Monday, November 27, 2006

Looks whats I's gots



Now, I may be the least girliest girl, but it seems that sometimes I just can't help myself... Myer had a sale on yesterday and today, and an email in my inbox gave me an extra 7.5% off - once D'Jen let me know they were synthetic I couldn't resist this Guess bag when it was only $90 (normally $140!!!) after I'd drooled over them for so long! The thing is, I love him SOOOO much I don't want to put my stuff in him or take him anywhere.

And the puzzle? The Hun's friend in Japan (who's taking us around next year) sent it to his own parents house for The Hun to pick up - he just never got round to picking it up. We think it's because he knows The Hun HATES puzzles, ESPECIALLY Escher ones, and because he knew I'd tried at least once before but given up (remember this?).

When it's finished, it should look like this:

*fingers crossed*


Jennifer said...

Ooooooh, Enny, it's delicious!

I've found Guess bags to be fairly hardy so I wouldn't be too overly concerned with taking it places, they can really take a few knocks.

That puzzle looks impossible!! I really love puzzles but I never do them. I might have a look at one day for holiday entertainment :)

Adam said...

Despite being a total boy-puncher, you do have moments of cute. I don't get bags myself, but I'm glad you're drooling like a loon. That puzzle looks superfun, would it be ridiculous to bring in to Brisb?

Enny said...

d'jen - I KNOW! And I keep going over to your Flickr and looking at yours too ;o) I still haven't taken it out though, I'm thinking I'll break it in over the weekend (I'm off to Sydney with gf1 and gf2 this weekend!). I do hope I get through the puzzle though - it will be VERY exciting!

adam - heh heh *shh - don't tell!*. And yes, yes it would!

Chesty LaRue said...

That puzzle looks like a nice fun one, in that it looks like it'd take a while. I'm jealous ... no space for puzzle-doing at the moment.

Lulu said...

We have no space for puzzle doing either but I do enjoy a good puzzle (and puzzles would be easy for shun and I to do together...I tried to introduce scrabble but he only used words like hat and cat and it got a little dull...maybe I was too strict cos I said he couldn't use a dictionairy) I sent my brother a puzzle from Japan.

And what is this I hear about you coming to Japan next year? Where was the bullitin about this? Why is there no post entitled LULU I AM COMING TO JAPAN? How could I have missed this? When? Where? I know a good vegan restaurant (well half the menu is vegan) and it is delicious!! I can not beleive I missed this? Am I completely insane or has this not been mentioned since I started reading your blog (three months ago) I went though and read the rest of your blog too..I am a dill obvioulsy.

When you come please bring me a guess bag!! hehehehe!!! It is gorgeous...but please do take it outside.

Good luck with the looks to be a toughy!

Halliwell said...

Hey nice bag and at a good price. It seems to be of an older desgin, must be comming back into vogue. I like the colours, very neutral so it will go with everything.

Nah this puzzle looks easy, too many lines and shading is too different, gives it away to easy. Have u seen those impuzzables?, now they look hard. a large mash of colours and close lines to create a very very busy scene.

M said...

bag looks gorgeous!
puzzle looks scary!

Enny said...

C'larue - yeah, it's fun, but I'm working through the easy part and about to be left with the super hard stuff that I can't do that will inevitably end up covered in piles of my clothes...

Lulu - heh heh - the scrabble story is funny! And I've been going on and on about Japan (here AND in your comments!) and figured I was just getting the polite snub! If it wasn't close to midnight I'd go thru and find all the references here... tho I jus searched and only found like one, so check thru your comments! ;o) I'm prepping my bag to make his first outing on Saturday - not long to go at all!

halliwell - why thankyou! BUT he doesn't like being called old or neutral - he's new and uberfantastico! It's not that easy - there's TONNES of pieces and a lot of them are just, well, grey! You have to sit there all googley eyed and work out which type of grey you are holding or looking for. Are the impuzzables the ones that might like a ball? My ex-boss said her daughter had one and you could actually throw it around!

m - he says thankyou, as do you ;o) It's not too scary.. yet!

Halliwell said...

like older I mean like celtic or victorian design and netural is good, uberflexible..
No it's flat like a normal puzzle but it's a massive scene of many comical misshaps.

Lulu said...

I remember you saying once in my comments that we might still catch up in Japan one day (Because i was dissapointed I couldn't be in Brisbane when you were there) but I just figured you were being polite to me sort of like " oh you know maybe another time perhaps" type thing.


Enny said...

halliwell - hrm, ok - I forgive you!

lulu - heh heh - nope! We'll be over there either start of April or start of May - we have a friend at Tsukuba(?!) who's worked there for over two years and his job is finishing up, so we're joining him on a holiday around there (is handy coz he speaks the language!!) - will post more details as they come to hand =o)

Lulu said...

I am going to be in Australia at the start of MAY!!!! Probably from April 27th til about May 8th...I hope That we still catch each other here!!

Tsukuba is near Tokyo...It is in Ibaraki which is a bit like the country depending on where he is exactley. It is about 50km out of Tokyo i'd say. I have never been there but a friend is originally from that area...

What does your friend do at Tsukuba? Does he work at the university there?

How exciting!!

Enny said...

lulu - it would be almost HILARIOUS if we were in the opposite countries at the same time ;o) Tho I'm travelling to all states for work early next year, so it may turn out all good!

He works for a company doing crash safety engineering stuff (I THINK).

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