrity Make Over in harsher light


*It didn't cost me a thing! When we arrived at 8:25 the crazy receptionist told me that the nurses weren't in yet so could I please take a seat... at 9:20 I asked the other receptionist if the nurses were in and she looked at me like I was a madwoman - the nurses were there all along... I'm guessing the bulk billing was a form of apology for the incompetence.


Ampersand Duck said...

Hmm... be warned, dear Enny:

I had a warty mole thing on my bottom lip when I was a child, and the doctor told my mother that it would be best to cut it out before it looked too noticeable. But the scar is bigger than the lump was! And it's never become smaller as I grew larger!

So weigh up mole vs scar, unless of course it is potentially cancerous, in which case kill the bugger now. A scar is better than death.

Enny said...

A'duck - Hrm... I really am concerned about the size, it has grown larger since I was younger and it more pronounced outwards too. Combined with the fact that I am dark haired, I am constantly paranoid (and usually rightly so) about any wayward hairs... it's not meant to be cancerous as it's raised which seems to be an indicator of safeness, but I think I'd rather an indented scar than a hairy slug. Perhaps I'll look at some surgery gone wrong sights for balance?

Rosanna said...

I think you should keep it! Moles give us character. I have one next to my nose, and another on the side of my chin.

I HATE the one next to my nose, so maybe don't heed to my advice of 'love your moles'. I'm a hypocrite.

Rosanna said...

Also, I have had a few melanoma's. DEFINITELY have anything suspicious cut out, and look out for moles that grow.

Enny said...

Rosanna - does your chin side one have sprouty hairs? I do think that's my main concern... I also have one on the side of my nose, directly above the one above my lip (but it offends me less than my lip slug)!

I am super pedantic about changing moles too, but you're a good public service announcement.

Rhiannon said...

i am usually a lover of moles. i have ones on my chest and on the inside of my bicep which i love so very much. the ones on my bicep are actually in the shape of the southern cross and i love to drunkenly point that out to people.

i also have a small mole on my cheek bone which i quite like.

BUT.... bigger moles, sticky-out moles (that can get bumped/bleed) and moles that could one day grow hair - GET RID OF IT!

i had a big one on my neck up until grade 12. my closer friends jokening referred to it as the "coco-pop". i actually didn't mind it, but my friends mum was a beauty therapist and said she could cold-burn it off for me. so i did it and i'm glad i did. no future neck hairs for me!!!!

and honestly i dont miss it anymore. i say remove it. do it now while your skin is young and will heal better.

Vegetation said...

I dunno. I think it's kinda cute. I have one on my right cheek, smack bang in the middle. And yes, it grows a single hair which I just tweeze out when it arrives (it only seems to crop up sometimes though, it's not always there). But if it gets bumped, is going to grow huge and bothers you get it taken off.

Enny said...

rhiannon - I don't mind them too much as I have a few all around the place - one right in the middle of my belly and a favourite right in the arch of my left food (though apparantly it shouldn't be there) - plus Scarlett Johanneson is as hottt as she is because of that mole right in the middle of her cheeck! But they have all been knocked and bled at one stage or another and the lip one DOES grow hair...

vegetation - Unfortch, it's not jus one hair... if you get the drift... ;o)