Wednesday, November 08, 2006

All is full of love

(Yes, it's a Bjork reference - so sue me*!)
(*Meant in jovial fashion only, please don't!)

All you people doing 365 days are AWESOME! I'm loving the whole 'OMG - THAT'S what you look like!!!'.

D'Jen, Lulu, Mars - Keep it up!
Anyone else out there doing it? Lemme know! I promise to swap a pic with you (lulu/d'jen - I don't know if I have with you or not - lemme know too!).

Heh, look at me whoring myself out over the internet. Awesome.

I'm also loving that there are a number of people who are doing that NoMoBlo whatever thing, where they post every single day - all the more for me to read!

I mean, seriously - just look around! Bevis' better half has popped out a lovely sprog, I got a CD from Adam's delightful gf, Jane is still doing marvellously, GBE has an interview, I got a podcast dedication on the Desci&Bob show and Susanne is back in the biz!

What is the source for all this delerium?

Is it due to my mini version of The Huns tummy bug that's making me feel thinner and causing the sugar in my So Good to go STAIGHT to my head?!

Is it due to Britney FINALLY dumping K-fag?! (I LOVE YOU BRITNEY!!!)

Is it due to the terrible images from Children of Men being further behind me?

Is it due to news that Lily Allen will ALSO be at BDO?

Or is it the lifting of a weight off my shoulders, a golden lining to my recent stormcloud?

There's been some development - there was another discussion yesterday and I did my very best to try and explain that ALL work has been done on time and well and awesome but she then went on to say there's a mini restructure in the works that will see me pretty much bossless and/but on higher duties for three months, with my 'new' position advertised as a promotion (more money, more recognition, more work, more enrichment, more satisfaction, more career building...).

It was also pointed out that due to the alarming increase in the amount of work I've had to do for some staff in QLD, they're going to fly me up to Brissy to run a training course for two days... soonish.... and I'm HOPING to pad it out a day or two longer...

What do you QLD ppl think?! ;o)


Jennifer said...

Enny, it's the "Hooray!! Uni is over for the year" setting in. I find each year it seems so much less exciting than the last but it still is, it just takes longer to settle in, it really is as exciting as previous years.

As a QLD person, I think it's a fantastic time to come (thought hopefully your "few days" won't be the few days I am away from Brisbane). Having an interstate guest is probabaly the kick in the butt the rest of us need to get around to planning something.

I so wanted to do NaBloPoMo (well, I pretty much do it anyways) but November is the one month I won't be at home that much so there will be post-less days. I will observe NaBloPoMo most other months of the year then :)

K, I'll stop rabitting on now. But Yay for Britney divorcing Kevin, Yay for Lily Allen at BDO, yay for work recgonising you do a lot a getting a prmotoion (even if only for a little while).

P.S I have only seen your smiley face pics, do you mean you have a real face?!? :P

Adam said...

I think we're excited. Maybe a little bit too excited.

Halliwell said...

I offically have NO idea what the first half of the post is about, even Jennifer comments don't help me.
Does that mean I actually get 2 see the face i dream about?


Congrats on the semi promotion, i hope it leads to a more permanant position.

Enny said...

d'jen - I so glad you know how it feels and I will def make the announcement when I know when it is that I'm meant to be up there =o) Mebbe you could a DeMoBloPo? It doesn't rhyme though... and hooray, Hooray, HOORAY!

No! I'm only a big yellow head - my REAL secret is out!!! =o)

adam - I know who you, you said you are, but what am I?!

halliwell - 365 days is a Flickr thing where people take a photo of themselves everyday for a year - some bloggers have done it too! Are you going to BDO? And thanks for the thanks - we'll see what happens with it - it's always changing - the rest of the team gets told next week, so we should have more of an idea soon.

M said...

I'm so glad brit dumped k-fed. Just how many famous women end up with complete arseholes? I mean, she might be a bit of a dickhead herself but still far as idiots go -he takes the cake.

Adam said...

Um, can anyone read that sentence from Enny to me and translate?

Steph said...

It's awesome you company is doing the right thing by you. I've been doing my boss' job for over four months now and still no recognition.

Enny said...

m - I'm actually suprised how happy it made me!!! Now we just need T'cru and K'ho, and A'Jo and B'Po to break up - not because any of them are all that fantastic, jus because they bother me.

adam - I guess there wasn't enny one who could do it! ;o)

steph - Yeah - it's a bit hot/cold - one moment you're being told you're too crap, the next moment you're having cash and a trip thrown at you...! (They should really promote you for that too!)

Adam said...

You think you're so funny!

You're probably right.

Enny said...

adam - no, you're right.

BEVIS said...

I only just read this. Wifey's not my better half! She's my better three-quarters! (And yes, Sweetums is a lovely sprog. Don't we Aussies have charming terms of endearment?)

Keep up the good work.

PS - Why'd you get a copy of the CD as well? I had to WIN mine, and now it feels like a hollow victory if Adam was just giving them out to EVERYONE, all willy-nilly.

Good thing I'm not really offended, or I might say something nasty like 'poo'.

Enny said...

bevis - late to the party, eh?! ;o) Rumour got around that a few of us were to be groupies, so we were given a taste of for what we were to be grouping.

BEVIS said...

I can dig it.

('Tis a great CD, yes?)

Enny said...

bevis - 'tis.