Saturday, November 04, 2006

At Laaaaaaaaaaaaaarst


Exams are over for the year (1.5 semesters of 6 semesters down!) and I cannot WAIT for Christmas.

Having the two of the squooshed up so close together in the first week of exams is somewhat a double edged sword - paying off a week of headaches, eating total rubbish (and the constipation that comes with it), blatant procrastination and pangs of stomach wrenching guilt for the joy that comes with knowing that it's all over very quickly.

Both exams went fairly well I think (I HOPE!) - I felt very underprepared for both, but got a sense of calm once I was in there and saw the questions. I wrote for a full three hours for the accounting test and didn't use the 2 pages of handwritten notes as much as I thought I would, but I would like to vent at the site of the international student sitting in front of me that was allowed to enter with a page of typed notes. HULLO? It was said in the lectures and the outline and in the lecture notes and in the tutes and in the exam timetable that you were allowed a double sided HAND WRITTEN page of notes! Though I guess I should be just as angry at the 3 or 4 volunteers (?!) that man the exams checking exams and notes, that didn't pull him up on that. I answered 90 - 95 of the 100 points worth.

Org B also went well - I wrote four essays in two and a half hours - as soon as my pen was down, my hand was up to leave. I'm all for double checking and all that, but once you've written an essay in exams, there's no going back on it, so I was hella glad to get outta that hall.


So yeah, where was I?

Yeah, uni's over. So here's what I'm looking forward to...

- Sunny weather.

- Weekends.

- Cruisers on weeknights.

- Taking some leave here and there just to bum around.

- Hosting Nutrimetics Party.

- Hosting Tupperware Party.

- Work Christmas Party.

- Team Christmas Party.

- Buying some flat laceless shoes (or maybe two pairs>!)

- Dadsy's birthday.

- Youngest Bro's birthday.


- Early Christmas party with the rellies.

- Trip to the coast with the brothers and two or three of the cousins (including a trip past Mogo WHICH I LOVE!).

- Going to Sydney for a w/end with gf1 and gf2.

- A wedding.

- A haircut.

- Martial Arts Christmas Party.

- Maybe a trip to QLD to assit in martial arts camp in January of February.

- BIG DAY OUT in Sydney!

- New Years (what ARE we going to do?!).

What are YOU looking forward to over the Summer Season?

(PS - Am considering buying a ticket to see Chris Isaak in Wollongong, but would hafta sit by myself as Mumsy and Dadsy are going but have already bought tix. Thoughts?)


Jennifer said...

I'm so jealous your are done already! I finish this Friday so it's not so bad I guess :)

You have so many exciting things to look forward to. In particular buying shoes, coming to QLD (maybe) and a haircut.

Are you going to do anything exciting with your hair? Go shortish! It would compliment your large, round, yellow face :P

Sydney sounds exciting too, I'd love to go back sometime soon.

I am looking forward to my two mini holidays and seeing Cirque Du Soleil. I am doing summer semester though so my holidays are really only like two weeks long. Seeing Little Britain in Feb will be exciting too.

Lulu said...

Christmas is coming around so quickly and I am not excited at all yet I usually love christmas.

I think it is not been home, and the fact that Shun has to work on CHRISTMAS DAY!!! and all my foreign friends who understand christmas are going home for it...or at least getting out of Tokyo.

The trip to QLD sounds fun as at that time of the year it is perfect martial arts (read beach) weather!!

I hope your work improves...silly bosses. Who needs them?

Erica said...

Hooray! It's over :-)

You have a lot of things to look forward to. I just bought two pairs of flat, laceless shoes yesteday! I could only really afford one pair, but I've convinced myself they're practical, and most of my other flat shoes are falling apart.

One of the pairs were these:
I got them in navy. The other pair are navy denim canvas style shoes, as my Volleys are all but in pieces in my wardrobe.

I'm looking most forward to Pyramid Rock for New Year's eve! I've never been to a music festival before, let alone one that you camp out at, and I know it's going to be awesome fun! I'm also looking forward to hopefully having a job.

Hooray for holidays1

Adam said...

Oh My God, your boss' boss is an idiot. What a power tripper!! I really don't tolerate that level of inconsistency and thoughtlessness. Not that I know what you can do about it though...

Um, I'm not looking forward to Christmas all that much, I think I've OD'd on it and the familitorial demands placed upon my personage.

Enny said...

d'jen - I'm sending good luck vibes your way!!! I might go a little shorter, but nothing special(er) - she said she might put some curls in next time, so mebbe it'll be a lil curly for the wedding! I do seriously envy your Cirque Du Soleil and Lil Brittain, but not your summer semester - ew!

lulu - I'm sure we can whip up some sort of early blogger Christmas... let us know when you're free! I'm sure d'jen and adam will join in at the very least!!! I'm really only going to QLD for beach and to hang out before and after with some of the ppl up there - I haven't even thought about the training part of it! Yeah, I'm doing my best to pretend my boss isn't there.

erica - hooray! Your shoes are cute (and practical!) - I went shopping for dresses today and all I got was dissapointed =o( I've never been to a festival before either, so lemme know how Pyramid Rock goes so I know what to expect (tho I don't think I'm camping!).

adam - Thankyou!!! and I KNOW!!! All I do is keep my PSP headphones in at work and I've completely stopped talking about personal stuff if she's there. What?! Not looking forward to Christmas? Surely you'll look forward to Lulumas though?!

M said...

that feeling of finishing exams is the absolute BEST! I still get it as a teacher - but at the end of the year. Bring it on!

Enny said...

I can only imagine how good that would be - I remember how excited I was as a kid - I bet it's contagious! Plus you get to spend that time towards the end of the year doing Christmas craft and puzzles and stuff =o)

Susanne said...

I'm looking to the Falls Festival, and surfing down the coast.

Enny said...

susanne - I'm so glad you're back! That's a very summer sounding summer you have planned there.