Monday, November 13, 2006


This is the worlds population as I write.

That's a whole lot of people.

A whole lot of people doing everyday things, all the time. Cooking, cleaning, bathing; teaching, learning, thinking; laughing, crying, loving.

A whole lot of people are with the one they love - millions and millions. And yet, it's so easy to feel that you are the only one in the world, the only one in your country, the only one in your town, the only one that you know that could possibly love, or be loved, or know the love that you are in now.

But stop and think.

And look at that number again.

You and your love are only two.

There are so many more than you are, so many that have been where you are now (be it long in the past or not long enough gone) and there are so many more that will be there one day.

So stop and think again.

Stop and think.

For what you have now is not so special. It so much less than 'one in a million'. There are so many millions more than you are.

The world is not just for you - it is for millions and millions.
This love is not just for you - it has been had, is being had and will be had by millions and millions.
These words are not just for you - they are for all of us. Those who can not, should not and will not accept it, say it, hear it.


Jennifer said...

Hmmmm, very good points Enny.

I wonder why it's so easy to feel like you (or you and a partner) are the only people to ever have felt a particular way when there is so many people in the world.

I personally look forward to all the "love-ish" stuff I will have one day (hopefully).

Adam said...

D'Jen, with that amount of people in the world, the chances are very, very, very good.

Adam said...

Out of all those people in the world, I'm the only one in the whole world (Moon included) that has provided the 3rd comment to this post.

Yeah! I rock!! Take that Billions!

Enny said...

d'jen - It's funny isn't it - the way that something that can feel like the only thing there ever was is felt by so many more people than you can imagine.

adam - you're so right.

adam again - you're so right. AGAIN!!!


Lulu said...

I think I have lost brain cells recently...I did not really understand?

But I do understand that there are billions of people!

Adam, nice try with the 3rd comment on this post. But I am going to one-up you (or two-up you) and say I am the only one that is going to leave a 5th comment on this post!! Unless Enny out wits me and deletes it...cos I didn't understand.

Oh and Enny, I haven't emailed you but I do want a photo!

Halliwell said...

Oh yeah well im the sixth.
6,556,653,758 YEP that sounds about right for my fan base. mainly chicks of HOTNESS, some skanks and the occasional TRANNY!!

Enny said...

lulu - there sure are! Don't worry about it ;o) I would never delete your comments and I'm about to send on a pic now!

halliwell - fan base?! HA! ;o)

eva said...

hi enny!.. i loved your post... you're a very great writer.. :) is it okay if i present your post in our class?...

Enny said...

eva - oh! why thankyou! What class?!

eva said...

for our online journ it okay with you?... hehehehe..i'm sure all my friends will like it too...0_o

Enny said...

eva - sure! Jus let em know where you got it.

eva said...

yup!...thanks enny!!...